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Crystal Healing Stories

by Skye Stephenson, PhD

As the New Year 2010 begins, I want to use this space in my monthly column on crystal healing to issue a call for stories about rock and crystal healing. If you or someone you know has experienced healing and/or transformation through rocks, crystals and/or stone, I would be very interested in hearing your story. I am hoping to compile some of these tales to share amongst the wider community. Yes, this is one of my New Years resolutions for 2010.

Since I began my involvement with crystal healing half a decade ago when I was specifically guided to use certain rocks (carnelian and jade) to help me through a rough period in my life, I have come to appreciate how many powerful stories there are “out there” about crystal healing. Stories that differ in many ways, but all share as their common core the fact that rocks and crystals and stones have indeed “helped” people when they were in need. In fact, in some of the stories, it almost seems as if the rocks themselves were directing the healing experience. Perhaps they were!

There is an emerging area of science known as plant neurobiology that posits that plants are not the “passive” creatures that many of us consider them to be, but, instead, are dynamic living entities with their own type of intelligence. Perhaps the same will soon be said by scientists about the stone family as well. In fact, there are some scientists who already claim this to be true.

So in the spirit of a “call for stories,” let me share with you one of my favorite crystal healing stories about just such a scientist. His name was Marcel Vogel and he lived from 1917-1991. While a brilliant scientist with over one hundred patents to his name, he was also a devoutly spiritual person. And he had a healing experience with a crystal that propelled him in his later years to open up entirely new areas of scientific endeavor.

But let’s start at the beginning of his life. Marcel Vogel at a very young age had a near death experience that profoundly impacted him. He said that when he had passed over to the other side, he experienced a light and love that totally overwhelmed him. And as a result he dedicated himself to spending the rest of his life on Earth to studying the phenomenon of light.

As a child, Marcel would watch fireflies light up, trying to understand how they could do this. When he was in junior high school, he answered his own question. He discovered the chemical compound that made the flies light up. Sickly and from a modest family, Marcel was never able to complete a college degree. So instead he started his own business, using his knowledge to develop products like fluorescent paint and more.

His success brought him to the attention of top people at IBM. In a rare decision, they decided to bring Marcel Vogel in as one of their few “outside” scientists. Marcel Vogel eventually sold his business and went to work for IBM full time. He spent over 27 years there, during which time he made many important inventions including the magnetic coating for the 24’’ hard disc drive systems that is still in use, and other inventions in the field of magnetic recording media, liquid crystals, and the creation and development of rare earth phosphors as well as in the field of opto-electronics.

Always pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge, he began to work in the area of plant consciousness, and was able to prove scientifically that plants respond more to human thought than to any act a human may do. As he put it, “I learned that there is energy connected with thought. Thought can be pulsed and the energy connected with it becomes coherent and has laser-like power.”

He further went on to discover that the greatest cohering energy is love, which he considered a “pure force”. He likened it to gravity, and felt that without acknowledging this force the scientific community is missing something critical that prevents discoveries of more subtle aspects of life.

Knowing about Marcel Vogel’s interest in plant consciousness, a colleague one day asked him about quartz crystals, since she had one that vibrated strongly and wanted his opinion. At first, Marcel was rather dubious, but being the open minded person that he was he took his colleague’s crystal and held it in his hand. Even though he did feel something, he dismissed this phenomenon. Still, he took the quartz as a gift when offered.

A few days later, a co-worker had hurt his back and Vogel intuitively reached into his coat pocket and took out the crystal. He breathed into it, and then he pointed it towards his friend. His friend’s head immediately went back and he entered into an altered state of consciousness as he fell to the floor. When he was picked up, his back pain was gone.

From this initial experience, Vogel spent seventeen years studying quartz crystals. What he found shook the core of science. He discovered that crystals not only have the ability to be programmed as silicon chips in a computer but also can be programmed with thought. Vogel also found that crystals affect the molecular structure of water and, since our bodies are 70 per cent water, they have a profound effect on our metabolic processes and our emotional well being. He went on to develop a special type of crystal, known as the Vogel crystal, that was faceted to focus energies in a particular way.

So in the spirit of light and love that Marcel Vogel spent his life studying, I’d like to wish you all the best and brightest for 2010 and remind you again that if you have any personal stories about crystal healing to share, I would be very happy to receive them. If you do send me something, please include your full name, so I can attribute it accordingly.

Crystal blessings!

Skye Stephenson Ph.D. enjoys sharing with the world information about crystals and healing. She is currently developing LECORA™ crystal healing modality, and will be offering training sessions in it for interested individuals throughout 2010. A full day “Introduction to Crystal Healing and LECORA practice” workshop will be held March 27th, 2009 in southern New Hampshire.

Skye is also the founder of Jade Journeys, LLC, which offers transformational travel to connect with indigenous knowledge and wisdom. And she has just finished writing a novel Jade that involves a spiritual journey with a black jade heart.

Please send your stories to skye@lecora.info. See www.jadejourneys.org and/or www.lecora.net for more information.

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