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How Quickly Do You Accept Abundance?

by Cassendre Xavier

As a self-employed multi-media artist and director of a nonprofit arts organization, aside from actually being creative, probably my biggest focus is that of raising, and receiving funds with which to not only continue my work, but just get through my day to day necessary activities, like grocery shopping and other such glamorous things.

I noticed recently that I had a pile, albeit a small pile, of checks and money orders awaiting my attention. One of the checks was from a dear friend and frequent artistic collaborator, who had included a form from her company which offered a matching funds program. This meant her donation would be doubled once I submitted the properly filled-out paperwork.

I was very happy to receive the funds, and I recognized opportunities to maximize the experience, including a visualization that the checks and money orders multiplied and attracted more and larger amounts of their kind in the very near future. Although I gave a lot of thanks for this opportunity to live my dream life and receive financial and emotional support for the privilege, I still thought too much of the paperwork required to process them. I wouldn’t just be able to immediately deposit the checks and money orders, I had to fill out the necessary forms for our accounting department to process them. Meanwhile, my life’s schedule and obligations felt overwhelming, and I kept putting this “work” off.

Finally, just a little over a month later, I sat down to start this project. I asked myself why it took so long, and was even more frustrated with myself when I noticed how easy it was to do the paperwork, which I’d done before and was never difficult. Why did I wait so long to receive this money? Why did I procrastinate about doing a very easy exercise? Why did I spend weeks struggling financially when I had checks sitting right there that could’ve been in action to make my life a little easier?

Has anything similar ever happened to you? Do you, like me, spend hours a day visualizing abundance, believing you deserve more and can have it, work on your law of attraction techniques, and meditate for your financial prosperity? And then what happens when you receive it? Do you immediately accept it and do whatever is necessary to keep or grow the money or similar gift? Or do you let it sit there and continue living your life as you were before, in struggle or living at a lesser level than you now know you are capable of?

I invite and challenge you today to become a different person financially. I invite you to join me in being the kind of person who immediately accepts money, gives thanks, and processes the abundance accordingly.

Prosperity is right there for you. When it comes, accept your abundance quickly, and with open, non-resistant arms. Be ready, process, and receive money as soon as it comes to you, so that it can go right out again and begin to attract more to come your way. This keeps the money cycle flowing quickly, surely, and smoothly – without blocks or sluggishness.

When you get money, do the paperwork, do the math, file it accordingly, and/or do whatever else you need to do, what rich people do, to continually attract and grow the abundance you can achieve.

Remember, money is energy, and we can all do our best to give, use, receive, and share in such a way that it becomes, or remains, an abundant and beautiful flow.

Cassendre Xavier (aka Amethyste Rah, aka Amrita Waterfalls) is an award-winning multi-media artist, personal growth author/recording artist, founder and director of Philadelphia’s annual Black Women’s Arts Festival (since 2003). She is the founder and moderator of several Facebook groups including Creating Money: Using the Law of Attraction & Other Spiritual Tools for Abundance, Self-Love at Any Weight, among others. Visit her at http://cassendrexavier.com

© 2010 by Cassendre Xavier. All rights reserved. www.cassEndrExavier.com

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