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Divine Wisdom From Michele Livingston

by Michele Livingston

Dear Michele,

I just saw you on Fox News in NYC and during your interview you were interrupted by your guides telling you to show us how to send our loved ones to the light. I was saddened by the thought that my departed daughter has not yet gone to the light, since we have repeatedly seen her spirit in our home. How do we get her to go to the light? God bless you,


Hi David,

Just because you see your daughter in the form of an apparition does not mean she is not in the light of the fourth dimension (heavenly realms). It is probably her way of communicating and saying "hello" by appearing to you. A departed loved one may pull their soul energy down to the third dimension (earth plane) on your birthday, holidays or if someone in family is ill or struggling emotionally. When you see your daughter, know that her love is with you. Also note the time and date to learn what significance her appearance has. What I was referring to on TV are those people who linger while alive and are afraid to "let go." There is an exercise (which is a gift of love to those who linger) to help the living make transition to the other side. This is an excerpt from my book, Messages from Beyond:Helping Our Relatives and Friends to Cross Over

Every human soul chooses to enter the earth plane to love unconditionally and learn certain soul lessons. The soul chooses its parents, date of birth and time to exit or pass on. When the soul is in the body we have certain weaknesses and trials we must work through. That is the human condition. A person knows "soul wise" when it is their time to go, but may consciously cling to the human body for a number of reasons. I also have friends who are hospice workers and they explain that sometimes a person needs verbal "permission to let go." For example, my stepfather lingered with cancer and his soul would not release from his body because he was concerned about who would receive his bookstore along with his large collection of antiques and collectibles. Although he was not materialistic, this accumulation repre-sented to him a sentimental lifetime of collecting. Likewise, my stepsister lay in pain for months with breast cancer, claiming she did not want to leave her beautiful champion show dogs and kennels behind, even though she was so tired and longed to go. My dear mother also lingered in bed, weighing only 60 pounds and admitted she wanted to see me married and secure before she made transition.

In all these cases the person longed for heaven, but felt a physical need or compulsion to cling to their body. Sometimes a person will cling simply out of fear of the unknown or of what may lie ahead for them. There is a technique I used for all of my loved ones to facilitate and expedite their peaceful passing. If you need to be a facilitator for your loved ones to cross over, then I suggest the following exercise:

In your mind’s eye, visualize the person you want to help to cross over, and take their hand. Visualize a long tunnel in front of you. Start to walk slowly down the tunnel with them and you will see a pinpoint of light at the end. As you walk, call them by name and tell them that they had a good life and it’s OK to let go, that they’re going to a better place, filled with love and light. Tell them they will reunite with their pets, friends and loved ones on the other side, and that they will be greeted by angels and be safe in God’s keeping. "Go in peace, go towards the light," softly tell them. Ahead you will see the pinpoint of light become larger and brighter. You may even see departed loved ones yourself, waiting there. When you have reached the end of the tunnel, let go of their hand and float backwards. You will see your loved one’s silhouette in the light growing smaller and smaller. Then return your soul to your own body.

Do this exercise for a day or two. Your loved one’s soul usually releases within 24 to 48 hours. This is a powerful service of love you are providing for them and it should only be directed at those who are lingering and wish to depart.

Hi Michele,

I want to start meditating on a consistent basis, but there are so many ways to meditate and so many books on the subject. I’d like a couple of simple techniques that I could use to release negativity and find some peace. Do you have any suggestions?



Hi Sandy,

Meditation is not just an Eastern philosophy, but is valuable for everyone; it brings you closer to the heart beat of God, enabling deeper spiritual under-standing. To obtain true peace (which is always found within), the body, mind and spirit must be still and at rest. In this new age it is most vital for each individual to find their own connection to universal wisdom through their thought forms.

Try this positive meditation:

Close your eyes and take eight slow, deep breaths. Visualize a clear, pristine lake that has a mirrored surface. Look deep into the water to see what is underneath and beyond. In your mind observe and study your own reflection. Let light surround your face, and notice the sun sparkling on the surface of the water. Remove every thought and focus on your image. Send love to your own reflection in the water. Do this for several minutes. Now slowly bring your consciousness back into your body. You have now cleared all negative thoughts away and will be able to see the world with greater clarity.

To feel well-balanced, another beneficial exercise is to start by deep breathing, then close your eyes and in your mind envision yourself suspended in a bubble of your favorite color. Feel the color pulsing through your body and revitalizing each cell. Colors can affect moods and the energy patterns around you. Pink light represents unconditional love, while purple denotes intuition and alignment with the Higher Power. Bright blue brings calm and protection, golden yellow infuses the energy of mental clarity. Green is the hue of nature, healing and emotional cleansing. It is good to imagine one of these colors surrounding your body to clear your energy field. If you are drawn to visualize warmer colors such as yellow, orange and red, then you need the power of these colors at that particular moment.

True peace must come from within, from the core of self. So be encouraged to stop, reflect and meditate daily.




Michele Livingston is a spiritual clairvoyant and auth-or who uses her special gifts to guide and counsel those seeking answers about their loved ones (both living and deceased), about their health and even about past lives. Readers can prearrange one-on-one phone sessions or in person readings with Michele. 717-737-3888. All questions submitted may be used at Michele’s discretion for inclusion in this column and other publications by Michele Livingston. Questions may be sent to Michele at Divine Inspirations, P.O. Box 383, Camp Hill, PA 17001 or e-mailed to Michele@MicheleLivingston.com . Visit her web site at www.MicheleLivingston.com.

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