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"Stones of the New Consciousness" by Robert Simmons

by Faye Morgan

t has been awhile since anything truly new has entered the ongoing conversation about stones and their spiritual qualities, but that hiatus is now over. In Stones of the New Consciousness, author Robert Simmons presents a fresh and exciting vision of our potential for relationship with the beings of the crystal realm. The portal of connection is as small as the molecule of DNA, and the possibilities for what may come of it are as large as life itself. This book invites everyone interested in crystals and minerals as aids for healing and spiritual growth to look deeper into the phenomena we experience, and to enter into co-creative relationship with the stones themselves.

The first half of Simmons’ book takes the reader deep into the author’s crystal vision. We learn that contemporary spiritual teachers and the myths of many cultures view crystals and gemstones as beings who are spiritually alive and eager to engage with us. The author concurs with the great clairvoyant Rudolf Steiner, who maintained that crystals are the physical aspects of angelic beings. Like the angels, the stones are "messengers," carrying the divine patterns into the physical realm for the benefit of humanity and the world. When we work with these crystal beings, we can help to manifest their qualities (the "messages" they carry) here on Earth.

Central to the relationship with the Stone Beings is the opportunity for an even deeper relationship, the loving, co-creative partnership with the Soul of the World, whom the author calls Sophia, after the ancient goddess of Wisdom. Simmons tells us that Sophia––the Divine Feminine in her aspects of beauty, harmony and wisdom––speaks to us through the stones, through all of Nature, and through the bemusing phenomena of synchronicities. If we recognize her, and if we choose to turn towards her, we are invited into a world-weaving activity that is both astonishing and delightful. The stones, our author tells us, offer many doorways into this transformational relationship.

As one chapter flows into the next, we discover some amazing scientific truths, right alongside the author’s spiritual insights and experiences. He reveals, for instance, that the bodies of all living organisms are liquid crystal, and that the resonance we can enter with the stones can enhance our inner coherence on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. We are shown that our liquid crystal bodies have their own kind of awareness, separate from our mental activities, and that the stones communicate most easily with our body consciousness. Further, the spiritual core of intelligence within us is centered in our hearts, and the author teaches us new ways to join the crystals in heart awareness.

Simmons explains the crystal connection to the Great Central Sun, and to the awakening of the Light Body. He shows how esoteric traditions through the centuries have linked Light Body awakening to the path of vibrational ascension, enlightenment and the goal of alchemy––immortality. The stones described in the book are those which specifically relate to the Light Body and the process of vibrational ascension. A new insight here is that human ascension is completely interwoven with the ascension of the Earth.

Stones of the New Consciousness also offers chapters on Healing with the Stones, Crystal Tools and Jewelry, and a fascinating array of Crystal Meditations. The first half of the book comes to completion with the Tale of the Azez, the angelic spiritual entities behind the emergence of the high-vibration stone known as Azeztulite. These beings present themselves as stewards of the Nameless Light of the Great Central Sun, and as allies in manifesting our highest destiny.

The second half of the book takes us into communication with the stones themselves, the sixty-two stones chosen by the author as those most attuned to the unfolding of the spiritual awakening of humanity––the entry into the New Consciousness. The stone chapters begin with scientific information, correspondences to the chakras and elements, and key words describing the properties of the stone. Next comes a short background essay on the stone’s spiritual qualities, followed by a longer New Attunement. In this part of each stone chapter, the author goes deep into meditative connection with the stone, and he brings forth a vivid presentation of the stone as a spiritual being and the qualities it offers into co-creative partnership with us. Here the stones come alive and reveal their natures to us. Through reading these chapters, we discover which stones "call" to us, and we glimpse new possibilities for inner growth, healing, awakening and creating.

Stones of the New Consciousness is not only an amazing book––it is also a beautiful one. It’s pages are filled with lovely color photographs of the stones themselves, as well as body layouts, crystal grids, energy tools, and several pieces of breathtaking visionary art by Kathy Helen Warner.

If you want to go deeper into the crystal realms, and to discover new treasures there, Stones of the New Consciousness will take you on an enchanting journey, filled with surprising illuminations and unexpected joy.

Robert Simmons is the author of Stones of the New Consciousness, and co-author of The Book of Stones and Moldavite: Starborn Stone of Transformation. He also authored the visionary novel, Earthfire. He is co-owner of the metaphysical stone and jewelry company Heaven & Earth LLC (www.heavenandearthjewelry.com) and founder of The Crystal Conference. He currently teaches workshops and intensives on healing and awakening to higher awareness through working with crystals and stones. His email is heavenandearth@earthlink.net. (Stones of the New Consciousness can be ordered from the Heaven and Earth website.)

Faye Morgan is a freelance writer and reviewer of metaphysical books and products.

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