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The Invisible World of Energy

by Linda Cucurullo

Chi, Ki, Prana, Breath of God. All these describe the invisible vital life force within our physical body, running through us like electricity runs through our homes. It is this energy that gives us life and animates our physical body. It is this force that regenerates life, even when we see what looks like death. Our bodies want to heal, they are programmed to regenerate. Physical wounds start to heal immediately; scabs begin to form over cuts almost as soon as we are injured.

This invisible power, energy is within plants, animals, the ebb and flow of the oceans and the rhythms of the earth. The whole universe has a life force. Like our human bodies the life force within nature also yearns to be in a state of harmony. Forests come alive again, in spite of, and in reaction to the devastation of fire. The earth continues to regenerate after thousands of years of abuse. The life force in all continues to repair itself. It is a force so strong that it propels weeds to grow out of tiny cracks in concrete without the benefit of any sun and little air.

The energy we carry within is made up of many parts. We bring our own spark of life into this life form. What were we sent here for? What are the special gifts we bring to this life form? What are we here to work out? Who are we hear to touch?

We also have ancestral energy; this is the cellular memories of our ancestors. As we are formed within the womb we are absorbing blood, bodily fluids, brown eyes, blond hair, special complexion, and our ancestor’s traits and experiences. Did we inherit the energy of fear or triumph? Did we inherit predispositions for certain diseases?

The energy of our past environmental experiences adds to the mix. What are the messages we receive from our world? Are some of them harsh, hurtful or traumatic? These can send our bodies and minds into shrinking away from life, pulling in our guts or holding anger down our throat? We carry the stories of our life and those that came before us in our energy system. Each experience imprints itself within our body, behavior and spirit.

This energy is the basis of ‘energy medicine’. Yoga, Acupuncture, Martial arts, Herbal Medicine, Whole food diets, and most important ‘living the spiritual principals’ are medicine for our energetic system. With a little bit of thought we can be our own evaluator of our life force and fixer of what energy habits we are carrying around. Are we carrying around the energy of un-forgiveness, rigidity, hostility, and victim-hood, the person that never gets what they need or want?

The three main elements that restore our physical life force are sun, air and earth. When we are ill one of the best things we can do is partake in these three miracle cures. We further feed our vital life force with clean water, wholesome food and exercising our body. These are the means we look at more often when we find ourselves in a black hole of energy. Some other very important elements are; touch connection with others, a sense of community, love, joy, contentment and self acceptance.

Unbalanced energy shows up in many ways. On a physical level unbalanced energy turns up as disease, illness, fatigue, addictions, and chronic health problems

Emotionally it manifests in not being able to move forward, inability to make decisions, sluggishness, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, obsessions, compulsions and excessive aggressiveness. This imbalance of energy and disharmony impedes us on our journey of having a wonderful full life. More subtle are the mindsets based on old habits and misinformation.

Suppose our last relationship turns out badly or our last several. Do we look at why we chose those people or why they were attracted to our energies or do we look at the habits of conduct born from energy patterns and how they play inside the relationship.

Do you continually bounce into the same brick wall over and over again? How are you directing your energy, or is it directing you? Do you need to sharpen your discerning radar, do you need to be able to open up more or close down a little. Discovering what vibrations you are sending out and the ability to discern the energies that are coming toward you is the way to uncover personal mysteries that lead to a better understanding of how you as an individual work your journey of life.

Linda Cucurullo is a spiritual mentor and energy worker. She can be reached at 516 483-4453- www.journeyinwardlcucuril@optonline.net

Linda Cucurullo

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