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Easy Wisdom: How To Connect With Your Own Divine Wisdom

by Katrina Cavanough

For many years we have misunderstood wisdom. Many believe that age equates with wisdom where there are countless examples where this is not true. The passing of time certainly provides ample opportunity for people to gain access to wisdom yet not all realise this truth.

There are many disconnected fear driven individuals who with age have simply become older disconnected and fear driven people. Nothing has changed except their bodies are wearing as they pass through the passage of time.

I regularly discuss such matters with my Spiritual Teacher from the other side, Geldard. He tells me that Wisdom is not having a conscious knowledge of all the answers about life and living. It is having the awareness and the ability to access the wisdom that resides within us all.

The Wisest amongst us are those who realise that at an intellectual and conscious level we can only know what we know based on our experiences to date. The Wisest know that Wisdom comes from the utilisation of the Divine Source itself as a resource which we can easily access through our connection with ourselves as Source and Soul.

It truly is like going to a library to find the right information for the project at hand. It is in this way then, an act of Being Resourceful. It is about knowing where to look. Geldard has gently reminded me that the place to look is within yourself, toward your true essence, yourself as Spirit.

Geldard then gave me the following exercise to share with you so that you can connect with the ever expanding Wisdom that is available to you. It begins with a simple process of relaxation.

My lovely spiritual friend and advisor knows that I am a busy Mother of two girls, who has a lot to do. This exercise is practical and does not take much time. Of course you can take longer if you like.

It can be done in your bedroom, in the shower or while sitting in your car. I have a friend who does a lot of her mediations while sitting in the car waiting for her son to get off the train. Ask the Angels and they will help you to find the right place just for you.

Lets begin….. Relax, take several deep breaths and then feel your body gently relaxing, breathing deeply. Take your time here, there is no rush, relax….. relax…. relax….

When you are feeling relaxed, calm and peaceful, say to yourself….

I am Wise……(deep breath) …. As I ask I receive gentle & loving Guidance and WisdomThe Wisdom I receive is Clear and Gentle….. Focus upon the energy that is around your body, this is your Aura, your Soul. This is really YOU. This is who you REALLY are….. just allow yourself to feel yourself and know that you are Soul and Source Energy…. You are Love and Light… (Breathing deeply now…) Thank your body for all that it does for you…..

It is from this place that you will find wisdom. To access the wisdom that is you, take your time to ask your question or questions. What is it that you need to know…??..

After you have completed your questions and allowed some initial answers or impression to come to you then take several deep breaths and slowly bring your consciousness back to your body and the day. Give thanks.

The Wisdom you are seeking is yours even before you complete the question. Expect wise answers to your queries. They will come. It may be a thought, a message delivered via music, a book, a conversation or a series of apparent co-incidences…. Know that the Wisdom will be provided to you.

Sometimes you may receive Wisdom in a series of concepts or impressions. This may occur immediately whilst you are in the relaxed state of this exercise or the following morning as you awake for the day. I often receive messages as I wake in the morning as this is a time where you are in a state of ‘In Between’ . You are in between the states of sleep and waking up and this is a lovely time for our spiritual friends and angels to speak to you.

If you feel some doubt, do not judge yourself for this. Doubting is truly ok. It is natural. As you work through the exercise and breath deeply, allow yourself to suspend disbelief for the period of the exercise. Lay down your disbelief just for a short while.

You are Wise. You are Wise not because you are all knowing but because you know where to go to access the Wisdom. The Energy that is you is also the same energy that is Divine Wisdom. You simply have turn toward it, like stepping into a Library. Enjoy connecting with the Wisdom that is yours to partake in. Enjoy it and have fun with it.

Abundant Blessings To You.

Katrina Cavanough™ Biography Katrina Cavanough™ is an Australian Clairvoyant and Divine Intuitive™. She uses her spiritual connection with the Angels, Guides and Higher Order Energy to offer readings, guidance and healing. Katrina is also a qualified Therapist (BSW BSocSc) with 17 years experience. She is a professional member of the Australian Psychic Association.

In her Spiritual Practice Katrina offers E Readings, Energy Healing, Past Life Exploration and Workshops. Katrina’s written work is divinely guided with messages from her own Teacher from the spiritual plane – Geldard.

Katrina offers E Readings & Divine Guidance via her website at www.katrinacavanough.com.

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