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Align With Stillness

by Adrianus Van Munster

In the depth of stillness, you will acquire the full power of the mind and find answers to all life defining questions.

In the series The Twelve Principles of Spirits Onymous, Adrianus invites you to align with your true identity, integrate nuggets of ancient wisdom into your daily life, and create a deeply joyful and meaningful existence. In this article, Adrianus reveals the second principle.

As spiritual beings having a human experience, many of us lose focus and get swept away by a tidal wave of drama. Like an over excitable dog, we start chasing our own tail and snapping at everyone who challenges our preconceived notions.

Due to experiences and a socialization process, many of us identify ourselves with only a meager representation of who we truly are. Instead of powerful beings, we tend to see ourselves as failures and seek approval and recognition from others.

Your mind, like a faithful dog, will protect you according to how you relate to the world. If you perceive the world as threatening, your mind will respond likewise. It will be hyper-vigilant and ready to flee, fight or freeze. It will try to control the people and circumstances around you. This is a state of mind that feeds drama and creates wars.

We need to dissolve our attachment to drama and focus the mind on the truth: I am Spirit, You are Spirit, All is Spirit, and All is Well. As spiritual beings, we took on physical form to bring into manifestation the purest forms of consciousness. We are here to create magnificent lives. That's what our minds need to be focused on. The human mind is a powerful tool, but you need to be in charge: Spirit.

Meditate and acquire the skills to focus your mind and emerge in stillness. Your life will gain peace and balance. Answers to life defining questions will come to you—with ease.

Stillness is the beacon that calls me home. It is the warm embrace of the eternal beloved, who whispers delicate inaudible vibrations in my ear; vibrations that resonate with all the sounds in the Universe. It is the hum of consciousness; it's the jingle of being One with All.

You are invited …

to create a daily routine of deeply relaxing your body and mind through breathing exercises, meditation and/or mindful movement, e.g. Tai Chi, Chi Kung or yoga. It is important that you relax at least twice a day. Ideally, meditate before you go to work in the morning, after lunch, and when you go to bed. Start out with just a couple of minutes, maybe five.

Readers Corner

Q. This is perhaps the hardest principal for me to connect with. I do not want to be where I am now in my life, and I feel compelled to get certain things done as part of my life mission. So there is a conflict of interest with being Still and Doing. - William

A. Dear William, familiar to most of us, your mind is portraying a dualistic picture and is prompting you to do. Yet, when “doing” is not rooted in “being,” action if often pointless. Before you steer your ship in a certain direction and tell the machinist to go full force, look at your compass. Your compass is within and is most accurately read in stillness.

Adrianus Van Munster, LCSW, BCD is an author, psychotherapist, and the director of a psychiatric crisis facility in Pennsylvania. He developed TransEgo Therapy and co-founded the InnerGuidance Network. For more information and to enroll in the free on-line course, go to http://www.InnerGuidanceNetwork.org.

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