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Creating An Energetically Supportive Environment At Work

by Phyllis Light

Most people are unaware of the energetic impact they have on their workplace environment. However, most people know whether they enjoy being at work or not. One factor that could create the lack of enjoyment at work is the energy present there. This is different from whether you enjoy what you do or not.

You may enjoy helping others or writing software for computers or whatever your chosen field may be, but you may not enjoy being at work, that is, in the particular environment where your job takes place. There can be a number of energetic factors involved here.

Most important, what is the atmosphere like at work? The atmosphere is created by all the individual thoughts and feelings that get generated each day while everyone is working. If, for example, management places intense or unreasonable demands upon the employees or they are pressured to perform by certain deadlines, it is certain that the employees feel stressed and harried, which causes them to unconsciously “dump” many negative thoughts and feelings into the collective consciousness of the business. The more negativity each employee feels, the more negative energy gets dumped into the consciousness of the business, and the more stressful the environment feels.

When you leave work, the stress ends temporarily, however, when you come back the next day, you walk right into the SAME energy, with the same negative thought forms in the space, so essentially nothing ever changes. And such negative energy accumulates. Unless the collective consciousness of the business, along with the space, are professionally “cleared,” all thought forms and feelings of each individual continually accumulate over time, making the workplace feel worse and worse at an energetic level.

Sometimes people deal with this phenomenon by “going unconscious.” That is, they disconnect more from their bodies, and retreat from being fully present and aware in the here and now. This is a coping strategy at best, allowing the person to “not be here” and thus, not feel all that is going on within the space. However, this strategy is counterproductive, and can certainly keep a person from doing the best job possible at work. With this mentality, the person “clockwatches” and can’t wait until 5 pm arrives and they can be free at last.

This is not an ideal way to go through one’s entire work life. This type of mentality produces needless suffering during the eight or so hours you are at work, and you have it set up that you can only enjoy yourself once this eight-hour stretch of your life is complete, each day. Enjoyment comes by being present, not by impatiently awaiting some future time when you can “get out of here” in order to enjoy yourself. So, how can you change the course of events at work… even if you have a stressful, negative environment?

Change happens one person at a time. If you continue to have thoughts like, “gee, I can’t wait to get out of here” or look at your watch constantly to see if the “time is up” that you can’t be free, you are continually sending out negative energy about not being able to enjoy yourself where you are. You are contributing to the “negative energetic soup” already present in your workplace, created by all the other people who are “clockwatching” and eager for the workday to be over.

When every employee is radiating this kind of energy into the atmosphere at work, the negative energy can only accumulate and validate everyone’s most negative beliefs: that “this ISN’T where I want to be” and “I can’t possibly enjoy myself here. “ So, the way to start changing the collective consciousness at work is to become aware of what you are energetically radiating into the atmosphere and be willing to clean it up within yourself!

Change your thoughts. Be willing to transform your experience of work in order to enjoy the time you give to your employer every day. Find a way that you can make peace with where you are and create enjoyment for yourself, some way, somehow. If each employee were to become self-aware in this manner and commit to a “better way” at work, the energy at work would transform, and it would feel better to work there over time.

Build an Energetic Bubble Around You

Your thoughts create your experience of life. When we talk about being influenced by the “collective consciousness” of the business, we mean that when you put yourself into the energy field of the business, it simply happens that any negative energy in the business gets into you… into your mind and heart.

Decide that no matter what is going on with the business, you are totally willing to create your own little world there that works well for you. Imagine a bright bubble of energy surrounding you, designed to keep out the negativity of the collective and allow you to create a positive and supportive experience of work within YOUR world, within your bubble.

This takes some conscious creating, but can be done to offset the negativity within the business collective. And if everyone were to do this, the energy of the business would shift dramatically.

Deal Responsibly With Your Issues

In order to learn and grow, we continually project our issues “out there” onto the people in our world. For example, when we feel unappreciated or unnoticed deep within (perhaps from growing up in large family or from having busy, uncaring parents), we will unconsciously project that energy outward, and the people in our environment respond by “showing us” what we are projecting onto them.

We may feel that our employer is unappreciative of all that we’ve done, or doesn’t notice how hard we are working. Then we get upset and angry and blame. We may even talk to our co-workers and express our anger at how unfair or unkind our employer is. All such talk adds more negative energy to the collective at work, and makes it more difficult for EVERYONE to be at peace there!

Take responsibility for your experience. Notice what you perceive about others and what that must say about some part of you deep down. Your issues may be unconscious, but once you see them and react to them in others, they enter the conscious realm and you can then deal with them responsibly.

Find a friend or counselor who can help you take responsibility for what you experience at work, so you can grow from the experience, as well as support a more positive, harmonious environment at work. The more you blame and find fault with those around you, the more you are a part of creating an environment that doesn’t work for anyone. All negativity coagulates and stays in the space until it is deliberately and professionally “cleared.” Make a decision to be a positive force at work, creating good will and harmony in the collective, rather than blame or negativity, and watch your enjoyment at work grow with time!

Phyllis Light, Ph.D. in Psychology, is an author, expert in “Telepathic Healing,” pioneer in subtle energy protection, and creator of Rejuvenizers®—protective and healing devices designed to combat the ills of life in a high-tech world. She is the owner of Stress-Free Environments, a company dedicated to alleviating stress and negativity in the workplace, while creating a positive, uplifting environment for all concerned.

For more information: (512) 301-2999 or www.lighthealing.com.

Light Healing

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