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Ask Your Pet

by Jennifer Dickman

My Pomeranian, Roxie, has been having seizures. Is there anything I can do to help or prevent them? She’s also been really snappy and barky lately. Anything you could do to help with this would be much appreciated.

Pamela C.

Dear Pamela,

When I asked Roxie why she has been barking and snapping, she responded, "I’m afraid people will hurt me." This fear is related to the seizures and has two causes: the seizures make her feel vulnerable and temporarily confused, and something done to her by a veterinarian was painful. I explained to her that the veterinarian was trying to help her and didn’t mean to hurt her. She seemed to understand this, but is afraid of being hurt again.

Roxie is very afraid of the seizures, and hates the uncertainty of not knowing when they will happen. She said that right before they occur she experiences vision loss, which terrifies her. After the seizures, she feels like she’s not herself. She describes it as a combination of depression, vulnerability, confusion, and feeling out of sorts.

Roxie believes that her aggression has been partially triggered by medication. I feel that her behavior is due to a combination of trauma, fear, and anxiety related to the seizures and the incident with the veterinarian, and this adverse reaction to medication. I reassured Roxie that she’s safe and asked her to please stop barking and snapping. I also sent her Reiki to help with her emotional and physical issues. However, as the aggressive behavior is stemming from an ongoing problem, I’m worried that this will not be enough on its own. There are several things you can do to help Roxie. First, take time every day to tell her that she is safe and loved, and radiate feelings of safety and well-being to her. Try to do this after she has seizures, as well.

I believe it’s important to take Roxie to a holistic veterinarian. Holistic veterinarians have a larger treatment arsenal to choose from, with modalities that can be just as effective as allopathic medications but without the bothersome side effects. They can also use allopathic medications when necessary. A holistic veterinarian will be able to look at Roxie’s entire picture, and address the interrelation between her emotional and physical concerns. Whether you choose a holistic veterinarian or return to your usual vet, please ask him or her to examine Roxie’s vision. I think that her vision problem just occurs in relation to the seizures, but she kept complaining about it to me, so I think it’s important to check out.

Additionally, Roxie could benefit from regular energy therapy sessions to enhance her emotional and physical well-being. There are a variety of modalities to choose from, such as Reiki or Tellington Touch.

I believe that if Roxie’s physical and emotional concerns are addressed her behavior will improve. In the meantime, it’s a good idea to warn people about her snapping and supervise her around children.

Send your question along with your pet’s name, age, and a photo or brief description to Info@BoundlessSpiritReiki.com or Jennifer Dickman, PO Box 782, Montgomeryville, PA 18936.Jennifer Dickman is an Animal Communicator, Pet Reiki Specialist, and Reiki Master-Teacher. She is available for phone sessions and house calls. Jennifer can be reached at 215.817.0833 or Info@BoundlessSpiritReiki.com . To receive a free copy of Jennifer’s "Five Things Your Dog or Cat Wants You to Know" please subscribe to her newsletter by emailing Newsletter@BoundlessSpiritReiki.com .  More information is available on Jennifer’s web site: www.JenniferDickman.com.



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