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Ask Rochelle

Stars of Celestial Waters Through Rochelle Sparrow

by Rochelle Sparrow

Dear Stars:

Greetings, my Name is Honey. Please tell me what I am to do career wise in this lifetime which should be completely satisfying and fulfilling in terms of material and spiritual needs. I visualize myself making "it" big in a very positive and mass level but do not know still (I am 38) what is that "IT" and when is that possible? Please advise.

Best Regards,


Dear Honey:

Our culture teaches us not to pay attention to ourselves. We really have to learn to listen to our own song. Thank you for writing to us.

You are correct to remember when you were a child. Your being does have strong psychic abilities. Why not begin to use what you know about yourself and begin to help others through utilizing your abilities. You are a natural counselor. You have abilities to help people heal. Now is the time to recognize your abilities and have them come and move forward in a manner that is public knowledge. Come out of the closet and own your ability. Become free to express your truth, do not hold back any longer. People need your abilities.

Blessings, Stars

Dear Stars:

I am writing to see if you could tell me anything on future direction I should focus on. I seem to be continually changing jobs/careers and now at the age of 58, I feel it is time that I seek advise on help.

I relocated to Phoenix last April and if you can help it would be sincerely appreciated.



Dear Tom:

Phoenix, the bird rises from the ashes. The guides state:

You are correct to think in medical terms. There are many positions available (including sales) that will work well for you. Remember one item: Your being is strongly associated with your past. This past (father) hinders your being in terms of your thought processes. Really allow for you to be set free of your ideals regarding what you can do, regarding what you can have and you you are (very loud). Your being is much more intelligent than told by father and much more able to ground yourself within your being's brilliance (trust your intelligence) Move forward in helping yourself grow, that is the correct way.

Blessings, Stars

Dear Stars:

Here is my question. I'm kind of stuck in a job that has lost passion for me, that I have been at for a long time...What specific steps can I take, at this present time, to find a more satisfying way of earning a living?

Thank you.

Blessings in light, Laura

Dear Laura:

Thank you for the courage to change! Here is your answer.

You are correct to think in terms of interest. You may wish to travel abroad. We suggest strongly to take (a break is the energy) and think more in terms of allowing yourself to visit and explore ancient regions. You have psychic abilities, why not validate your abilities through allowing yourself to follow your psychic prompts? This means travel. You are also advised to begin to think in terms of (got medical energy healing energy). Just consider writing down your interests that come to you in meditation rather than dismissing your interests and prompts as not possible, begin to explore interests. In this way, you are prompted toward the correct choice.

Blessings, Stars

Send Questions to:

Rochelle Sparrow

Psychic Trance Channel, MSW



Rochelle Sparrow

PO Box 7573

Phoenix, AZ 85014

Rochelle is author of upcoming Within the Power of Universal Mind

Schiffer Books, Spring 2011

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