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Guidance From the Tarot in the Upcoming Season

by Angela Kaufman

Some consult Tarot with specific questions in mind, but others look to the cards for a general forecast. Mary Beth was curious about Tarot reading and asked for a glimpse into the future without any particular focus. This is a great way to let the cards deliver the most significant message pertaining to the areas of life that require one’s attention at this time. In response to Mary Beth’s inquiry the following reading was performed.

The first card is the Significator, it represents Mary Beth’s current focus. It is the Eight of Swords, reversed. Reversals can diminish the card’s true potency but in this case a reversal shows an improvement. The eight of swords is an indicator of stalemates. The reversal suggests some obstacle or feelings of powerlessness, indecision, frustration but with a resolution which one will reach by thinking outside the box and coming to terms with a decision that at first seemed difficult or unwanted. This card in the reversed position suggests freedom from bondage of immobility, and a restoration to action and movement, as swords suggest action and activity. The sense of being cornered or inhibited is resolved and one is able to proceed with plans, having overcome a difficult phase marked by a sense of loss of control. Returning to a sense of control is also involved.

The next card is the past, the situation leading to the present. It is the King of Wands. This card indicates an emphasis on creativity of mental processes. Communication, discussions, plans and inspiration to put new projects into place is key. In particular, a mature or authoritative man is instrumental in stirring the creative juices and getting plans rolling. They are not aggressive, but have a convincing sense of expertise that makes them a believable and trustworthy guide. This is someone who recently inspired your decision making and encouraged you to pursue ideas and networking with others.

The next card is the present and it is the seven of swords, reversed. This card would normally depict your best efforts as being futile due to either intentional or unintentional sabotage by others. Either deception or other means of undermining your efforts contribute to a sense of spinning your wheels. The reversal shows that this sabotage is of a nature that will not cause catastrophe, but may have a subtle, long lasting presence. Your options are to reconsider your efforts, for in this situation working “harder” is not what you need, rather it is time to consider alternate options. This card is similar to a slow leak, indicating that no matter how much you crank up your efforts, your plans will still not fully reach fruition because during this time your efforts will consistently meet with challenge, delay and your energy or resources stand to be taxed as a result. It is time to start looking to other avenues and not taking for granted that those who claim to support your efforts will be willing to do the footwork right along with you, you end up bearing the brunt of the work and receiving little advancement as a result. As a note, this card does not tend to strictly indicate work or finances, but speaks more to efforts you place in the activity and physical activity toward accomplishing an important goal.

The following card indicates the trend in the future. This card is the six of cups, also reversed. This card shows an event in which you are reunited with close friends or family. Normally a carefree and happy time for you to return to a state of innocence and enjoy a hobby resulting in some renewal and resolution of previous stress and difficulty, you find this event being delayed or its attainment blocked in the immediate future. As events unfold you may also find that this occasion, while bringing peace and happiness, does not fit your full expectations as they are based on the past and how people “used to” be and act, not on how they currently are. This card is reminiscent of the saying “you can never go home again”. You can return time after time to the same people and places, but situations have transpired in a way that has forever altered your connection to these places and people, there is still a connection but it has taken on a different form. By being able to release expectations based earlier in your life, you will find a sense of resolution and contentment with this renewed connection with friends, and be able to appreciate what the relationship has become.

A final outcome card is the Hanged Man, numbered 12 in the Major Arcana. This card is also reversed giving a more optimistic meaning. This card typically indicates a loss of control over a situation in which one is forced to take the role of observer and sometimes, martyr. Its reversal brings hope for the resolution of the stalemate which will allow you to actively take the reins and emerge from a period of stagnation with a new perspective, wisdom and a sense of having gained from a challenging time. It is similar to the earlier eight of swords, with a much larger scope, involving reliance on others rather than self control, and more likely than not, being a the mercy of people or a system which is not currently running in your favor. The reversed position provides hope for overcoming this challenge and gaining direction and focus after a period of being “hung out to dry”. Rather than feeling stuck in a victim role or being a scapegoat, you are released from a difficult bind and can resume control with added perspective and sense of purpose.

Although you are bound for some interesting challenges in which your best efforts are met with delay, stalemate or obstacles, you find assistance from others especially in accomplishing an important mission of reconnecting with old friends. Keep your expectations light, a lot of time has lapsed and people are no longer the same as you remember them, your ability to control or direct your actions will be hampered but in the long run, a period of stalemate or playing the scapegoat is overcome and there is a valuable lesson which you will have obtained when you are ready to walk away from this challenging time and move forward. Your spirit will mature from this experience and it carries a great long term benefit although for the present you feel stuck. You will develop the insight to guide you to a positive resolution which will have an impact on several areas of your life. A mature male who is witty and helpful assists you with planning and communication, inspiring ideas for new projects.

Best of luck to you Mary Beth and “hang in there” when things do not seem to be developing according to your plans.

Interested in a sample reading? Contact Trionfi78@gmail.com and reference the Wisdom Magazine tarot column. State the focus of your inquiry if you have one, or a general reading will be provided, all identifying information is kept confidential and names will be changed for the sake of privacy.

Angela Kaufman is a Certified Professional Tarot Reader who has been reading the cards for over ten years, and reading professionally for over a year.

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