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Spirit Lines: Connecting to Our Collective Consciousness

by Madis Senner

For those interested in healing Mother Earth, raising our collective consciousness or making the divine more present in the world, learning to work with spirit lines is critical. Spirit lines are Mother Earth’s transmission mechanism that carries consciousness around the world. By praying or meditating on a spirit line, or at the intersection of several spirit lines, you can exponentially increase the influence of your prayers by having them radiate along the spirit lines into your community and the greater world at large. They are one of the primary links that shape our collective consciousness.

Spirit lines or lines of consciousness (LOC’s) are invisible carriers of consciousness designed to carry God’s love around the world. They are what many would call “Ley Lines.” It is critical to understand that they carry consciousness – love, hate, compassion, etc. Many incorrectly assume that they are a form of energy, they are not. Energy can attach to them, but it is not part of their natural makeup.

Alfred Watkins first discovered what he called “ley lines” 100 years ago in England when he noticed that churches separated by miles were all aligned in a straight line. Most places of worship, sacred sites and holy places are located on spirit lines.

Spirit lines are meant to carry God’s highest aspirations for humankind. Because they dynamically interact with the environment that they traverse through, they are also influenced by it. If a spirit line passes through a very sacred place it picks up that divinity and transmits it like a telephone line carrying voice signals along its path. Similarly if a spirit line passes through a garbage dump or a place of violence it picks up and transmits that consciousness.

Spirit lines can carry and attract consciousness other than divine. As the law of attraction teaches, like attracts like, spirit lines will often link like minded people living miles apart through the same spirit line. They link certain types of businesses, hospitals, libraries, schools, bars, etc. They can also link places of violence, homes where people are abused. In Syracuse NY there is a spirit line that I call the prophetic spirit that links the residences of well known activists such as the Berrigan’s and places of worship that have a long history of social justice.

Because spirit lines extend thousands of miles they link distant and disparate communities in ways most people do not understand. In other words what goes on inside a gated community will interact with what goes on within an inner city ghetto.

Intersection points of spirit lines are conducive to prayer and meditation. In particular they are places you should go for enhanced communication and connection to the divine. If you are looking for direction or answers, then go to an intersection of spirit lines. In doing my survey of sacred places in upstate NY it these intersections I look for and often I find that Native Americans have prayed there or made a ceremonial circle at an intersection.

For us living in the greater Upstate NY area spirit lines are critically important. Because Mother Earth’s soul (www. GaiasSoul.org) resides here tens of thousands of spirit lines emanate from the area. Unfortunately, we have ignored and desecrated our sacred landscape. Onondaga Lake in Syracuse, NY is where the Native American prophet the Peacemaker planted the tree of peace and gave us the Great of Law of peace that would later serve as a model for American democracy. Today Onondaga Lake is one the most polluted lakes in the world. Thousands of spirit lines emanating from the lake carry toxic and polluting consciousness, so it is not surprising that global pollution is one of the biggest threats in the world. Cleaning up Onondaga Lake would help purify the spirit lines emanating from the source and would no longer carry the message of pollution.

Spirit lines underscore the notion that location matters. When you pray or meditate on a spirit line, or at the intersection of several spirit lines, your intentions carry far beyond what they normally would. That consciousness will influence all those that come in contact with the spirit line(s) on which you meditated. You may be helping raising the consciousness of people living miles away from you. Over time that consciousness and presence will grow stronger and reach farther. In other words, spirit lines have the ability to empower a dedicated and conscientious person to have a disproportional influence in helping make the world better; Knowledge is power.

Finding and working with spirit lines is one of the primary things that I teach people in order to become Earth Healers. I suggest you contact a local chapter of the American Society of Dowsers (www.dowsers.org) or other organizations that offer instruction on dowsing. Once you are able to find spirit lines all you need to do next is begin praying or meditating on them. Then you will begin to heal Mother Earth and raise our collective consciousness.

Madis Senner is sentient of Mother Earth. He is author of The Way Home—Making Heaven on Earth (o-books) that details the mystical world and our dynamic relationship with each other and Mother Earth. He has two websites, www.motherearthprayers.org explaining Mother Earth’s cosmology and www.makingheavenonearth.org on how to advance our collective consciousness; both will have information on becoming an Earth Healer.

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