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Synastry: Using the Power of Astrology to Transform Relationships

by Laura Schultz

Did you ever wonder why there is an immediate attraction to some people while the presence of others brings out every possible uncomfortable feeling? Although there are many ancient practices that seek to explain the complexities of relationships, astrology is considered one of the oldest sciences to do so. Although astrology is a complex subject, this overview can give us a basic understanding about the power of relationships. Astrology explains how the relationship between the planets and stars affect people’s destinies. Ralph Waldo Emerson said that “Astrology is the science of astronomy used to explain the affairs of humans”.

Far from being dismissed as a “New Age” fad, it appears that all ancient people looked to the heavens for guidance in some form. Carl Jung, the famous psychologist, believed that the birth chart was a roadmap to a person’s personality and potential. He described the 4 basic elements in a unique way:

1) The Earth element- Called the Sensation Type, (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo) relate to the world on the material level

2) Fire-Intuitive Type-Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, operate on luck and hunches and thrive on spontaneity.

3) Air-Thinking Type- Aquarius, Libra, Gemini operate on logic:

4) Water-The Feeling type-Cancer, Scorpio, Leo, desire above all else to relate personally to others.

Behavior is influenced by the predominance of elements in a birth chart, as well as a combination of planetary aspects. Each element leads people to perceive things in its own unique way. “Water” types have difficulties with perception through logic while “Air” types have a distaste for displays of emotion. Each person’s birth chart is unique with areas that flow , and challenges to be resolved.

Some astrologers believe that each planet in a birth chart defines individual patterns and lessons in order for a person’s soul to evolve. Thus it’s helpful to understand the motivations of others without trying to change them.

Each sign in the zodiac helps us understand that every person has the potential for wholeness and that the relationship between planets and aspects outline what areas of consciousness a person will focus on. Therefore a natal chart is but a roadmap that when studied in-depth can give us clues as to how we may use our emotions, intellect , senses and intuition to try to create a balance in our perceptions and responses.

The Art of Synastry reveals explanations of the effects others have on us and provides potential solutions that allow complex relationships to transform us in magical ways. Synastry is the study of relationship astrology that compares and contrasts the potential compatibility between people.

When an astrologer analyzes two people’s charts, a comparison is done on their energy fields and how these impact the other. In “Born to Heal” Ruth Montgomery describes” people as a complex system of energy fields that are activated in relationships”. Upon activation people either feed or disrupt each other’s energy in a close relationship.

If a person has a great deal of water in their natal chart, what feeds their energy is emotional intensity. They require emotional closeness to feel grounded. A person with a great deal of air in their charts are satisfied when they are involved in intellectual communication. They admire and feel most comfortable around a quick mind and are uncomfortable in the emotional realm. We can see the obvious potential for conflict between people who have incompatible energy fields. However, many people look for energy that they lack in a relationship. These relationships provide a unique opportunity for acceptance, growth, and transformation. In studying birth chart comparisons things are never black and white. For there to be affinity between people there is much more to the story. There are often positive as well as perceived negative aspects between people that are powerful and allow a deep bond to exist. It appears that in general, relating can only be successful if both people are open minded to working with differences and growing through them as well as being able to appreciate qualities in others without being defensive or blaming.

To perform a complete analysis of the power of a potential relationship one can simply examine the aspects between charts or delve much deeper by looking at the themes in a relationship. However, before a relationship can be studied, astrologers usually start with each person’s birth chart. The birth chart gives clues to each person’s difficulties in relating to others in close relationships. By studying the chart, an astrologer asks, “Is this person able to allow closeness with anyone? Or, will they push others away”? This is important because we have learned that it is difficult to have a relationship without resolving our own issues first. Having said that, there are some basic principles that illuminate the potential in a relationship:

  1. The relational aspects between personal planets in a chart, (i.e. Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Mars) and the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) are considered the most crucial for compatibility. For example, aspects to the sun and moon in a person’s chart delineate a person’s ability to form close relationships. The sign and aspects with Venus and Mars indicate what a person desires in a close relationship. Aspects between people are neither bad nor good, but illuminate themes, challenges and the potential for clarity. Looking at the harmonious aspects as well as challenges between two people’s planets shows the general blending of energies between them and the potential for growth.

2. Though an astrologer can closely examine each aspect in both people’s charts, the challenge is not to merely explain them, but to delineate the higher purpose of relationships to transform both people involved.

3. Planets involved in challenging aspects between people allow them to re-examine their beliefs and to work through imbalances in their lives.

By studying birth chart comparisons, we can discover new tools to enhance our understanding of human relationships. Using these tools may spark revelations that can magically transform all human interactions.

Laura Schultz has been an astrologer for over 20 years, a licensed psychotherapist/life coach and freelance writer. She has been assisting individuals and families in crisis for 25 years with expertise in the field of relationships, sexuality, addiction, and childhood trauma. She has published articles on communication, sexuality, and health/ wellness. She writes two advice columns,“Counselor on Call” and “Ask Therapist Laura" and can be reached at www.lauraschultznow.com.

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