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Connection with the Divine

by Loretta Vasso

Connection with the Divine is a gift available to all of us, at all times. It is we who decide whether or not to tap this enormous and ever-available resource. If we do, it can provide comfort, inspiration, confidence, love, serenity, wisdom and peace.

When and where we connect to Source, Infinite intelligence, God, Allah, Great Spirit, whatever name you choose to use, is up to the individual. How we connect has been studied and experimented with over the eons. Nature, for some, is the ultimate vehicle. For these folks, the beauty of a flower, majesty of a mountain, enormity and movement of an ocean, contain in them the face of the Divine. For others, meditation, sitting in silence, listening for the rhythm of the cosmos, connects them to Universal Source.

The method is optional. The need to create connection is not. We have many aspects of our lives: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Our society is very invested in our attention to the physical. We have institutionalized the care of the physical; research abounds on the care and feeding of our bodies. We have health insurance (such as it is) to help us pay for the up-keep and repair of our marvelous instruments. Many are consumed with good looks, weight control, healthy eating, food preparation—the list is endless—all directed at the physical.

We have, as a society, established schools, learning devices, I.Q. tests, training methods, again, the list is endless, in recognition of our need to develop mentally.

In the last 100 years, we have even come to recognize the benefit of attending to our emotional wellbeing. Finally, we have empirical data on the workings of the mental impact of emotions on our overall health.

But when it comes to spiritual, may folks regard attention to this aspect of self as optional. Some have recognized, since the beginning of time, the need to connect to the Divine, to care for our spiritual selves. But in our society, and for the better part of the 20th century, many had relegated spiritual attention to a church, synagogue or clergy, and allowed exclusionary “we’re right; you’re wrong” thinking to take hold. We should all be gratified to discover that the dawn of the 21 century has brought with it a more enlightened view of the spiritual aspects of ourselves: the recognition that we are among all other things, spiritual beings who are part of the universal matrix of All.

Quantum physics has demonstrated that all is thought. Word creates thought, thought becomes manifest in the world. That being true, how would it be possible that we are not all connected to each other on this non-physical web of thought? And if I have control of my thinking, I have the ability to be in contact anyone or anything else on the web of thought.

Thus, spiritual connection to the Divine, is simply a matter of deciding to do it, bringing my thoughts, my attention, to it and finding a method that works for me. When I do this, I improve my ability to find inspiration, happiness and peace in my life, because I have tapped into the universal resource that is available to all of us at anytime we choose to connect with it.

Attention to the spiritual aspects of ourselves is not optional—not if we wish to live a full, well-rounded life. Ignoring this aspect of ourselves is to ignore a large portion of our essential selves and to forsake a balanced existence, relegated to a partial expression of who we are.

My wish for you is that you find the means, most in line with your True Self, that allows you to feel the presence of Universal Love in your life.

* * * * *

Loretta M. Vasso, M.S., CAC, CCP is a Psycho-Spiritual Counselor and Life Coach, who combines 20 yrs of experience using traditional counseling methods with her natural intuitive abilities and alternative methods such as Tarot and Gemstone psychic readings. In your homes or her offices, she is available for private or telephone readings and Psychic Parties. Call Loretta at 215-692-2753.

Loretta Vasso

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