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Align With Your True Identity

by Adrianus Van Munster, LCSW

There’s only one truth, one reality, and that is Divine Consciousness. I am Spirit, You are Spirit, All is Spirit.

In the series The Twelve Principles of Spirits Onymous, Adrianus invites you to align with your true identity, integrate nuggets of ancient wisdom into your daily life, and create a deeply joyful and meaningful existence. In this article, Adrianus reveals the first principle.

Sooner or later, everyone wonders: Has my life a purpose? Is there a higher power? Where did I come from? What will happen after I die? Most human beings have an ego—a sense of Self—that is only a meager representation of the truth. The swan that was born among ducks derived its sense of Self by how the ducks saw her: ugly. Where does your sense of Self come from? How do you identify yourSelf?

You may say, "I’m an accountant, mother of three daughters and a recovering trauma survivor.” But is that who you are? Is that the essence of your being? Take a deep breath, close your eyes and strip yourself of all your labels, possessions and character traits. Who are you? When a job title or legal status comes up, be appreciative for that tidbit of information and restate the question, “Who am I?” You may not get a complete answer, maybe just a feeling. Go with that...

The truth of the matter is that you are Spirit. Not just an apprentice Spirit … you are one hundred percent, full-fledged, genuine Spirit. You don’t have to do anything to become Spirit … you are Spirit. We are all part of the same Divine entity (God, Spirit, Allah, Brahman, Cosmos), but like water, not even Spirit can afford to be stagnant. Hence, Spirit (you and I and the rest of us) created earth, as a place in time and space to engage in an ongoing process of rejuvenation.

We are Spirit, having a human experience. As spiritual beings, we’ve accepted "physical" form to joyfully recreate and redefine our true Self, which is non-physical, which is Divine Consciousness.

You are invited …

to take a deep breath and go within. Focus on your breathing and repeat silently, on every inhalation, “I am Spirit,” (or use any other term that you are comfortable with, such as God, Cosmos, or Source) and see what happens. Do this exercise every day for five minutes.

Readers Corner

Q. There is no separation between any of us and God. God is pure, unconditional Love. I know that. Yet, I forget again and again to experience that. What can I do to remember more often? -Marian

A. Dear Marian, the answer is actually very simple: slow down. Stop! Build in your day as many moments as possible to ascend your busy egoic consciousness. Stop doing and fully embrace the now.

We tend to get wrapped up in the drama around us and consequently remain unconscious. Meditate five minutes in the morning and before going to bed. Set a chime every 15 minutes reminding you to take a deep breath and focus your mind. Chew your food twenty-five times. Whenever you see a flower, stop and smell its fragrance. Before you pick up the phone, start your car, or open a door, take a deep breath and focus. Commit to doing this, or some of it, for thirty days.

Adrianus Van Munster, LCSW, BCD is an author, psychotherapist, and the director of a psychiatric crisis facility in Pennsylvania. He developed TransEgo Therapy and co-founded the InnerGuidance Network. For more information and to enroll in the free on-line course, go to www.InnerGuidanceNetwork.org.

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