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Tarot Reading

by Angela Kaufman

Juliette writes in:
Will I ever meet a man who will be a good companion?

Well Juliette, I’ve got to start this one off with a precursor, for you and for anyone out there who ever wanted to consult Tarot about knowing the “yes” and “no” of whether something would “ever” come to them or not. I too have fallen prey to this type of thinking and I must start us off by putting things into perspective. I believe Tarot can help point you in the direction of opening yourself to romantic opportunities, even portraying the likelihood of a certain type of man who will show up and the nature of the companionship. Now for the limitations- relationships that span a significant stretch of time are bound to ebb and flow. Therefore Mr. Right may someday evolve into Mr. Was-right-at-the-time-but-I-have-changed-and-so-has-he….so having said that I feel it is necessary to remind the readers that we meet people and learn from them but are not bound to them for all eternity IF the relationship should go in a direction that we do not want to follow. As I write this I want you to know I have not yet done this reading- I have not shuffled the cards and seen whether or not a man is about to enter stage left and sweep you off your feet, and this disclaimer has nothing at all to do with the likelihood of an upcoming relationship, it is simply to remind the readers that although a relationship may start wonderfully you are in no way bound to it because a Tarot reading pointed out it’s positive qualities- I feel the need to emphasize this because we ALWAYS above all else have free will and choices. So now for the reading…..

The reading shows three cards to portray “Past, Present, and Future” with regards to romance in your life, but in addition I added another category to represent a “Block” and a fourth representing “Best Potential” so that we may examine challenges to overcome and solutions to strive for.
The first card shows the recent past and it is the Nine of Pentacles. This card represents a situation recently where work and finances were bringing you satisfying results, and material resources abound. You have seen profit from your work and enjoy comfort and abundance. This card portrays someone who is reaching a phase where hard work over a long period of time has paid off and yet their life is not yet completely in order. It is the ninth card in the suit, and 10 completes the suit. Therefore it could be said that life has grown very comfortable but the proverbial icing is not yet on the cake. Regarding romance, this could represent your fortunate ability to maintain a comfortable independent lifestyle which others may even envy, you have worked hard to establish your own personal foundation and are independent and have achieved an admirable standard of living, yet you are not feeling like your work is complete. It could also speak to past relationships which were satisfactory, comfortable but did not live up to your full expectation. The suit of Pentacles deals with the element of Earth and pertains to grounded-ness, finances, resources and work. These areas have panned out well for you, but you see your path as completing the cycle by finding a partner to share your blessings with.
The second card pertains to the present and is the King of Cups, in the reversed position. Interestingly out of the 78 cards in the deck there are 16 Court Cards (Page, Knight, King and Queen for each of the four suits) which would be the closest tie to actual people in your life. Even more fortunate as far as clarity of information is concerned, of all these characters represented in the court cards, one stands out above the rest as directly relating to romance, and that is the King of Cups. He is typically a mature man, he is intuitive, ruled by the element of water, and is in tune with the emotions of others. He is sensitive and may be artistically or musically talented. He is a romantic by nature although his experience in this world may have toned down his openness as compared to the dashing Knight of Cups. So why is he upside down? This can have a few indications. Either he is approaching at a slow or obscured pace, literally hidden in plain sight, or he is someone who is about to make an appearance in your life but the connection with him has been somehow delayed, someone who is a potentially good match and is approaching but not fully on the scene yet. I would not ignore or minimize the fact that a completely random drawing of only four cards from 78 lands the archetype of the mature romantic family minded man at your doorstep, but something is amiss and he is not completely available to you at present. As a matter of timing a reversed card can show someone or something that is starting to occur but delayed or prolonged, so that your encounter with this person may be getting set into motion in the present but may not come to a fruitful full blown relationship until slightly later. A last note on reversed cards, especially court cards- this person has many strengths to offer, they are sensitive, creative, friendly and family oriented….when they are at their best. Like all of us however, this person can also fall out of balance from time to time. In that case, the King of Cups would show a tendency toward depression, oversensitivity and being easily hurt. If this pertains to the individual’s current state of mind as being a little off balance, it would then be up to him to address the issues of finding a balance in his life again which can bring out the best in his personality (strongly emphasize up to him, for it may seem like a project to fix someone up to be their best, but I would caution you against making that a hobby) or else it would be for you to establish a clear sense of boundaries from the beginning in deciding how you will handle this person’s moods or current emotional distress.
The third card represents the direction things are heading for the future. It is the Moon, a card from the Major Arcana, and it bears importance for your romantic life as well as your life in general. The Moon is a marker of time, namely a month’s time, in which significant changes can occur in your romantic life or in your understanding of your romantic prospect. Like the celestial body it represents, the Moon deals with a time in which what we see is obscured, as the Moon casts a glow which can distort our visual perception and likewise the Moon is known to play tricks on our emotional drives as well. Be mindful of jumping to conclusions over the next month, an issue which really triggers your emotions and pertains to your love life will have you all ready to react…except you are guaranteed to be reacting too soon. There is something elusive and secretive about this situation and the Moon card insinuates that not all the facts are known at this time, something is hidden from your view and your decisions, if shaped by your heart’s desire alone, can be likely to backfire. This is a time to let logic prevail, easier said than done especially regarding matters of the heart. Looking back at the previous card, if the King of Cups makes sense as a current character in your life, then the reversed position, combined with the Moon as the following card, indicates there may be something this man who seems to have it all is hiding or not coming forward about. Time and your own intuition will guide you to uncovering the truth which is currently hidden in shadows. As a side note, the emergence of information pertaining to this relationship or to this man is not necessarily a “deal breaker” that is for you to decide, but your intuition will guide you, if you listen to it, to see between the lines and discover that there is more to this situation than seemed immediately apparent. Discretion is necessary at this time. It may seem like you have an understanding of all the dimensions of this situation but more is to be revealed and in the following month in particular you will be guided to uncovering opportunities to help you see all sides of this relationship.
The card representing a block to be overcome is the Four of Cups, reversed. This card typically indicates emotional stability, so much so that it can be an indicator of complacency and boredom. The reversal in this case shows that the stability and emotional comfort and foundation is blocked or potential but placed out of reach by emotional turmoil. In the context of the rest of the reading I would ask reflect on whether the important significant others in your life are a source of stability and support…or are they a source of fluctuation, drama or turmoil. The indication here is that there may be a need to strive for a more stable foundation in current, or relationships in general, or the need for a balance between excitement and boredom rather than a rollercoaster between the two extremes.
The final card represents the best potential outcome. Your original question pertained to meeting a man who will be a good companion. The card in this category, based on your original question, is a resounding positive with a catch… The Star card, this time also reversed. The Star brings many blessings, for it pertains to ideals, achieving your dreams by staying true to your standards and the role of holding on to your faith in yourself even when surrounded by darkness. Why? The Star immediately follows the one card in the Major Arcana which is surrounded by connotations of darkness and loss, The Tower. It is as if the Star was placed in that sequence to remind us that in the lowest part of our lives there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Even without the Tower in your reading, the power of the Star remains. It is a beacon of hope. The Star reminds you that the challenges you have had in past relationships held tremendous lessons for you and tested your strength. It is reversed which for a card like the Star, does little to diminish it’s meaning. It’s reversal would lead me to question whether you are striving to stay mindful of the lessons from past relationships as the energy of this card wants to draw you closer to your ideal, not see you settle for second best. The Star, even if reversed, shows that you have a huge accomplishment right at your fingertips, and you are being guided (remember the role of intuition from the Moon?) and you have the foundation to achieve what you desire….but are you aware of how close you are, and how much potential you have, or has the emotional chaos of the past obscured your telescope so that you no longer see the Star shining right over you? In either case, knowing that you have the opportunity to meet someone who is a likely romantic partner but comes complete with some personal baggage (like all of us) and being able to negotiate the boundaries and find emotional stability it is also of the utmost importance that you remain connected to your standards and personal ideal and you will be able to see your hopes manifest.
I hope this was beneficial for you, and as always I remind the readers that Tarot is considered psychic entertainment and for entertainment purposes only in accordance with NYS law.


Angela Kaufman CPTR

Angela Kaufman has been reading Tarot for over a decade and recently established Moonlight Tarot as a means of bringing the guidance of this oracle to a wide variety of people. A Social Worker by trade, Angela emphasizes the benefits of using Tarot for self improvement and awareness. If you would like a complimentary reading to be featured in Wisdom Magazine Online, please e-mail your request to trionfi78@gmail.com.

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