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Teallach agus Croi - Hearth & Heart

by Paraic

Teallach agus Croi" - Hearth and heart a gathering of tribes to preserve awareness from the natural landscape.

Generally speaking all over the world, Internet social network sites are the initial choice for people to make immediate contact with one another. The intimacy and social contact between people and the natural environment is becoming outdated.

In Ireland, though, a social network was created from people making a special effort to visit and bond and to be more attentive to the moment.

Inside the granite stone houses of Connemara on the west coast of Ireland, people got together to share "scealta" stories next to "An tealach" (hearth in English). Older hearths had a variety of purposes: they heated the home and tea while food was usually prepared by the proprietor for the group visiting. Local peat (moin in Irish) from the bogs was burning for a natural heat. Clear smoke from the chimney would have been witnessed from a distance; it is incense to burn away a persons worries as one local calls it today.

A feeling of camaraderie was fashioned from the company and awareness of one another. It was a opportunity to reflect on the day, and each other's labours. The focal point of the conversation was for people to have a chance to release the energy of the day, a ritual to heal "An Chroi" (the heart in Irish). In this day and age we go to bed, tired with a heavy heart sometimes because we must prepare for the next day. In the days of old it was necessary to relax, share stories, laugh by candlelight and begin the day peacefully for the morning sunrise. People banded at houses to achieve a shared vision, a natural respect for each other and the environment. Laughter was the technology chosen to soften the tension in a person.

While technology today has become a obsession with the twentieth century lifestyle we have forgotten the technology of old to unite us collectively. We should not neglect the traditions of old while moving forward in today's current advanced world. There is something currently absent. In the minds of people, intimacy, love of nature, the art of investigating each moment are not congruent in individuals. The antidote to heal this despair within people is to recognize the cosmic order in the natural landscape.

The order of Nature is the building block to heal the separation within our minds. An Nadur can nourish and purify the whole body. We have forgotten this important prescription from the days of old.

We must incorporate nature into our day to day life through sustainable products, business practices and daily labour. We must emulate nature within every aspect of our daily lives. Conducting business from this level assures long lasting relationships, healthier civilizations and a sense of purpose within a community without harming the planet and one another. We must attempt to etch this formula into the psychic and inner landscape of all humans.

Our ancestors constructed incredible architecture using complicated mathematical formulas and sophisticated geometry from observing the cosmos. Superior engineering was attained. It is obvious the left and right hemisphere of the brain were working jointly to co-create beauty and softness into these ancient monuments. Ancient sites in Ireland and all over the ancient world still preserve this knowledge in stone.

Since I began my research into ancient history I have discovered a mind very unlike ours. People were encouraged to step out of their day to day reality to commune with nature and each other.

We must begin to accept An Nadur as the solution to restoring the celestial technology in the mind of humanity. Nature can be your teacher directly if individuals are deficient in these perceptions.

Advanced technology can be rendered to preserve the earth. A new vision for humanity is harnessing the beauty and stillness concealed within An Nadur and safeguarding the purity in humans and nature.

The legacy and story of the clans and tribes of the past was to cultivate awareness and beauty from the natural landscape to balance the inner landscape.


Paraic Searches with due diligence through out history for the HUMAN EXPERIENCE. Following the footsteps of the ancient ancestors. Paraic innate passion for alternative history , culture and oral traditions of Ireland , Interprets perception (Technology) from"Nn Nadur" Nature in Irish.Paraic (means Patrick in Irish) was born in Conamara on the west coast of Ireland. His first language is Irish-Gaelic and he is from a Gaelthacht which is an Irish speaking area. He grew up surrounded by the stones, mountains and the ocean. The ancient tribal people of Ancient Eire (spiritual Gate Keepers) , attributed their wisdom and awareness to an ancient sacred primordial science. wisdomwhispers@sentex.net

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