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Ask Rochelle

Stars of Celestial Waters Through Rochelle Sparrow

by Rochelle Sparrow

Dear Stars:
I am finishing up my bid and soon to be released from prison, can you please give me some direction on what I should do in the free world.
Sincerely, Malachi

Dear Malachi:

Congratulations on your upcoming release. Let’s see what the guides state:

You are correct to move ahead in to drug rehabilitation counseling. In this field, you can address continuing issues you may have as well as addressing those issues, helping others address similar issues and gaining lifetime support. Your being has an ability to teach. Your being also has an ability to write. You can teach people to assert themselves within their ability to heal through their writing. In that way; you teach yourself to take care of yourself on a daily basis. We see one other item. Do not be concerned regarding funding. It will naturally be paid for, in an unexpected way.

Blessings, Rochelle

Hello Stars,
I'm experiencing confusion in my work place. I feel I have no friends there and everyone is against me in some way. Will this smooth out and is there anything/someone I might have as an ally or light at the end of the tunnel. Don't know which way to jump!
Thanks, Kelly

Dear Kelly:

Thank you again for your connection. This is a lesson for you to learn. The guides say:

You are incorrect to believe that you are in the wrong in any way. Do not place judgment upon yourself. The people that you are working with (hide energy) have difficulty with being honest. What we suggest is for you to become honest within yourself and notice the hurt (of your feelings) and begin to tell your self that you are personalizing an impersonal situation. In other words they are not "against you" but have difficulties in connecting to others due to competition. So notice the competing behaviors of others and feel the feelings you have of being left out because you do not wish to engage in competition. And then become very clear within your being that you are acting in accordance with what feels right inside of your being. Feel confident in that regard. Also notice friendships outside of your work place. They are of truth. That too is the correct way. You gain support from your friendships.

Blessings, Stars

Dear Stars:
Here goes: I seem to be searching for a NEST - What am I looking for and WHERE IS IT????????
Thanks, Kim

Dear Kim:

I am always happy to be of service. Thank you for contacting us. The guide’s state:

The nest you seek is within you. You want a security base. A place within you that feels at home, a place of security that is not resounded upon my others (shaken by others) so that your being feels happy, rested and at peace. We suggest you begin to access the nest within you by calling upon your guides, feeling their presence and focusing in on how they feel each morning and evening for one half hour. This is the nest you seek. You will begin to feel what you are searching for within one day's time (if you follow the energetic prescription) and the peace will settle upon you like a warm blanket. That is the correct way.

Blessings, Stars

Please send questions to:

Ask Rochelle




Rochelle Sparrow

PO Box 7573

Phoenix, AZ 85011

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