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Accessing the Abundance Matrix:

Changing Our World From the Inside Out

by Christan Hummel

"There is no order of magnitude in miracles."

--A Course in Miracles

I love that quote more than any other. Perhaps because so many of us at one time or another have experienced what we would call a miracle. Having experienced a "miracle" at any level of magnitude, it confirms for us that much greater things are possible, that miracles are really just the working out of Laws that are as yet unknown. So the natural question becomes, how to we begin to access that state more often and consciously?

The movies “What the Bleep” and “The Secret” have beautifully illustrated that we live in a world of vibrations. All thoughts and feelings can be translated into vibrations. If those thoughts and feelings are of fear and survival, anger and hate, then this is the vibration we are emitting and consequently the reality we are creating for ourselves.

All things exist as a result of the hidden morphic field, or matrix which sustains it. So even states of mind themselves, have a conscisousness, and a matrix which sustains that consciousness. So, in that view of life, Abundance is a consciousness, not a condition, and when we engage with that consciousness where Abundance is the natural order of life, then our life and circumstances begin to reflect that consciousness. The vibrations we hold in our hearts and minds are the key to what manifests in our lives. It is not dependent upon something out there somewhere. The world originates within us despite the outer appearance. The outer is simply the reflection of our inner state.

Unfortunately, many of us have assumed programs or beliefs from the collective consciousness of fear and lack, the dog-eat-dog matrix of competition, and fixed pie mind set. When we operate according to these principles, then we are linked to the grid matrix that govern these attitudes.

Today, with world events challenging us to go into agreement with the paradigm proposed by the media of fear, lack, and scarcity, it is more important than ever for us to consciously CHOOSE which matrix we will have as our operating software for our lives. By doing so, we set the internal program to align with those outcomes that are a part of that grid matrix, in this case ABUNDANCE.

Traditional approaches, going back to Napolean Hill and the power of thought movement, have us focus on the power of the CONSCIOUS mind through on goal setting, affirmations, visioning success, and other traditional models of manifesting wealth through changing the thinking of the conscious mind. The scores of testimonials attest to the power of this approach. However, people often wonder, why does it not hold? Why does it work sometimes, and not at others? Research has shown that the conscious mind is represents only 10% of our thinking faculties with the other 90% existing in the realm of the subconscious levels, which does NOT respond to words or linguistic approaches at all. So, by working with that subconscious level of pre-conscious thought, through this hidden matrix which is the substructure of ALL thought, we make a quantum leap shift (pardon the pun) by accessing the quantum matrix from which all thoughts emerge which have conditioned everything in your life, not just finances. So, by SHIFTING THE MATRIX of your consciousness you not only achieve certain specified goals that you would have affirmed or visualized, but you align with that matrix of Abundance which exists everywhere at all times and from which all things emerge.

By working to shift this matrix, or morphic field of consciousness, rather than simply focusing on the outer reflections of that field as it has shown up in our lives, we then have the opportunity to shift the substructure which HOLDS all the patterns in of thinking that have held us back, or kept us in limiting experiences of life, or from receiving the Abundance of the Universe available at all times, NOT just the ones the conscious mind knows about or can focus its attention upon.

So, during this time of looking for new, more fulfilling economic models, and of demanding that America live up to the true spirit upon which this country was founded, our thought are of more importance than ever as they create the new hologram allowing these ideals to express themselves.

We are living in an amazing time when science and spirituality are coming together to form a new field, one which transcends the boundaries and limitations of both. The applications of this new science of spirituality are endless.

Abundance is the NATURAL state of the Universe, and as such has nothing to do with money which is just humanity’s attempts to quantify and calculate the Infinite. By accessing the Matrix of Abundance itself, we see not just how to increase the physical reflection of that in our lives, but also how to align with that Divine consciousness that IS Abundance itself, from which all things are possible. From that state, why should we limit the form that Spirit takes, by fixating on money as the only expression of the Abundance of the Infinite? Working at this level of the quantum matrix is not just about thinking outside the box. It’s about realizing that the box, in fact, DOESN’T really exist! We create the box itself!

Evidence of groups around the world working with focused intent alongside the research of Emoto in Japan, Heart Math, Lynn McTaggert, Bruce Lipton and others confirm what the ancients have taught for centuries. Energy follows thought; our physical world is merely the reflection of our energy world. By working with this unseen matrix of creation, we can alter the physical manifestations and outcomes. We have the power to effect our inner energy worlds, and in fact we do it with each and every thought. So what do we want to dream? What kind of a world do we want to create? The choice is still ours.

Christan Hummel is the author of the best selling “Do It Yourself Space Clearing Kit” and an international lecturer and workshop leader. She has taught thousands around the world how to create sacred space in their homes and cities through connecting with the divine in nature and ourselves. To see a list of her upcoming workshops please see her website at: www.earthtransitions.com

"Free online teleclass Abundance Matrix with Christan Hummel" 


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