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Emotions in Our New World

by Norma Gentile

Coping with psychic connections to the unconscious emotions of humanity
from Norma (with a little help from Mary and Archangel Michael)

As I sat to write, I invited Mary into my awareness. She suggests starting with an overview:

Gaia, the soul whose body is our Earth, stepped up again into a new level of consciousness. She has settled into a higher level of vibration which is much closer to Unity Consciousness. This also means that she has moved closer to the enormous pools of unconscious shared human emotions, which have been created from millennia of our shared experiences as humans.

Each time Gaia shifts, her body the Earth shifts as well. With each shift it takes awhile for our own bodies to adjust to the Earth's new vibration. Many people experience weeks or months of not feeling grounded or centered or sure of themselves because their navel chakra has not re-established their body's natural connection to the Earth. As the soul Gaia is moving into her own ascension process, the Earth is moving into becoming pure emotional energy. (This is the closest term I can come up with to describe what Gaia has shown me as her experience of this upward dimensional shift). Our souls are also in ascension with Gaia, and so our physical bodies are coming along on the ride with the Earth.

This last shift brought humanity tangibly within telepathic range of vast pools of unconscious emotions. These emotions are the very ones that we can use to slingshot us forward in our journey of self-awareness, or we can drown in them if we forget that we create the emotions, they do not create us.

Many people are unknowingly connecting into these vast pools, especially since Gaia's shift this past winter. Chance are good that if you are reading this you have the sensitivity to have noticed that a vast pool of uncomfortable emotions have suddenly seemed to engulf many people in the world. This sensation of being deeply overwhelmed is a result of one's psychic antenna being tuned into one of these pools of emotions.

Our psychic antennas pick up whatever our emotions are already tuning into. Our soul tends to help us find those issues that we need to resolve. So each person's psychic antenna tends to help draw them to situations where the personality will learn a lesson. This is a lesson that helps the soul continue on its journey. In this time, with the pools of unconscious emotions within range of our psychic antenna, it is easy to feel the entire pool of anger, frustration, rage, sorrow or despair as your own emotion, rather than simply feel your own single drop of anger, sorrow or despair.

And, no one person among us can heal or fix or drain these vast unconscious pools of emotions. Our process is to learn how much of any emotion we are feeling is truly ours, and use that drop of emotion as a guide to knowing how close to the path of our soul's journey we are walking.

For myself in my own process, anger and frustration tell me when I need to reassess my boundaries. A feeling of despair or sadness tells me that my personality may have a plan of action, but my soul is not in agreement with it. Sadness reminds me that I can't make everyone or everything happy or contented. We each have our own path to walk.

Moving closer to the vast pools of emotional energies created over so many thousands of years by humanity also means we are closer to Unity Consciousness. We are closer to knowing the sensation, felt within a quiet heart, of the vibration of Love which moves through all of Creation. As we learn to allow the pools of emotion to exist, but not to swim within them, we learn to tune our antenna to this vibration of Love. For we are also closer to this vast pool as well.

from Mary:
Love towards cone's own community, family, or neighborhood is natural. When you express this love as like, as warmth for each other, and in good deeds of supportive behavior, we here in the realms of Spirit feel your emotion. Gratitude passes both up into Spirit from your plane of existence, as well as down from us into your world.

When there is confusion in your world, we feel that also. Terror and rage are side effects of the human personality knowing that what the eyes are seeing is not real. The layer of reality that you see, feel and touch each day is becoming thinner and thinner, more transparent, and what lies beneath is nearly visible to you. This next plane of existence, the next spiritual plane or aspect of the dimension you inhabit while in physical form will very soon be visible. Much like paint wears off of a dearly loved toy revealing the metal beneath, the illusionary coverings of your world are being worn away.

Some of you already perceive what lies beneath. Some perceive, but have no one and nothing in their lives to validate to them that indeed, the paint is merely a surface paint, and the metal beneath creates and maintains the true form. For these souls there is much confusion, anger and ultimately an inner sense of betrayal.

The changes that have occurred in your world since 1972 and the subsequent Harmonic Convergence have setup a chain of events that many incarnate souls did not anticipate. These souls, while in form, have been presented with the option of stepping into the new paradigm being created, or remaining within the old paradigm. Remaining within the old is becoming more and more difficult. Being blind to the sun when you are not actually blind is very difficult. So too is staying asleep as the rock concert plays all around you!

from Norma and Michael:
These souls are at a crossroads that they did not ask to come to in this lifetime. Their collective discomfort and disharmony is not of their own doing. For this reason we humans are all feeling a bit of their quandary; how to balance between those people whose souls are not wanting to make the journey that lies before Gaia now, and the large majority of souls populating this planet who are at the gates, in fact nearly rushing the gates to stride into the newly formed unknown reality that is being exposed.

Patience has always been one of my tasks to learn. As an adult I would like to think I am getting better at simply sitting with an emotion, a sensation, or a piece of knowledge. In this sitting, I allow what I am perceiving to be imbued with the wisdom of my Angels and guides. Their wisdom sometimes includes action, other times includes more sitting, more patience, and more allowing the cycles of creation to unfold themselves. Most times I find that my very attention to whatever I am sitting with nudges the people or situation involved in some small way. And of course I also find my opinion or attitude shifting as well.

from Mary
As change happens in your world, there will be much perception of danger. Change is fraught with terror, especially when you do not feel that you are the one in charge of the change. Creation is expressing itself in your world. And you are each of a part of Creation. Our collective love for you remains, even as this one world passes into the next. May each of you come to know yourselves through the expression of your love. For this is how we know you.

Your ability to love another, to like another, or even to dislike another reflects your ability to love, like and dislike what you manifest into this world. As this world fades, the truth is revealed. You see yourself reflected not by the paint, but in the metal beneath the paint. The shiny metal surface reflects your own face back to you in rage and love alike. And this scares many of you. The fa├žade of kindness that you wear does you no service now. Your true emotions are felt in this new world by others, just as you feel theirs. Honesty becomes the only language. The sharing of intimacy that you feel when you meet a true soul friend is being torn open to all those whom you meet. You feel all their angst and joy, terror and trembling wonderment within your heart. The emotions of the world find a home in your own heart.

This is the very opening of the gate into the new realm and new world. You each will learn to gently see within the this new realm, and utilize the energies of the emotions that are available to you. This process is one of evolving souls, not of a practice of the mind. What can be learned will be shared by those wise men and women amongst you. Most of this process is yet unknown to you and some of it unknown even to us. Experiencing oneness and all the joy and terror and other emotions cannot be done in a purely human physical body. Know that if you are feeling many emotions, it is most likely because your heart has opened beyond your physical form, and your soul is kissing the souls of the many souls upon your planet.

Knowing that your primary expression is love may be helpful. Compassion, quiet inner joy, patience and acceptance are all aspects of unconditional love. As you experience any of these, you are deepening your ability to nourish yourself with these aspects of love. As you meditate or sit with any aspect of love, that vibration comes into your body and moves through your world. As you vibrate in love, even for a few moments here and there throughout your day, you help us as well. The support we offer to humans can only be offered. Each of you must remember to turn and receive it.

With great love and compassion for all, we bid you a good night, and great blessings.

Norma, Mary and Michael

Norma Gentile, sound shaman, is a natural intuitive and channel for Mary, Archangel Michael and the Hathors. She maintains a private healing practice, offering sessions in English and Spanish, as well as singing healing concerts and teaching workshops. Her CDs of live sound healings, Songs of Spirit, is available at amazon.com and iTunes. To see and hear her sound healings, articles and podcasts go to her website www.healingchants.com

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