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Guidance from the Tarot

by Angela Kaufman, CPTR

    In an attempt to enhance the lives of others through Tarot I offer in this article a sample reading on a topic chosen by the Querent, or questioner. This month, a woman who I will refer to as “Brenda” writes in with a question about the future of her income, in particular monetary changes, changes to her job or a re-instatement of previously cut wages.

Thank you for your inquiry. Before proceeding I will remind the reader that this is not intended to replace financial planning from a professional standpoint. Tarot readings are intended for entertainment purposes.
    I chose one card known as the Significator, representing your role in the situation. I then selected three additional cards. It appears that this will be a pivotal time for you to make some significant changes. You are able to attract circumstances to you that will help this conflict be resolved providing satisfaction in more areas of your life than just finances. The key is to take responsibility for your obligations and be prepared to independently work toward a resolution by, then clearing away preoccupations that have defocused you from your goal and only allowing images of success to occupy your mental space at this time. While specific cash or monetary gain was not directly indicated in this reading (and 4 cards in the present moment are by no means the whole of your financial success for the long run) it does appear that opportunities to make change, be recognized for your skill and mastery of your trade, and proceed to a period of emotional contentment and re-established peace of mind is at hand. 
    The card chosen to represent you as the Significator is the Five of Swords. I associate swords with the element fire dealing with action and tension. Five is a number representing the conflict that arises to challenge our sense of stability and complacency. Therefore the Five of Swords shows that with regard to finances, and work in general, tension and power struggles abound and the atmosphere seems to be every man or woman for themselves. You mention cuts- an interesting metaphor can be seen with the imagery of the swords, the “cuts” that have been made are not just with regards to money and resources, they also appear to have created a “cut-throat” environment. It is possible since this card represents your role in the situation that you are currently bearing the brunt of this hostility, and may also experience the need to defend your position aggressively. Power struggles are likely either at work or with regards to holding your resources and money in balance. Some of these power struggles may seem to save you in the short run but may alienate supports or opportunities in the long run. In Tarot the suit of Pentacles represents money, resources, work and finances. In your reading there are no cards from this suit drawn. In other words, the reading is not directly speaking to physical assets or money at this time, but instead is speaking to the larger atmosphere of conflict you are facing with regards to your finances.
    The next card represents your current financial situation. It is another Swords card, this time the Two of Swords. While the suit of swords usually depicts action, this card is one of the few that depicts an absence of motion. The stagnation in this card seems to echo your financial prospects to date. Growth seems to have come to a halt. The number Two is significant as well and deals with balance. In this card it would seem that reliance on the input of another has caused a stalemate. The card also suggests that the drastic halt in progress is signaling you to seriously rethink your expectations.  You will find a way to resolve this conflict but it will take a courageous inner look and in the end will require you to make a decision that up until this point has seemed too daunting to tackle. In this case it is likely that the number two represents two options you are weighing, neither of which seems to be your first preference. Again the suit of swords reiterates the notion of cutting, that something will have to be “cut out” or let go of in order to proceed.     The following card represents what needs to change in order to see an improvement.  It is the Magician card and it carries the number One. This indicates a time for new beginnings, and changes in many areas of your life. This card speaks to more than just your finances and carries a message of asserting your power and being open to a plethora of changes coming your way. You are in the midst of attracting opportunities to yourself which will improve your standing in the long run, but it is up to you to act with courage in taking the opportunities at hand. Your have cultivated a set of skills, and are not an apprentice. The Magician is a combination of mental power but also disciplined work. You will find yourself attracting to you what you spend the majority of your energy on. The magnetic power of this card is also seen as the speed with which your thoughts become reality at this time is increased. Concentration on financial growth, possibly new work prospects will also attract such opportunities.  The Magician stands  like a hinge between the hardships of the present and the possible opportunities to break free and start creating a new standard for the future. Rather than indicating that money will or will not manifest, it suggests a positive outcome, but by the strength of your will, discipline and  actions. Be certain to keep the focus on opportunities for the future and you will not miss out. You may feel almost serendipitously guided to people and situations from which you can advance to resolve this difficult financial situation. You are given in this card, the confidence to take the risks avoided in the previous card. The will to enact a change you have been pondering will bring positive opportunities but you are the force initiating the change. Waiting for those you counted on to pull their weight, pay debts owed to you, or contribute what you expected of them, or act in a just and compassionate manner, will not bring resolution in this case, it is up to you to take control and this card reassures you that your efforts will pay off.
    The last card which represents the outcome if you are to embrace the message of the Magician, is the Six of Cups. Cups represent emotions, relationships friends and family. By acting out of the clarity of mind of the Magician, you will find yourself resolving a conflict that was emotionally upsetting. Where Fives represent a conflict, Six is the solution. This suggests that a resolution to this conflict will be found but the peace and tranquility will surface more on an emotional level than a financial one at this time. It does not seem that an increase of funds is currently on the way but some changes with yourself, your mindset and consequently, your work and recognition of your skills and capability will result in a restoration of happiness. Of note in the meaning of this particular card is  the involvement of a person or place from your past. This re-emergence brings with it a sense of joy. It is in a sense coming “full circle” through the conflict and returning to a setting in which you were more content. If a change in work setting is on the table this would suggest getting in touch with a previous setting in which your work was more satisfying. There is also a possibility that contact from a friend or family member from your past will not only bring happiness but also opportunities for you to look to alternative means to improving finances.
    Remember that this does not cover every aspect of your financial life, just the messages that are most significant at this time as you begin to reign in control of your finances by using the mindset of the Magician and obtaining the tranquility of the Six of Cups. There is of course an ongoing story being woven and these steps serve as guide posts when it seems that things have gotten out of control, or like there are few choices left. The key above all else lies in the message of the Magician, you are drawing to you at this time opportunities that reflect your focus and the results of your efforts, although they may have been delayed in the past, will now be manifesting with greater speed. This seems more likely to reflect the presence of opportunities rather than actual cash itself, but will have a greater long term impact on several areas of your life.

Best of luck as new opportunities unfold,

Angela Kaufman CPTR

If you are curious about Tarot and would like a sample reading please submit an inquiry to Angela at
Trionfi78@gmail.com and if your request is selected, the results of your reading will be featured in Wisdom magazine online. No names or e-mail addresses will be disclosed in the published article. Readings are intended for entertainment purposes.

Angela Kaufman is a Certified Professional Tarot Reader and enjoys sharing the wisdom of the Tarot with people from all walks of life. Angela also works as a Social Worker and takes a positive, empowering approach to using the Tarot as a means of discovery and self enhancement

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