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Depression: The New Drug of Choice

by Marlise Karlin

How many have to die to discover… drugs can't heal the pain?

What is so sad about depression.... is that people are looking for a cure… where it can never be found. It’s like looking for health in fast, fried, empty of any nutritional vitality… food.

The cure will never be found in the many drugs that are peddled like candy on television. Wow, if I take one of those I will be a happy person - no matter what.

When will we see, when we look to find the real problem? No worries just pop this and in minutes the pain will be gone. Why has this way of thinking become the norm?

When I was in Amsterdam in 2006, a man who was diagnosed as clinically depressed and had been living in incredible pain in his life, discovered my work with Stillness. Within a week of doing this practice, he reported to his friends and family, that he no longer felt the sadness that had taken over his life.

Suddenly he felt the joy of waking up wanting to go to work, he felt good that he had two wonderful daughters and a wife that loved him. He loved his life again.

What changed? How could this happen? What miracle drug could do that? The peace that exists within the core of every human being, is not so distant after all, it doesn’t only belong to those in monk’s robes who sit for lifetimes in meditation. Stillness connects us to our natural state of being where we feel connection with our essence, our soul, with Spirit.

Stillness cuts through the muck of the ages, and suddenly we are able to feel again, and not just the fears and doubts that tuck us into bed every night. The feeling we get is rare, and yet it is recognizable. It’s what we experienced at the birth of our child, it’s the feeling we had when looking at a sunset and for no reason, suddenly tears came to our eyes.

To even speak of love is to be looked at foolishly these days, imagine speaking of something so simple and yet so profound, that it can actually restore a person to a natural state of health. How foolish - or is it?

When I returned to Vienna, the following year, the formerly depressed CEO arrived to deepen his practice. There are still challenging days, he said, but he feels that level of intense suffering won’t return, as he now recognizes where to go to find the source of his health.

Since that time, many other people have written who also said they had been living with depression for years, and no longer battle it since they tapped into the source of inspiration they felt in Stillness.

This is not about having one perfect answer for everyone who is suffering from depression, but if it could alter the way one person felt about life, it would be worth changing our understanding of what to prescribe those who get it in the future.

After all if the first Lady can teach a nation by growing healthy food in a garden in the White House, maybe more of us could share the good news that its easier to deal with life’s ups and downs by gaining strength from a limitless source within – and, its available to everyone.

Stillness is a simple way to discover the heart of healthy living. One day, maybe it will become the ‘drug’ of choice. I know it’s mine.

Marlise Karlin is a spiritual teacher who connects people to their true essence by experiencing The Simplicity of Stillness, Marlise developed simple methods for people everywhere to renew themselves so the journey of life can be more enjoyable. Countless people from every culture around the world have attended Marlise’s Programs and are attesting to the extraordinary benefits that her Stillness Sessions ® have brought to their lives.

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