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Using Intuition to Balance Our Relationships

by Edward Bonapartian

When ever we work with mind, body and spirit, our goal is to use our personal energy in a manner which balances our spiritual needs while still meeting the demands of our daily routines. One path to accomplishing this goal is through the different aspects of our relationships. Any relationship in your life will play a key role in balance when it reflects who you are and what you believe in. If you think about it, relationships which recognize and support you for who you are create balance by moving you forward toward personal growth and increased self-esteem.

So can we use our intuition to recognize these supporting relationships? Start by thinking about a relationship and asking yourself the following questions:

1. What is my primary role in the relationship?

2. How is my personal energy used in this relationship?

3. Does this relationship encourage self-growth and awareness both in myself and in the other person?

4. Do I see myself as an equal part of the relationship?

As you answer each question, pay attention to how your body or gut feelings react to each one. Your intuition will speak to you through these feelings and will often point out a conflict between how you think you should feel about the relationship, and how you actually do feel about it. While in any relationship, it is crucial that you pay attention to your instincts because they will always give you honest information about the energy of the relationship.

If you find yourself unsure about the supporting of a relationship, there is an easy way to examine your personal feelings about it. In your minds eye, picture a scale with two round plates hanging on each end, the kind that can be used for weighing the difference between two objects. On one round plate, picture yourself and all of your own needs within the relationship being placed on it. On the other round plate, picture the other person and their needs within the relationship being placed on it. As both of your needs are placed on the scale, which way was does the scale tilt? If it tilts towards any one side, it is an indication that you feel there is an imbalance in the energy of the relationship. You can apply balance here by using a mind, body and spirit approach in the following manner:

Mind - use the aspect of mind to create strategies, which allow you to recognize and maintain proper boundaries.

Body - use the aspect of body as a way of listening to your instincts, which will allow you to create actions which will meet both of your needs within the relationship.

Spirit - use the aspect of spirit as a connection to accessing your true feelings about the other person in the relationship, rather than allowing your ego or emotions to dominate your thinking.

As with our spirituality, the relationships we have in our lives are a series of ongoing journeys. A friend once commented to me that it is our relationships, which support us through the peaks and valleys of our daily lives. I feel she had a point there. Early this month, as another friend and I walked along a snow-covered path in the early morning stillness, we stopped for a moment to watch the sun rise above the frozen Mohawk River. I was grateful for the opportunity to take a walk with her after a frustrating month of dealing with winter weather. As I turned my head toward the rays of the sun and felt them warm my face, I was reminded of the supporting role friends play in balancing our lives. Like the footprints left in the frozen snow behind me, each one of our relationships is a testament to the journeys we have taken together. During our journeys, it is the feelings shared through those relationships which create the sunlight around us, allowing us to stop and warm ourselves when the world surrounding us is frozen and cold.

Copyright © 2009, Edward H. Bonapartian. All rights reserved.

Edward Bonapartian is the author of Reflections On The Art Of Balance practical wisdom for balancing your life through mind, body, and spirit, and The Stories Of Our Lives – a story of healing through dreams and intuition. His articles on the healing nature of our dreams have been published in Dream Network Journal, Rocky Mountain Dream Journal, and Reiki News magazine. Edward’s website can be found at http://www.intuitivedreams.com/

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