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Veronica Figueroa: Empowering the Brave

by Jason Marshall

I’ve never really placed much stock in psychics, mediums, and all of that other nonsense. I am a devoted Christian and for years, I teased my very good friend (Dave) who often sought out psychics. He took classes, sought mediums, and even called the psychic hotline on a regular basis. Clearly he was a spiritual junky. After a while I came to resent a business that would manipulate my friend to continually shell out money in the hopes of reaching an elusive end. It was both funny and sad to me. My resentment lasted until recently.

When Dave first told me about Veronica Figueroa, I said to myself "here we go again". But to my surprise, this time it was different. Dave said that Veronica had refused to see him a second time.

What? No second time? What do you mean?

"Yes," he said, "she said that we had just had a session and… that I should tap into my own power and stop paying people to hold my hand…"

I was shocked and intrigued! This was new to me. A psychic who refuses customers? I had to meet this person! So I decided to give Veronica a call.

When I met with her, I immediately felt very comfortable and confident. As my confidence grew I summoned the courage to ask her about her practice. Her answer was astonishing. "I do not coddle the weak and timid. But I do ally myself with the strong and brave," she said. Understandably, I needed clarification.

Veronica explained that her philosophy must be win-win. "If I manipulate my clients to be dependent on me in the purpose of making more money through repeat business, then it is not win-win. Then I will be surrounded by pupils who will be perpetually eating away at my energy". I didn’t understand what she meant by "eating away at (her) energy."

"When I put myself in a position to read someone and help them to become more intuitive, it draws a lot of my energy. It is entirely too draining to continually give the same person the same advise after having seen the same exact thing in each reading. What is the point of showing someone the way if they refuse to take it or worse, ask you to take it for them? My gift is to teach others to develop their own intuitive or psychic awareness. I do it in sessions and in classrooms. But at a certain point, the pupil must reach the level of the teacher. If not what’s the point? More to that point, I like to be surrounded by people who are around my level of spiritual awareness. This is why I refuse to coddle the weak. It does no one any good. I guess you could say it’s my version of tough love."

Veronica Figueroa pretty much blew me away with that. Here we have a woman who had a response to my biggest critique about people in this business. Finally, someone who was not encouraging her clients to become spiritual junkies. The more I think about it, the more I agree with her. What is the point of a spiritual journey if you don’t have a destination?

Veronica Figueroa can be reached at 646-592-0125,or for more info visit www.VeronicaFigueroa.com.

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