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Ask Rochelle

Stars of Celestial Waters Through Rochelle Sparrow

by Rochelle Sparrow

Dear Stars:

A man came back into my life recently. Based on all the information I gained from many psychics, they said it would happen.

I found out that the betrayal energy I picked up early on was exactly what I was afraid of. He has been seeing many, many other women besides me. As the betrayal I feel is deep.

I know this relationship was another lesson and was supposed to be a healing for me. Somehow now I don’t feel healed but have yet another hole in my heart to deal with and try to heal.

My question:

Why have I been subjected to so much pain in relationships over the past 10 years.

Thank you, Jean

Dear Jean:

Wow, I am so sorry to hear this and about how you are feeling. Let's see if we can get more clarity on this.

This man is correct in his sincerity but he betrays himself and others with non-clarity and omission of information. The lesson here is what omission? What behavior is present that needs recognition? Why be alone and do you wish aloneness or a balance of being alone? These questions remain for to continue to gain clarity about for your own being. We suggest you continue to subject your being to inquiry as to what you wish in regards to intimacy within a relationship, how much and with whom. You like independence, however, if behavior does not match your wish for interdependence than a problem exists. You confronted him many a time in regards to more time spent. This is positive for your being in that you recognized your need for balance in closeness. We suggest pay attention to what is provided back. That too is the lesson here. How much you are you heard and responded to. We are determined to help you recognize your growth here. This relationship was not to no avail, but to a greater degree it is recognition of what you want in a relationship and what needs were actually met. That is the correct way.



Dear Stars:

I am in the 6th week of pregnancy. Is my pregnancy going to be OK?

Dear Katrina!

How wonderful you are brining a bright new spirit in our world. OK, here is what they state:

You are correct in diet, either non smoking or not being around smoking. You are correct in influencing husband to help exercise. You are correct in being positive about your birth and you expect outcome to be fabulous. We suggest to continue in your alignment of positive birth experience and to continue to focus on positive aspects of pregnancy. (getting ritual energy) Also we suggest you focus on girl energy. (getting ritual energy) focus on rituals that feel feminine, call in goddess energies that feel right to you (got Ishtar or Isis energy) because these ancient ritual practices are imbued in your natural energetic makeup and feel comforting to you. We also know that your being is comforted by watching baby movies and babies (in stores for e.g.) so focus on comfort, nurturing the self activities and your husband (being with him) that is the correct way.

Blessings, Stars

Dear Stars:

I am having a difficult time with my depression. Should I stick with my current doctor? Thank you so much, Diane

Dear Diane:

I am sorry you are feeling this way. Let's see what the guides say.

We suggest staying with your current doctor. He is difficult is correct, but the truth is the outcome is joyful in terms of increased recognition of what your truth is (vs. your mother's truth for you) We suggest an initial increase in therapeutic dosage of medications and focus on what is occurring to your emotionally as far as your feelings go, because it has been difficult for you to know all of what you feel, so now you are experiencing all of what you feel and there is much. Also note, what is underneath your feelings, what feeling lies on top of another, that process can help you as well. As you go forth with courage (the optimal energy to focus on) remember that your bravery accounts for many things that are wonderful in your life, not just surviving. Remember that you do have pleasant moments, note them, rather than dismiss them. That can help you gain a larger perspective. That is the correct way.

Blessings, Stars

Rochelle Sparrow, Psychic Trance Channel, MSW, provides sessions for people world wide.

Send questions to:




Rochelle Sparrow

PO Box 7573

Phoenix, AZ 85014

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