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Triple Alignment of Neptune, Chiron & Jupiter in Aquarius

by Mark Dodich

Something is happening this spring and it will come back again at the end of 2009. I looked back over one thousand years and did not see where it happened before in the same way. So how do you explain something that has not happened in the conscious memory of humanity?

Two planets and a planetoid are coming together. This happens in the sign Aquarius and strongly effects anyone with natal planets in the later degrees of fixed signs (Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus). For example, if you were born between the 14th and 19th of February, August, November or May, your natal sun position would be at the degrees of the zodiac that are challenged by this triple configuration.

Aquarius represents the higher ideals of humanity. It works to serve the group consciousness to strive for those higher aspirations of the collective consciousness. Yet, Aquarius also wants to keep its individuality. Think of hockey great Wayne Gretzky or President Lincoln who both had strong Aquarius placements in their natal charts. Gretzky was a team player but individually excelled. Lincoln wanted to keep the ideal of a unified country rather than letting the states separate. Aquarius is associated with the space industry, aviation, revolutions, inventions, innovation, batteries, electricity, light, transmitters, and your ankles.

Consider that the transmission of a digital television signal was delayed until this alignment was exact. The airline crashes of early 2009 were part of a strong Aquarius alignment. The person who comes up with a better battery for solar power storage is going to get very rich. The space industry is making new gains with a new telescope and new journeys in the works.

For you personally, it is time to look at your friendships, organizations and associations. Who belongs in your life, and where do you need to open to new social settings? It is time to invent new ways to live your life so that you are not trapped by the world.

The triple alignment begins in May (although it has been building up since January 2009). Neptune represents spirituality, illusions, compassion, addictions, the ocean, the film industry, and your feet. You are being called to a new vision, and must be willing to go in that direction, trusting that you will find it even as you walk through the fog to get there (and still may not know where the path leads). Neptune calls you to trust your clear intuition. Be willing to cleanse and forgive anything that gets in the way of crystal clear vision.

Chiron is known as a maverick or wounded healer. He was a centaur, caught between worlds, being half-horse and half-human. He was wounded through no fault of his own, in his animal hind quarters. Chiron released his immortality, became mortal, died of his wounds, and was installed in the stars for eternity. He had to surrender his immortality to relieve his suffering to get back his immortality. What do you need to surrender? I like to use the phrase 'half steps" when Chiron is active. You need to forgive the past and move on in spite of your wounds. Be willing to take half steps to get to the next place rather than expecting it to all fall into place right away.

Note: Chiron moves into Pisces in 2010. Mark is planning a trip to Greece to take advantage of these energies. We shall tune into these energies at sacred sites in this ancient cornerstone of our modern civilization. When our group went to Egypt in 2008, an Egyptian temple at Edfu (part of the mixed energy of Egypt, Greece, rome), I experienced profound feelings that brought tears to my eyes- and I am not really your sensitive male. So going to ancient Greece feels like remembering a part of me, and it would be fun to go with a group of like-minded people. Check back to this web site this summer for more information on the trip.

Jupiter spends about one year in each sign, so he was last in Aquarius in 1997. Think back to how your life was expanding then to get a hint about what is up for you now. Jupiter is a philosopher, traveler, coach, mentor, teacher, sales manager and seeker of higher truth. He requires that you transform your belief system and take a risk on your greater good. He will help you, but you must make the leap of faith to get where you are going. I like to reference the Indiana Jones movie where Indy has to take a step into a giant chasm to get to the other side, then choose the correct Holy Grail to save his father's life. What leap of faith is being called for by you?

When you put all three of these planetary bodies together, this spring asks you to revision your life. Consider where you can take half-steps to your greater good. Look at your belief system to see what needs to be changed. If you believe the media fears that the sky is falling in, then it would benefit you to remember that we live in an unlimited Universe (there is free prosperity enhancement guide at this web site to download).

Because this alignment begins in the Spring of 2009 (specifically during May), now is the time to begin to formulate new ideas for your life. How can you bring higher vision into your life to see beyond your current situation? Begin to take baby steps now so that come fall, you can take larger steps towards this new vision. Remember that Neptune is involved, so forgiveness and trust are key issues. You may not be able to see this higher vision now, but you have to trust that it is waiting to open up for you. Chiron has you feeling caught between worlds, and Jupiter wants you to go beyond your comfort zone.

Finally, these planets are all out in the mid to outer area of our solar system. As such, the concept is that they affect the bigger picture of your life. Certainly, they have an impact on your personal life, but the focus is on your higher vision, taking action to go beyond where you are suffering, and your willingness to take a risk on yourself to manifest the reality you want to live. See the higher picture of your life.

Mark Dodich has been an astrologer and intuitive consultant since 1980. He has a busy international practice based in Portland, Oregon. In addition to natal astrology, Mark specializes in helping you find your best places to live on planet earth through relocation astrology maps (Earthlines™, AstroCartoGrapy®). He also works with spiritual purpose astrology known as Seven Rays Esoteric Astrology. Check out his quarterly astrology forecast and other free pdf downloads at www.astromark.us, or call for a print version at 503-252-1558


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