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We Walk in Exaltation

by Master Chrism

Kundalini is an evolutionary energy that is designed for humanity’s next step toward a luminous physical and spiritual expression. The Kundalini is in everyone. It is an untapped resource of divinity within us all that is waiting to be awakened and experienced. Never has the time been so right and crucial for a change of this magnitude to be explored and initiated. And so, let me introduce you to the power within you, right now at this very moment. Your Kundalini.

Kundalini is a very powerful and transformative energy located at the base of the spine within the last three vertebrae of the tailbone or coccyx, extending to the perineum. Kundalini is a natural birthright to all people but must be sought and nurtured with a physical and spiritual practice.

With the Kundalini comes an internal spiritual renaissance. As we flow through the infusion and the changes in all the bodies of expression become more and more pronounced we become aware of the many attitudes and emotional expressions of those around us. It is a form of mental and emotional telepathy.

This can feel very toxic and can allow the feelings of forming opinions or Judgments about other people. Through forgiveness is the way given. Through forgiveness is the place of non - judgment shown.

As we walk through the populations and we read the energies of molesters and thieves and rapists and murderers. We forgive as we go. It is not for us to judge these brothers and sisters. It is for us to light the way for their own self realizations of how to come into harmony with their current and past deeds and we do this through an ever present forgiveness.

At first it can be shocking to feel these expressive frequencies as if we are voyeurs into the dark secrets of another's mind. And yes we are aware of these "secrets" which are only secrets to the majority of the mortals but not to the spiritual. Everything we have done is there for all to see from a spiritual vantage point so there is no hiding. We see these expressions and sometimes feel them as well. And when we forgive we are able to release any attachments or matching experiences we may have had in previous existences. From that forgiveness we attain neutrality.

From neutrality are we able to show an expression of non partisan reverential love for all of our fellow mortals. For all of creation, from spirits to incarnated spirits are we able to flow the divine natures that are given to us from the Kundalini.

We are indeed conscious bastions of divine love from which a special frequency of love is able to be given to others from the mere radiations of the Kundalini. But we must open to it consciously within our awakening process. Just to have spinal sweeps and Kundalini activation isn't enough. Those are the mere preliminaries of what is being gifted to the individual; the invitations to the dance.

The individual still must act upon those gifts.

So the safeties can help the activated and awakening individual attain into the higher expressions as well as the inactivated become activated.

As we share in the finer and denser frequency emanations of our brothers and sisters and fellow mortals we are being offered the gifts of holy integrity. We must nurture these gifts and respect and honor the integrities that they represent. We must act upon these gifts in order to activate and plant their seeds within us. - blessings - chrism

© chrism 2008

Chrism is a native of California residing in the city of Santa Rosa. He travels the country awakening the Kundalini in groups of people safely and with continued support throughout the many years of the Kundalini awakening experience. Chrism comes from a place of disciplined love and disciplined intention within the parameters of forgiveness, spiritual balance, service to others and spiritual evolution. Kundalini as it expresses through Chrism is the teacher. For further information visit: www.KundaliniAwakeningSeminars.com

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