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Ask the Dream Specialist

Dreams as Part of the Spiritual Journey - Part II

by Ken Kaplan

Last column we began an exploration of the moments when the “Higher Self” or “Divine Consciousness Within” manifestly appears to guide us in our dreams. Although all dreams have tremendously important gifts and information to share, the fact that our deeper Wisdom Self can interface with our subconscious/psychological self when needed is an added and extraordinary and significant asset to our life journey. That this asset can be cultivated heightens that significance of this aspect of dreams.

It is important not to be attached to a particular form or expectation as to how this should occur as the variations and diversity of this interface are nearly infinite. And as with the dreaming life in relationship to the individual, it is highly personal. Thus if one expects a “Higher Self” moment of guidance in a dream to appear as an angel, master, or some revelatory light, then the message may be missed. What can be said, is that often these moments are heightened, even if briefly, but even then, as we shall see, this is also not always the case. This is where the ability to correctly read our dreams or to connect with one who can help us is vital.

I mentioned last time of an important message given to me in the form of a highly admired friend. She was an archetype that my mind and “Higher Self” chose as most pertinent for that purpose. About four months ago I had a similar dream experience. I had not dated in quite a while and I went to a local dance. It was one of the first times I had opened up to that type of social scene. That night, a friend of mine who I have worked with intimately spiritually, and had been an extraordinary angel communicator appeared to me, just for a few moments. She said (and I paraphrase), “You are not ready yet. It will be another two years before you will be in the place you need to be for the type of relationship you want.” Obviously this was not pleasing news. But again, there was a very heightened energy around her as she spoke, almost luminous, and the message felt piercing and strong. When I personally and internally investigated the meaning more fully, the intuition came to me that “two years” was not to be taken literally (I have warned before about literal interpretations of dreams). However, I was being told that the personal issues I was dealing with regarding partnership were strong enough that it would take much more time than my conscious mind might have presupposed to deal with them productively.

The Rolling Stones wrote a famous line, oft quoted, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need.’ A great universal truth in a rock and roll song. I find the Universe to be a strongly, even at times, brutally honest place. But there is immense value in not fooling our selves, and having access to wisdom that is guiding us from center, no matter what the vehicle. In this case, as in the previous example last column, this advice has stayed with me as a “touch stone”, and has given me grounding and perspective in my actions.

In the January 2009 issue (available in archives on this site), I wrote of a woman I called “Gloria” who I met at a library who was extremely intuitive but conflicted over her abilities. (She was one of the few people I have met who has had truly pre-cognitive dreams.) As mentioned in the column, the manner in which her Higher Self interfaced and moved to push her forward was to send her dreams in which there was writing and communication during the dream on a writing surface in a very high language. She could understand this during the dream, but could not remember upon awakening. It was clear to me that the Inner Wisdom self was aware of her resistance and had to appear in a manner that was unorthodox, but would have enough impact that she could take the next step. As she was in a dream class I led, I immediately suggested her deeper intuition was trying to reach her, and suggested she “incubate” a clarifying dream by asking her dreaming mind to send the reason behind the blockage. The ensuing dream is deconstructed in the previous issue mentioned, but at the core her dreaming mind revealed that constrictive issues from the past were responsible. Once this insight became clear and the fact that it was delivered by her own wisdom, it provided her with a powerful lever for change. This she did, almost immediately rejecting the hold the past had on her and opening to dimensions of spiritual exploration she had long held herself back from pursuing.

One of the most unusual experiences of this connection occurred with a man I will call

“KJ”. KJ had a recurring dream in which he could not get his schedule straight in high school and when he went to his locker, he could not remember the combination. This motif, on the surface, is fairly common. We can’t get our lives in a consistent pattern, and things are not “falling into place”. However, in this instance, my intuition led me to declare ”I’m interested in what’s behind the locker”. It is my belief, in dreams, what seems “not there’, “is there”, because its energy is present, even if physically it is not. So I asked him to go behind the shut locker and tell me what was in it. To his, and everyone’s surprise, he said “a tunnel”. At this point the dream turned from what might be termed a “normal” dream into a guided meditation. As he followed the tunnel, he said, others had trod this path before, for in his feeling state, he said the path was smooth and had been walked on. At last he came to a small flowing stream. I asked him to become the stream and find out its message, why it was there.

The stream replied "to wash your regrets away". I asked him what his regrets were and mentioned that water might carry baptismal energy. He said that fit because his "regrets" had to do with his own baptism and immersion at early age into a very fundamentalist religion. His issues over worth and "hell" had haunted him all his life. The stream (within him) was further telling him that it was offering opportunities for unconditional love. I asked the stream to give him some examples in his life that were available and it responded. I then asked the energy of those who had traveled before in the tunnel (but not physically manifest in the dream) if they had a message. The answer from them, again, even though they were not manifestly physically present, was the tunnel led to peace. By sessions end (about 25 minutes and very emotional) he felt as if a major load had been lifted and it might have been one of the more transformational healing moments in his entire life. To reiterate, twice in the dream what appeared to be not present was actually accessible. This expands our understanding of the fact that all parts of a dream are one’s self, and much more of “your self” might be available if investigated more deeply.

We shall continue with this inspection of the involvement of the inner self, or “Higher Self” in our dreams next time, but I wish to leave everyone with two thoughts. The first is, that the more we pay attention to and cultivate our relationship with our dreams, the more we create conduits and opportunities for this type of powerful wisdom and guidance to manifest. Secondly, when these moments come, they can be indelible. By this, I mean, the wisdom imparted often can be so profound and/or piercing, it can stay with one to be contemplated at any point in time as a reference point for deep understanding of one’s own psyche and personal journey. It is as if the greatest wisdom teacher in the world looked right into your soul and gave you information as to exactly your predicament or situation and how to understand it in ways you may not have been able to grasp before the transmission. And of course, there is no “as if”. The wisdom teacher is within, and dreams, which we all share, and occur with us every night, are a great doorway to that extraordinary assistance.

Note: I must reiterate. I continue to get emails asking for help with dreams from people who do not understand how I work. They submit written material or expect me instantly to communicate or “interpret” by email. I feel for their distress but when I explain how I work, most often they “melt away”. My style is Shamanic and I work by phone with the person as the terrain of the dream and its symbols are unique to you. Also, I have changed policy since my first columns. I am a professional and I cannot give away my talents and time for free. My fees are extremely reasonable but I do charge. If you feel strongly as to how a dream has affected you, and are moved to contact me, please respect that. I guarantee my work. Thanks.

Ken Kaplan is a dream specialist, intuitive counselor, and presenter on spiritual topics. If you wish to inquire about his services, or especially if you desire to work with him on a dream you have had, he can be contacted at kenstories@comcast.net

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