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Peeking into Your Future Self

by Mark Dodich

Choices ahead! That pretty much sums up the incoming planetary energy for the next several months. You are being prepared to initiate a new paradigm in your life – or did you just think the universe has been screwing with your head these past few months?

The simplest and most grounded starting place to look at these incoming energies is the notorious Mercury retrograde cycle in place through May 11th. As the communications planet travels through its mentally disruptive cycle in the sign Taurus, you must review finances, values, prosperity consciousness and what possessions you want to carry with you into major changes coming this summer.

Taurus also represents your throat and thyroid. So, have you been speaking your truth? If you have been trying to make everyone happy, someone is in for a rude awakening with tip-of-the iceberg planetary revolutions that are just beginning to surface.

The revolution, or cataclysmic awakening, arrives alongside the full moon on May 28th. Uranus moves into pioneering Aries for a temporary three-month visit, then returns full force for seven years beginning in March 2011. You get a preview about where and how aspects of your life will open to innovative dimensional shifts in the years ahead.

The last time this happened was 1927-34 when there were a variety of revolutions, assassinations, earthquakes, and problems on Wall Street. The first cyclotron to study nuclear physics was established in South Dakota. Now, there is a resurgence of nuclear power plant options in congress, safer mini-nuclear power plants for smaller communities, more problems at Hanford nuclear reservation, and there is no telling what will come of the nuclear issue in Iran.

There were also advances in television and in aviation. Amelia Earhart crossed the Atlantic. Now, Virgin Galactic is preparing to commercialize space journeys. Flight attendants were introduced to air travel when Uranus was last in Aries. Now, flight attendants are in the news again due to increasing injuries related to carry-on baggage excesses.

Uranus in Aries is a topic in and of itself, yet there is more. On June 5th, expansive Jupiter temporarily enters Aries through early September as a preview to new energies, and then will fully enter Aries in January 2011. Jupiter is associated with your belief system, and the god of thunder requires you to take a leap of faith to manifest your dreams.

It is difficult to say exactly what this fiery combination will bring because a keyword phrase for Uranus is “expect the unexpected.” Jupiter has the keyword phrase of “do it really big.” Avoid going into fearful thinking if you see big earthquakes, fires or attacks in the months ahead. In the series of books, “The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East” by Baird Spalding, the masters describe that when patterns of energy become too fixed, it is necessary to shake things up to manifest needed transformation.

You can help yourself by not giving in to fear or buying into hysteria promoted by slick-talking people wanting to sell their books or philosophy. There is opportunity here, and you are just at the starting point.

If you have been feeling like you are treading water or exhausted in this life, then have the courage to renew yourself. Aries energy will support you in getting out of your “better the devil I know than the one I don’t know” rut. Indeed, the ram will kick you out of your comfort zone.

To keep from frightening you off to some cave in the mountains, know that softer energy is running concurrently with the intensity ahead. You must choose whether you will become absorbed solely in the intense energy ahead, or you can allow incoming gentle energy to share your attention.

Wounded healer Chiron makes his initial entrance into compassionate Pisces April 20-July 19, then will be fully in the sign of psychics from February 2011 until 2019. Pisces is a flowing energy that naturally wants to merge with the source of all that is.

Half-horse, half-human Chiron was a famous healer in ancient Greece. He was mortally wounded through no fault of his own, and an immortal god cannot just go to a mainstream medical doctor. The centaur is associated with alternative healing practices, and Pisces is tied to spiritual and intuitive practices. The integration of mainstream medicine and alternative healing will leap ahead in the years to come.

On a personal level, you get the opportunity to stretch your own intuitive and healing abilities. There are lessons ahead in trusting your inner knowing, and then taking action steps to follow your psychic insights.

Begin to practice trusting your intuitive connection now, so that it will be easier when all of this pioneering energy is fully grounded in 2011. For now, you are getting a peek into the future you. Be encouraged, because unlimited possibilities are just around the corner.

Mark Dodich has been a professional astrologer and intuitive consultant since 1980. Mark’s specialties include Natal Astrology, Relocation Astrology Maps and Seven Ray Spiritual Purpose Astrology. Receive his free ASTROMARK newsletter and download a free Basic Astrology Primer at www.astromark.us, or call 503-252-1558

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