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2012 & You: Your Soul Purpose and World Destiny

by Clare Coriell

Our world is moving rapidly step-by-step through an amazing transformational doorway that culminates on the winter solstice of 2012. This time of massive change was predicted long ago by wise cultures around the world – from the desert-dwelling Hopi to the Himalayan Tibetans, and from the Dogons of the African deserts to the Mayans in their Central American jungles. The world seems to be abuzz with the 2012 prophecy these days. You may hear interpretations ranging from scenarios of the end of time, wars, and earth changes to imaginations of instant enlightenment for all.

So Just What is 2012 and How Does it Affect You?

What I find most amazing about the 2012 prophecy as shared by the Mayan's amazing astronomer/astrologer Daykeepers, is that it is not just a mystical idea or vision, but is based on an actual, measurable astronomical event. This event is so rare that it only occurs once in every 26,000 years. And this event also involves a very sacred point in the sky – the very center point of our Milky Way Galaxy, which the Mayans saw as no less than the home of our Creator. The place in the sky where the Galactic Core is located forms an amazing natural cross in the sky. Precessing majestically along one line of the cross are the great beings of the zodiac – the archer, the scorpion, the scales. Angling across this arm is the great white road, or river of milk, of our Galaxy's plane. At the point where they cross, remarkably right at the Galactic Core itself, one end of the Milky Way opens out into a great dragon's mouth – the place from which new stars (and for the Mayans all of creation) issues forth.

An Amazing Astronomical Alignment

Our Sun precesses steadily through each sign of the zodiac over its 26,000 year precessional cycle. And now, for a window of about 20 years around this 2012 point, our Sun is exactly aligned with the Galactic Core on the Winter Solstice day each year, from our Earth point of view. If you could see behind the sun on December 21 each year now, you would see it in the mouth of the great Galactic-Core Dragon and at the center of the great Cosmic Cross.

The Mayans and many other cultures speak of this Solstice 2012 alignment point as bringing with it a huge change in the energies we experience on our Earth. And indeed, there is evidence in the geological record of great changes, such as ice ages, on our planet about every 13,000 years, which is just one-half of this cycle. Also, scientists of today have noted many changes in our planet such as increasing volcanic activity, massively large solar flares, disturbed planetary atmospheres and more.

The New Age of Flowers

The good news is that the Mayans do not feel, as many have claimed, that this event brings about the end of their calendar or of our world. The Mayan's calendar spans millions of years in its complex cycles and rhythms. It will be around for a much longer time. In fact, the Mayans see the 2012 event as an ending, yes, of one age, but also as the beginning of a completely new 26,000 year cycle that they call the Age of Flowers. The majestic New Age is meant to bring a time of great sharing and brotherhood among humankind and all life.

The Challenging Transition

The more challenging news is that the ending of our current age has to involve, as all endings do, letting go of many old patterns. We are asked as a race to transform any inclinations to greed, abuse of power, and personal self-centeredness. How quickly and completely you and I accomplish this will determine, from the Mayan elder's vision, how smoothly our planet can go through this transition. And the time is getting short. The pressure on our Earth Mother's body to accommodate this massively higher energy is great.

What Can You Do?

I would like to point out 3 main ways you can assist the Earth and all humankind in this transition. These powerful strategies come to you from spiritual teachers of many traditions, including the Mayan Elders.

First – Keep yourself centered in Spirit, in Light, and in Love. However you connect to Spirit, in whatever tradition or with whatever technique – just do it! Each day keep deepening your connection to your own center and Higher Self and to the spiritual beings you look to for guidance and support. Along with your spiritual practice, regular emotional, mental and spiritual healing will help you transform and heal any fears or anxieties that can block you from staying centered in Love.

Secondly – Come together in groups as much as you can for your spiritual practice and for mutual support - emotionally and financially. Scientific study and spiritual tradition both show how the power and results of our efforts are geometrically increased when we come together as “two or more in my name...”

Third – Just do your piece!! Know that you are not being asked to do it all – to save the world single-handedly. No one could possibly do that. All that you have to do is your piece – whatever it is that your soul agreed to do when you came here for this life. This is another great gift of the Mayan Galactic wisdom. Mayan Astrology focuses in on what your true Soul Purpose is. It clarifies your spiritual gifts and also puts you in touch with your specific spiritual helpers and guides. By looking at Galactic Core Aspects in your regular Astrology chart, you can also find out where in your life you can best use your soul gifts in order to help your friends and family and our world move through the 2012 transition as smoothly and gracefully as possible.

We Are Not Alone

This is an incredibly powerful and amazing time to be alive. It is a grand historic moment in the great cycles of time that we get to be part of. Like all transitions, it has incredible challenges and asks a great deal of us. But it also has the potential to bestow magnificent gifts and for us to blossom in who we are and in our ability to serve our world in grace and strength. And the spiritual beings from the Seraphim to our personal angel to the elemental beings of Nature are all focused on you and I and are there to help you as long as you ask. It is up to us to become true beings of Love and Freedom and to keep awake and clear as we help each other and all beings into this coming New Age.

Clare Coriell, MS, DC has been offering Soul Path Astrology readings for individuals, couples and families for the last 15 years. Soul Path Astrology combines the Mayan-Galactic Astrology with the best of Western Astrology to help you find your true Soul Purpose, connect with your personal spiritual guides, find new harmony and meaning in relationships, and shines a clear light of guidance for your soul's journey. Clare has training in meditation, many systems of Astrology, and many healing techniques including chiropractic, somato-emotional work, and sound and color therapies. Clare is currently studying Creative Speech and the sacred power of the Word in Spring Valley, NY. See her website www.starofwisdom.com for more information on her readings and her Lumina Meditation sessions. Special Introductory Offer: Get $10 off your initial Soul Path Astrology Reading by calling Clare at 828-225-1189 or email clare@starofwisdom.com. 2012

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