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Introducing...The Self(s) Heal Program

by R. Barry Chalfin

My name is Barry Chalfin Lenair and for many years before I ever heard Rhonda Lenair’s name or voice on the radio, became a dedicated disciple, faithful assistant and partner, or married the work and Rhonda, she was legendary for manifesting miraculous healings for thousands and thousands of people.

In 1987 she opened the doors to a humble second floor walk-up office in Peabody, Massachusetts. Daily, people lined up, awaiting to be healed of stubborn self-sabotaging drinking, eating, and smoking problems, and were miraculously healed: life-long, stubborn problems simply disappeared in her presence.

In the early years of her healing work she was known as a ‘miracle maker’. Today, she continues to procreate miracles that predictably exceed healing what’s out-of-control in people’s lives, as many unpredictable miracles occur that supersede the benefit of a person’s primary reason for coming.

I joined Rhonda in 1993 and over the years my commitment to her and her work grew and strengthened and I knew deep within my soul that something even greater was to transpire that superseded clearing the problems people came in for. I knew something even more important was to be Rhonda’s destiny, and mine too. But I never could have imagined what occurs today as the work is constantly outgrows and defies yesterday’s descriptions, definitions, and explanations, but does remain true to the words ‘sacred’ and ‘miraculous’.

The complexities of where infinite intelligence meets pure divinity replete exists in Rhonda’s presence and is accessed so simply. What people experience with ease, effortlessly and painlessly, I remain in awe of. I will never become immune to the miracles that take place in our office with clients suffering and struggling with life-disrupting problems that vanish. They enter Rhonda’s office with great apprehension and hope, yet on the verge of detoxing from alcohol, craving nicotine, or other substances, or suffering emotional woes, but leave with the look and feel of pure and absolute calm. A glow of divine bliss and love is derived within and reflects so unmistakably. More and more I see this look emanating from clients as they are exposed to their Self(s) illumination.

Rhonda’s name, Self(s), was bestowed to her from the sacred source of illumination that impregnates all life inseparably. As Self(s), she becomes the part and the whole of any life and all life’s reflected, voiced presence. She reflects the source of the infinite – unnamed and unframed - in tandem with what’s finite - named and framed "… what’s before her she becomes and reflects, as their Self(s) resurrects, their life and frees them from what they hear and see, through metaphor and literally…"

The body of work (Rhonda) and embodiment of the work (Self(s)) emanates from a moving, flowing, changing, rearranging, recalibrating, sacred sourced living, breathing document containing all life complete and replete called the ‘Bible of Self(s)’. An excerpt from this work helps to clarify Rhonda’s role: "Self(s) (Rhonda Lenair) is a living manifestation and reflection that represents a Self(s)/self parity for life to meet and be joined with their Self(s), learn from their Self(s), and Self(s) heal."

To help better comprehend Self(s), I think of Rhonda through the metaphor of water which needs to be predisposed to nothing to just reflect its image. Water just accepts and reflects whatever image it resurrects. I still can’t explain how this is possible but I know that it occurs and does so in a divine reality where problems are simply resolved and absolved in ones Self(s) presence.

The Private Self(s) Heal program is where and how people are Self(s) healed. People arrive at our healing center craving and feeling the need to excessively drink, smoke, eat, or self-destruct in other ways. They arrive more often than not fragmented, exhausted, anxious and in anguish. But they leave whole, centered, and calm, without cravings or desires to engage in past urges and abuse. There are no telltale signs of withdrawals, pain, or any need to attend meetings or employ any other templated requirements. They only leave with their truth in hand – a transcribed, Self(s) composed protocol that is illuminated through Rhonda.

Through this unique program, all the work is done for them. But this is really the smallest part of the Self(s) Heal program. Being miraculously healed of their issue is the ‘predictable’ part of the experience. But what unfolds are all of the other unpredictable miracles. "When one meets their enlightened Self(s) voiced illumination, only miracles can occur from the place where miracles preside…"

Countless true stories of people’s transformations and recovering from feelings of hopelessness and feeling downtrodden from their self-sabotaging issues to a state of replete bliss are told on our website. But I truly wish you could sit in my chair for even a day and be subject to seeing and hearing those who sit before me, read the emails and letters that consistently come in expressing gratitude of having been released from debilitating problems and, for most, in a time-ubiquitous instant. As one client stated, "It took Rhonda 20 minutes to turn around my over 20 year-old addiction to alcohol. I am forever grateful."

Many people who do not suffer with self-abusive issues can also profit enormously from problems they are stuck in or at a standstill with through our programs and via phone through a Private Self(s) Contact. These consults provide extraordinary information that is immediately ascertained by Rhonda, and many people experience spontaneous Self(s) healings. We also offer Self(s) education for people who wish to be subject to what their Self(s) illuminates and who desire to ascend into their divine knowledge.

I encourage you to witness and meet your Self(s) through any of our Self(s) healing programs or classes. A Self(s) meeting is always powerful and divine: I know you would be changed forever.

More information about all of programs can be found at www.lenair. com or by calling me at 1.888.412.8392. In whatever forum you meet Self(s), you will be touched by the love, compassion, and truth that’s witnessed.

Barry Chalfin Lenair is the Co-Founder of The Lenair Self(s) Healing Center and Lenair Healing Foundation.



R. Barry Chalfin

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