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Physical Ascension Symptoms

by Jennifer Longmore

Welcome to your ascension journey! As we energetically prepare for our journey through the New Earth paradigm shift, many of us are experiencing a lot of changes in all areas of our lives, and particularly in our physical bodies. We are leaving old ways of being behind by purging old patterns, programs, relationships, illusions, and so on to make room for a more enlightened expansion of consciousness and alignment with the divine mind. In doing so, it only seems logical that our energy fields, and in particular, our physical bodies are attempting a re-organization to remove that which no longer serves us and make room for that which is in our highest good and healing.

As we make room to embody more light and ascend into who we really are, we may literally and figuratively feel our bodies expanding. Our energy fields are undergoing an overhaul of sorts, but this experience is only temporary. The physical body needs to purge ‘toxins’ in their many forms, while also strengthening all systems in order to have the capacity to sustain a higher light frequency (also known as raising your vibration). Each time the body undergoes an ascension period, all systems of the body must recallibrate to ensure that is has the strength and expansion capabilities required to hold higher vibrational frequencies. Thus, the ‘ascension symptoms’ that follow are an integral and welcome part of the process even when it may not feel that way!

While all twelve energy bodies are expanding during ascension periods, it is common to experience weight gain, water retention, bloating, and/or digestive issues. Although these symptoms of ascension are temporary, they may feel uncomfortable or even frustrating, especially when you may have remedied these symptoms a certain way in the past but now find that your old methods are no longer working. And that is the whole point! The old is no longer working and now it is time to make room for new ways of being and doing.

In the past, we may have gone to a practitioner to fix us because we assumed that something was ‘wrong’ with us. Now, I invite you to experiment with this process by embracing these ascension symptoms, and being grateful for their presence, since they represent your ascension from a human doing to a human being. In essence, they are awards or merit for your noble and committed attempts to evolve your soul into a fully conscious being. The symptoms are merely a marker for your progress. So, rather than focusing on what’s wrong with you (what we focus on always expands), try celebrating the process of ascension and pay close attention to how quickly the symptoms dissipate when you embrace them rather than fight or reject them!

So, how do you know if you are in the midst of ascension symptoms? Aside from the symptoms mentioned above, you may also feel fatigued, stressed, anxious or depressed. The organs responsible for purging and releasing are eliminating "toxins" at an accelerated pace, so it is no surprise that our digestive tract, lymphatic system, kidneys and liver are working over time to assist in this process. Since they're working over time, shouldn't we at least compensate them with overtime pay and perhaps even a vacation?

Ways in which you wish to give your system a mini vacation may include:
a) one juice feast per week to give the digestive organs a wee break!
b) a colon or liver cleanse with the guidance of a trained professional to clear out the past! c) ensuring that you are boosting your systems with the appropriate amount of minerals and nutrients so that they have the necessary fuel to maintain your vitality!
d) going to bed at a reasonable hour and getting at least 7hrs sleep since there is a lot of integration and healing which occurs in the sleep state!
e) drinking enough water which is the electricity needed to keep the lights on in the body!
f) avoiding toxins of all kinds from entering the body (ie. foods, the news, gossip, chemicals, stimulants, electromagnetic frequencies, low electronic frequencies and so on)!
g) yoga, deep breathing, meditation, or any other activity which shuts down the fight or flight response in the body, calms the nerves and gives the left brain a vacation!
h) scheduling a healing session such as energy healing, massage, psychotherapy, regression, acupuncture or any other modality that helps you to support the system in bumping the issues out of your tissues!

Naturally, these are just some examples of how to balance the effects of the ascension process. You may already have some that work for you! Please remember that what we resist persists, so I invite you to welcome the whole ascension process and notice the changes in your ascension symptoms as a result. Embracing these symptoms will allow you to live the most joyous, loving, harmonious, effortless path.....enjoy the journey!

Jennifer Longmore, host of “Soul Journeys® Live” is an international healer, speaker, teacher, and founder of the Soul Journeys® School for Spiritual Studies and the Soul Journeys® Method. She shares her expertise with thousands of people around the globe each year as an Akashic Record Teacher-Consultant, Direct Channel, Ascension Specialist, Medical Intuitive, and Light Worker in helping people permanently shift the limiting beliefs and patterns that prevent them from being who they really are. To learn more about Jennifer and the services and courses that she offers, please visit www.souljourneys.ca or call 905-646-9168.

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