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Past Life Regression & Regression Therapy

by Dr. Patricia Jennings

Do you believe in past lives? After conducting, literally, thousands of regressions, I certainly do! I’ve helped people explore lives in prehistoric times, the Ancient World, numerous wars and elaborate cultures of the past. Phobias, chronic pain and inability to lose weight are just a few of the many conditions cleared through Regression Therapy. Past lives are real...and so is their impact on the present.

Whether you choose Past Life Regression for fun, to find the source of your fascination with a particular place, or Regression Therapy to resolve a current condition with sourcelinks to the past, the regression experience is always enjoyable and memorable.

But Past Life Regression is not a party game and care must be taken to ensure it is done safely. There are two misconceptions about regression I would like to clarify. First, you DO NOT have to relive the trauma of a previous incarnation. If you were burned at the stake once, there is no need to relive it again! There are several techniques available to circumvent trauma and I do not believe in anyone suffering... ever. Second, not all hypnotherapists are qualified to do Past Life Regression. Regression requires Depth Hypnosis techniques and, I believe, should only be conducted by a trained therapist with additional training in Hypnotherapy, Depth Hypnosis and regression techniques, as well as training in psychology. Though it is impossible to "get stuck there", the risk of abreaction (a sudden release of intense emotion) is real and requires a trained therapist to safely handle.

Conducted by a qualified Regression Therapist, regression is a very enjoyable and enlightening experience. I encourage everyone to try it.

Techniques vary among therapists but all are designed to quide you into a state of deep hypnosis. A trance level of at least five is necessary for regression. Once you have reached sufficient trance depth, the therapist will begin to ask you questions as you relate what is happening. I always record the session on CD for my patients to enjoy again and again. You’ll feel very relaxed, almost as if you are floating. You may feel as if your arms and legs are no longer a part of you. You may feel slightly cool. This is all normal.

Your therapist will assess your trance depth using one of several Depth Assessment Scales which measure physiological changes that occur with increasing trance depth, such as breathing changes.

Typically, you simply enter the life. It is much like a dream, at first. You may not know your name at first, but as you become more acclimated to the life, all the details will be available to you, You’ll speak without awakening. You may be surprised when later listening to your CD, to find yourself speaking in a foreign accent or even a foreign language. You may know things you did not know in this life. I know a five year old boy who spoke in a man’s voice and related complex mathematical formulas he certainly had no knowledge of in this life. Accents are very common, too.

In my book, Voices From The Chair, Past Lives Proved True, extensive research was done to verify the past lives. One subject spoke in an ancient dialect from 2045 B.C., a boy killed in the Civil War revealed facts not commonly known according to the Gettysbury authorities, and several experienced the removal of current phobias or health conditions.

Regression is a wonderful experience. It can clarify issues, resolve health conditions, explain attitudes, and help us determine a better understanding of where we are on our soul’s journey. It is one of the most enjoyable experiences you will ever have. Unlike imagination, in regression, you actually relive the experience. You feel the cold, your eyes sting from the smoke, you hear the bells ringing, and more. You are there, in every sense. Whatever your purpose for exploring Past Life Regression, I assure you, you will find the experience both fascinating and insightful and you will want to do it again...and again...and again.

Dr. Patricia J. Jennings is a nationally known therapist, lecturer and recognized authority on Regression Therapy. A natural healer since childhood, she has appeared numerous times on radio and television and is the author of several books and numerous professional articles on medical hypnosis. She can be reached at 215-661-0437. Please check www.jennings hypnosis.com for additional services and seminar listings.

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