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2010 Psychic Messages for the Astrological Signs

by Elissa Heyman

Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Aries: You see ways to do better financially, and also receive assistance if you ask for it. You have opportunities this year even in a contracting economy. Beware of biting off more than you can chew as your life can get complicated with too much going on. However, partnerships can help you increase business and even improve your health. You make plans for the future, thinking about what’s going to please you in the long term.

Taurus: It’s quite likely you find your groove in 2010, and are happy with what you are doing. You can see the goodness of something, and can feel in the vicinity of your dream life. Your love is stronger and your strength is growing in 2010. Practice tolerance: it will go a long ways when you’re not so happy with a situation that is also very good for you to be in. Look forward to more enjoyable relationships!

Gemini: In a greater state of psychological resolve and unity this year, your energy is much more deployable for things that you want in life. A series of successful personal transitions marked 2009, and now you have much more to look forward to. You’re going to see a better place to go to, and spot more successful directions in business.

Cancer: You may wonder whether you’re doing the right thing by following what feels like divine inspiration. Follow your heart and see where it’s taking you, and don’t jump to conclusions about what you are or aren’t receiving. Don’t demand that everything make sense right away as you follow a vision. The second half of the year is more successful. You finish projects into which you’ve put a lot of time and effort, and can take them to the next level.

Leo: Change happens suddenly. Things you want can materialize quickly. You can leave bad habits and outworn relationships behind. You connect with people who support you, and find yourself able to work better and are more accepted by the powers that be. Most important, you learn to please yourself more, simplifying your life and doing what makes you happy. You progress faster the second half of the year.

Virgo: You have more connection with the people in your life than you did last year, and more active partnerships and relationships. You also have more space in your life to fill; certain activities are done with. There are many opportunities this year to redirect your energy. See the success of your own past; it is on its shoulders that you move to an even better place; for some, you literally move to a happier location.

Libra: This is a transitional year that demands you surrender, or change, even more than you are doing now to get what you want. You could be in your own way, or stopped from going in the direction you want to go. You figure out how to get around obstacles, or how to stop being opposed by your own habits. You are making the effort because there is such a good place to get to. Focus on your priorities and desires, and know that where there’s a will there’s a way.

Scorpio: Money woes and material world concerns are part of the year, and then in Spring things ease, bringing the chance of a new beginning. There are valuable lessons to extract from your circumstances, which basically, you have to work your way out of. Chances are you won’t remember the difficulty, as you end up in a position that you recognize to be just right for you.

Sagittarius: You discover you can free yourself from old roles and choose new ones. You make strong personal progress, energized by new visions. There’s a lot of work ahead of you, but it is joyful work. Networking, establishing business connections, and partnerships are highlighted this year.

Capricorn: Your detailed message for 2010 is with your birthday card at the Examiner, you can get to it at www.elissaheyman.com To add to it, a new cycle begins with new opportunities. There’s new warmth to your person and personal relationships.

Aquarius: Something big you’re trying to achieve requires funding …there’s something not yet in place and you have to be able to wait it out. There’s good potential in your surroundings but an opportunity does not come right away. Expect positive change in the Spring. You understand better how you function and work best in 2010, and can go directly to more rewarding places.

Pisces: You become more open-hearted, and may stretch your wings in ways you haven’t for lifetimes. A relationship or laison could develop into an important partnership. You can create more space for yourself through a new venture or collaboration. You’re not ready to decide just how your life works…it’s in an ongoing process of development in 2010.

Elissa Heyman practices psychic counseling and healing in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and by telephone. She writes a column for the Examiner, the psychic advice column Questions for Cupid, and her monthly psychic newsletter. Elissa will be presenting her work at a conference hosted by the New Mexico Counseling Association in March 2010.

For information about her services for individuals and groups, please visit www.elissaheyman.com or call 505-982-3294.

Elissa Heyman

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