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Crystal Healing & The Stone Age

by Skye Stephenson, PhD

I have to smile when I hear people refer to prehistoric human history and/or so-called primitive peoples as living in the “Stone Age”, as if we are no longer do! Well, of course, we don’t live in caves anymore, and we have all sorts of fancy technology and machines that are supposed to make our life better. But in our own way, we are still in a stone age and we always will be as long as we inhabit planet Earth.

You see, planet Earth is a realm of physicality, and it is the rocks that give it structure. Yes, the stone family is the most ancient and stable family on our common home, and the plant and animal families that inhabit the surface of the Earth draw their life from the earth and rocks and boulders that the stone family shares so generously with us. Even our high tech computers and communication systems work because of the crystals and metals and minerals of which they are composed. Materials we humans oftentimes take in very exploitative ways.

Of the three great living families on this planet, only the stone family knows the inner workings of the Earth itself. Recent scientific evidence indicates that the inner core of the Earth itself is a great crystal. “Scientists working at Harvard…have concluded that the immense pressure to which iron is subjected at the Earth’s center (imagine the weight of a million cars on top of you) have given it a crystalline structure”. (Calleman, p. 59) Thus, in a manner of speaking, we all live on top of a gigantic crystal.

This great inner earth crystal is very powerful. The electromagnetic frequency of the Earth’s inner core is calculated to be somewhere between 13-40 Hz (cycles per second), which is – interestingly - the same resonance as beta brain waves in humans. Beta brain waves are those that are resonant with mental concentration and focus. No wonder so many of us feel a special connection with rocks and crystals!

In my e-article last month, I shared how I first began to receive channeled information about crystal healing. What I have learned in the ensuing years is that many people have had similar experiences. Maybe you have too!

Let me share just a few of the many stories people have told me of the power and healing of rocks and crystals. The most recent one happened just the other day. I was walking along my hometown’s main street putting up posters for my “Crystal Healing” workshop on October 17th, when I spotted a youngish couple seated at a table in one of the local cafes. The woman had placed a beautiful Lemurian crystal beside her, and she periodically touched it. I could tell that she was drawing energy from it. I approached them to speak. When I got closer, I noticed that she also had a large piece of luminescent laboradorite, which is one of my very favorite healing rocks. She told me that she’d woken up with her right eye painful and swollen, and was using the crystal and rock to help heal it. She said she was already feeling better.

Her friend spoke next. Reaching deep into his backpack, he took out a large object wrapped in cloth and preceded to unwrap it. Soon before me was one of the largest and most beautiful crystals I have ever seen. He explained that he’d bought it for his birthday recently, even though he really didn’t have the money for it. His girlfriend added that he’d purchased it to help a friend who was experiencing some health problem. Together they told me that the crystal had actually helped their friend get better.

E.N. began her interest in healing work when an ex boyfriend had a serious accident and was in a coma. His family was desperate and called her for help as a last resort, knowing she was exploring alternative forms of healing. E.N. asked someone knowledgeable in crystal elixirs for advice, and was given a long list of crystals to purchase and told how to make elixirs. She did so and went to the hospital where she administered them to her friend, asking with deep intention for his healing. A short while later, he opened his eyes and spoke. The first thing he said was, “thanks so much for being there”.

Stephanie from Australia had been a champion swimmer as a teenager, and seemed destined to the Olympics when a shoulder accident cut short her budding career. She went into a tailspin as life seemed to lose all meaning for her. For several years she lived homeless on the streets, until the rocks themselves began to talk to her and heal her. She now offers special “fortnight” crystal ceremonies as a way of expressing gratitude.

I have been lucky enough to study with Naisha Ahsian, one of the preeminent crystal healer and authors in the United States. She first became interested in crystal healing when studying massage therapy as a young adult. At that period in her life, she was quite troubled and unhappy. As Naisha tells it, when her massage teacher placed a crystal above her head, “It took me to the divine source of love. The light was so powerful and beautiful I felt myself unworthy. It took me months to process the experience.”

I find it profoundly moving to be living in a particular moment in our culture’s development when many people are awakening (or reawakening) to our sacred connections with all life forms on planet Earth, including the dear and wise members of the stone family. But I would be remiss to not acknowledge that there are many peoples and cultures around the world that have never lost this connection.

In most so called traditional spiritual beliefs and/or shamanic practices, stones play a key role. My own experiences have been primarily with the Mayan/Mexhica, Andean spirituality and Ifa (West Africa and, later, the Caribbean and Brazil) spiritual traditions. In all of these instances, rocks of some type have a central place in ceremony, divination and healing.

The ancient Mayan who evolved a sophisticated and complex culture while still living a so-called Stone Age life (the Maya did not use the wheel or develop metallurgy) built amazing pyramids considered one of the great human wonders of the world. These pyramids were constructed not only to reach up high to the sky, but also to replicate the inner mountain that they said lies at the core of the earth, in its inner heart.

In many ways, we humans have never left the Stone Age, and never will. The Stone family truly is, as many Native Americans say, our grandfather and grandmother. They are not only the skeletal structure of our home; they are also the circulatory pathways through which we communicate with each other and with the Earth itself. They stand at the core of the Earth, they are its inner heart, through which we can connect with the heart of the universe itself, the universal source of all. There is nothing more healing than this.

Some linguists say that sac was the common name used for stone by early humans during the last ice-age and that this ancient root word, via both the ancient Aryans and Semites, is the origin for the English word “sacred”.[1] It is also part of the root of the word “sac-rifice”, since stone was used to build the altar where sacrifices were placed to Mother Earth.

So go forth and consider your sacred connection with the Stone family. Smile and be glad that we are still in the Stone Age!

Skye Stephenson Ph.D. enjoys sharing with the world her writing and messages and information about crystals and healing. She is developing LECORA™ as a unique rock and crystal healing modality. There will be an introductory workshop on October 17th. Skye is also founder of Jade Journeys, LLC, which offers transformational travel to connect with indigenous knowledge and wisdom. For more information, see www.jadejourneys.org and www.lecora.net. She can be contacted at skye@jadejourneys.org.

[1] Behrooz Bassim, MD, ETYMOLOGY http://home.usadatanet.net/~bassim/etymology.html

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