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Ask Rochelle

Stars of Celestial Waters Through Rochelle Sparrow

by Rochelle Sparrow

Dear Stars:

This morning my mother called me about a dream she had last night. She said it involved me and was so vivid and so compelling that she wanted to call me and tell me about it.

In the dream there was a most beautiful valley, very green all around, tree, running water.

There were three houses located in the valley. Two houses were by a small lake and a third farther off.

There was also three groups of horses at different locations in the valley. The groups of horses contained one with 12 horses, one with 8 or 9 and another with 6 or so. She remembered the number of the horses for some reason.

She went on to say that she seemed to be watching me and I was walking down the middle of the valley with a book, and all the horses were looking at me. Here she said the horses seemed to have intelligence. For some reason she was afraid but I was very calm and not worried.

Then a wild looking and extremely white horse with a distinct mane was running beside me and then came toward me and began circling around me and looking at me very wildly or intently. She said she was fearful but I was not afraid and kept walking.

Somewhere in the dream I pulled the third house closer the other two by the water. Then the dream ended.

What does this dream mean?
Thank you, Michael

Dear Michael:

Thank you for you for sharing your dream, it sounds quite powerful. Here is what the guides state:

You are correct to interpret and feel this dream as one of power (horse) in that you are going into great expansion and you draw a third enterprise (also entity) to you is correct. The feminine mare in the dream is a part of both mother and son which is now recognized as the wild beast who runs free (intuition) without fear, which is of course, within you. Your mother watches on because she witnesses part of her being relegated to observation. She will now gain entry into clearer understanding of her own growth in power which scared her previously. Now, the book is of course, about you, your self knowledge that is contained in the words of wisdom, advice, concern and love given to you by mother but also from the feminine which is divine and within the unconscious. The water flows, as your being flows and your unconscious recognizes and understands you are flowing in life. The house is of course, the self (and the soul) which continues (feels like down river) to explore the parts of the self and soul which needs integration. However, the integration is the divine wild, the feminine which now comes to you in the form of power (your own intuition) to lead you in the correct direction. Your nonchalance knows and trust this process as you continue to read (and remember) the book written for you by you. The lead in the dream is of course about your intuitive wild self which is the divine feminine. Follow the divine intuitive, that is the correct way. Also, the numbers represent power in terms of three's, the alchemical number to create.

Blessings, Stars

Dear Stars:

My name is Flora, I have a question about a relationship I need help with. Should I stay with Jason? Thank you, Denise

Dear Denise:

Thank you again for your connection. Let’s see what the guides say:

There is a karmic relationship between you and Jason that is now being resolved. We suggest marital counseling in strong fashion. You are at a crossroads of many insights but have difficultly in using your insights to change patterns of behavior into completion. A therapeutic relationship between a therapist, Jason and yourself would help you travel into past relationships (of abuse) and help you understand that you cannot change Jason but change your responses towards Jason's demands that appear challenging. What is occurring is that his demands appear unreasonable and your response is to close off what he wants (his type of communication is difficult) so that you become angry. These situations need clarification with therapeutic help. You cannot heal this by yourself. That is the correct way.

Many blessings, Stars

Dear Stars: I am working on books that focus on how we are all programmed by our societies/families (so need to learn to consciously reprogram ourselves), on alternative views of government/politics, on religion/spirituality, and about corporations/other social institutions . . . all done with a good deal of humor, a good deal of confrontational truth-telling, and by using metaphors. Should I move and write the books?
Thank you,

Dear Raymond:
How interesting your projects sound. Thank you so much for connecting with us. This is what the guides state:

Raymond is correct to continue staying where he is for at least one year. He will not come across financial headaches upon returning to the United States because of his pragmatic stance he will assume regarding his living situation. In other words, he is very capable of making wise living and financial choices. (getting family energy, feels like male feels like brother energy) In that he will have opportunity for business deal upon returning (getting publishing energy) and he will have an opportunity (to meet agent at some time at writers meeting) the way he wants. His endeavors are correct for humanity as he knows and understands. More is to become available from Sprit because of his choices. He is clearly adept at knowing and understanding his vision and pragmatically going about the financing of his vision. What we suggest is the optimal energy to follow (to be) is to know that his choice of vision is correct, viable and will occur. That is the correct way.

Blessings, Stars

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