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Divine Wisdom From Michele Livingston

by Michele Livingston

Dear Michele,

You did a reading for me many years ago. It was spiritually uplifting and very emotional for me. I think you brought me closer to God. During the reading you saw me having a baby boy. You asked me to contact you soon after, but I waited several years to email. You also suggested adoption if I couldn’t conceive. Two years later I got divorced and married "John" (which was the name that was around my energy field in the reading).

My current husband has worse issues than the first, but I want to make this marriage work. I have had 3 miscarriages, and even with insurance the fertility treatments have cost us a lot of money… and still no baby. Though I’m sure God has a plan, emotionally or financially I’m not sure if I’ll ever get caught up. Adoption would be nice, but my hubby is not keen on the idea, besides I need money for adoption. Why would God give you those visions? Did He change His mind about the blessings and the baby?

C. J.

Hi C.J.,

You did not mention the date of your reading with me or whether it was a private session or at a seminar or group reading. As a result I am not sure the amount of detail and how relevant the information was moving forward. Also, as you correctly assume, I cannot possibly remember details from every reading I do – especially from one several years ago. God does not change His mind, for He loves us and through the law of attraction grants us the things that are for our highest good.

It is important to understand that I am not a ‘fortune teller’ and any reference to future events relate to possible future outcomes and may change due to individual free choice by you or others (including an unborn baby) that may be involved. Please note that I believe that free choice is a very important gift that we all are granted by our Creator, and that this free choice can change the outcome of ‘predicted’ future events. In other words, if spirit sees an event in your life that you feel is not something that you desire, you may have the option of changing the outcome via your free choice, AND others also have this option and their choice may or may not be to your liking or benefit. For example you chose to divorce your first husband, and this may have influenced the soul of the baby that was choosing you.

The information and advice you receive from the spirit realms (through me) is guidance for you in that moment, in much the same way that you might receive information, opinions and guidance from friends or relatives. How you eventually respond to or act on this guidance is up to you.

The following is info taken from my Messages from Beyond book related to miscarriage:

The soul chooses its mother, and hovers around her during the period of pregnancy. If the soul changes its mind and chooses to remain in the spirit realms during the first few months of pregnancy, a miscarriage can be the result. The soul will then regroup and eventually select another time, place and possibly a new set of parents in which to incarnate. (This can be the result of changing circum-stances in your relationship that the soul feels is not for their highest good or simply apprehension on the part of the soul related to life on Earth at that time.)

Moving forward, you may want to have a follow-up reading to see where you are in your life today. A session with me or any other medium is obviously a snapshot in time and the information provided becomes less and less relevant the further you are away (time-wise) from the actual reading.

As a final note, you may also want to consider adoption when it is financially feasible. Again, the following is another excerpt from my book related to adoption:

If a soul on the other side wants to be born and knows you will have difficulty conceiving or carrying a baby, then it will choose a surrogate route to get back to you! There are no accidents with adoption and so many precious babies need good homes. Those couples who adopt may also conceive their own child shortly after, because the stress and pressure of getting pregnant is alleviated.

I hope that this information clears up the fact that the future is never "etched in stone." We ultimately create our destiny with our own thoughts, decisions and motivations.



Readers can prearrange one-on-one phone sessions or in person readings with Michele. She also presents "Messages from Beyond" seminars throughout the northeastern USA, and she has authored five books that are available on-line at her website or by calling 717-737-3888.

In this column she answers questions from selected readers about angels, loved ones who have passed, spirit guides and many other interesting subjects. Only first names are used in this column to protect the privacy of clients. All questions submitted may be used at Michele’s discretion for inclusion in this column and other publications by Michele Livingston. Questions may be sent to Michele at Divine Inspirations, P.O. Box 383, Camp Hill, PA 17001 or e-mailed to Michele@MicheleLivingston.com . To learn more about Michele and her work, please visit her web site at www.MicheleLivingston.com.

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