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Living An Inspired Life

4 Simple Steps to Finding Your Passion

by Elisabeth Fayt

The world has an abundance of passionate dreamers, but so few people who are living passionately. Living passionately takes one key ingredient: awareness of The Present Moment. It means releasing regrets of the past, getting out of the I’ll-be-happy-when future, and choosing to embrace the moment you are in with awareness and passion. Otherwise you can liken it to having your feet planted in two different boats. If your goal is to live an inspired, passionate life, you must be fully committed to it, with both feet in.

Introspect for a moment about your own life. Are you living passionately now or are you still waiting for your lottery numbers to be called?

Here are four simple ways to bring passion and purpose into your life right now.

Release the doubt.

Doubt is one of the biggest passion killers. We cannot put one foot in the boat of doubt, and the other in the boat of our dreams, expecting positive results. Let me help you to banish doubt forever. If you knew that it is the Divine who is desiring and dreaming through you, could you then accept the thought that your dreams and passions are already pre-destined for manifestation?

Whatever your desires are, remember this: Your passion is God’s will for you. God wants what you want! Relax and become aware that there is a Divine Plan manifesting around you and through you, supporting you in all ways to make your dreams come true. Where do we get the inspiration for our dreams, if it were not God alone who was fueling the fire within us to create, experience and manifest?

Share your gifts.

What makes you unique? What are your special gifts? Only you can give those gifts to the world. Don’t take them lightly! Start each day with the thought: How can I use my gifts today to serve others?

Your life is God’s gift to you. What you do with your life, is your gift back to God. As you share your gifts with others and the world, in the process you will discover what it is that you are most passionate about. When you choose to serve with passion, the Universe will bring you more experiences to be passionate about.

Find your purpose.

For ten years I was private assistant to a billionaire who had his own fleet of private airplanes and I traveled the world working alongside global business leaders. It was no doubt a lifestyle that appeared easy to be passionate about. In reality, grueling schedules and heavy demands would have been serious passion-killers had I not fostered the right attitude in my work. I was easily on four to five flights a week. To others, it was a seemingly glamorous life. I would often be asked “Elisabeth, of all the places you’ve been, where is your favorite place of all?” I would get a startled look when I would respond by saying, “Wherever I’m landing.”

If you want to find your purpose in life, put purpose into each present moment, whatever you are doing at the time. Wherever you are going, make it your favorite place. Whatever you are doing, make it your favorite task; in that particular moment. In this way, you bring purpose into your life, and you attract to yourself more ways to easily and naturally live on purpose.

Make the effort.

I began my spiritual journey two decades ago after discovering the ancient teachings of the Masters of India. I didn’t just read a book or listen to a

lecture and call it a day. I took the teachings very seriously and made the necessary outward changes in my life in order to foster an environment that would be compatible with the inner growth I desired. A great spiritual master wrote: “The only difference between you and me, is that I made the effort.” That really impacted me.

Who is your mentor, your teacher, your idol? What is the difference between you and this person? Nothing! Whatever you want to accomplish in this life, do what it takes to make it happen. Make the effort. What will you do today to start living a passionate, inspired life?

Elisabeth Fayt, Author of Paving It Forward www.pavingitforward.com

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