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Ask The Dream Specialist

by Ken Kaplan

The Revelation Dream-Part II

We have begun to explore what I call the Revelation Dream. My definition of this type of dream is when the Higher Self, emanating from what I term the unconscious, or limitless aspect of self, not only appears in the dream but fully manifests the content. Often there can be coordination by this higher part of self with the subconscious, as we shall see, but the genesis of the dream is initiated and directed by the Higher Self or God Self. People may experience this is innumerable ways. For some it may be highly visual, for others incredibly energetic. For some archetypal figures such as Angels or Guides may be present, and for others not. But in almost all instances, such dreams leave an indelible and often life changing imprint, for in encountering the power of Divinity within this fully, there is tremendous affirmation of its reality and sometimes clarification of its role and purpose within our lives.

In the last column I recounted the first great such dream in my life. The extraordinary entrance of the Divine energy through the vehicle of my Guru altered forever my relationship with him, with God, and with life. What was even more unusual for me, was that this encounter was not a one time occurrence, but the beginning of a life long intervention of the Divine Center though dreams, and in the initial stages, the dreams came upon me like a flood tide. I began having two –four dreams a month, sometimes two in a week. Generally the Guru, Anandamurti was always present, and most of the dreams were very powerful, many exceptionally so, that again, I would wake up in a state of ecstatic trance and bliss. The dreams continued for years and were always there when I needed them. I came to realize that some form of “anchoring process” of Divine connection was happening, and later I came to realize why this vehicle was “chosen” for me. This we will deal with in the next column.

There were so many of these powerful dreams that I cannot even begin to recount them all. They have run into the dozens, actually the hundreds, in the 40 years of my association with the Guru. But this merger of unconscious and conscious often played a pivotal role in their appearance that even when I did not fully understand all aspects of the dream, something at a cellular level got the essence of support. Although I now know it is important, especially with dreams of this magnitude, to investigate them fully, because there is so much intention behind them in terms of guidance, still, the gist most likely is gotten.

A perfect example was one of the first great dreams that followed the initial one I have described previously. In September of that year, I moved to the house in Philadelphia and one night dreamt that I was riding with Baba in an old but elegant black Mercedes, with exquisite leather seats. Both of us were in the back seat. I had heard stories of Baba taking people on rides in the car, which was chauffeured, but had never seen any pictures of the car. The feeling of joy was tremendous, as was the feeling of being special in being selected for such intimate engagement. But suddenly the car came to a stop, the door opened, and I was rudely thrust to the side of the road as the Mercedes sped off without me. I remember the scene was in Colorado near the Rocky Mountains, which were off in the distance. The Rocky Mountains held particular emotional significance for me because during my college years, I had taken two extended trips there, both with very difficult outcomes. They were symbolic of a profound alienation I had felt all during college, an alienation that originated with problems that began in my family life growing up. Standing at that particular spot in the road was a young man who appeared to be a vagabond. He also seemed to be full of anger and potentially dangerous, and I felt he might attack me. Yet something in me seemed to know I was supposed to just stand and be with him, and be patient. As I did, I began to understand that he was not dangerous, but was in terrible pain, a pain that emotionally came right from the core of his heart, and that this pain had to do with the rejection he felt from his father. Of course I now know that he represented a primal part of me, but at the time I was not quite so aware. But I stood with him and slowly realized he would not hurt me, that he was just deeply wounded, and began to feel, identify with and have strong empathy for his situation. At a certain point, when I had totally let down my guard and very powerfully connected with this truth about him, BAM!!, the car with Baba was there again almost instantaneously, the door opened, and within seconds I was again in the back seat with Guru speeding down the road. What had appeared as a horrible abandonment was nothing of the kind.

This dream was not only an incredible intervention by the Divine center, for again I woke with an amazing sense of energetic presence and power, but unlike the first dream, it was also prophetic. Something in me knew then, and looking back understands, that the Guru was presenting me with a visual picture of a very long potential engagement with and resolution of a cycle of healing that was to occur around a very formative father wound. That in my life, coming to terms with my rage and pain would center around self acceptance and compassion for my predicament, and that this cycle would be very long, in years, and would be central to my healing journey. Could a psychic reader or therapist have been more precise and exact in presenting me with a core emotional dilemma and overviewthan God-Guru-Higher Self did in this dream?

There have been many, many dreams like this one, and I will recount some of them next time, but I want to recount a dream that was both similar but different. This dream was not a prophetic dream (many have been), but a teaching dream, as most are. Again, this dream was rather early in the process, about a year later. In the dream I was in a forest and was chasing Baba. This time I had a car, a small one, and was racing as fast as I could to catch up to him, weaving around trees and flying like the wind, as he always seemed one step ahead of me. Suddenly, I began to feel myself slow down, as if I had no control over the car, and as I slowed down bit by bit, there was Baba, waiting for me under a tree. The car came to a halt right in front of him, and he was sitting peacefully, serenely with no concern. The movement to a halt felt unusually organic and directed by a force, as when a river reaches a bend where it slows of its own accord. As I came to a stop, it was clear he was completely available and all this chasing had been unnecessary. The message was clear and unmistakable. I can’t remember if he explicitly said the words, but he was saying, “Why do you feel you have to chase me to get me? Why all the strain? Here I am waiting for you. I have always been here waiting for you. There is no need to grab, to rush. If you slow down, you will realize this great truth. You can put down the burden of seeking so hard for it is not necessary. What you want is with you and always in front of you.” Again I woke up with a very deep and vast sense of extraordinary love permeating my entire being.

As I write these words, two thoughts come to mind. The first is, especially in dreams or experiences of this kind, ‘what is true for one is true for all”. Therefore any message that is delivered by “God” or “Higher Self” to an individual, is also delivered to all in the collective. Use the information, for it is yours as we are all one. Secondly, dreams and experiences of this magnitude come from a place beyond time. Any piece of them in terms of information is significant not only when they happen, but also exist in a space that resonates powerfully for the entire life. As I remember and access this dream, its message speaks to me again, now, as a remembrance, a reminder, which we all need continually. “You don’t have to feel like you need to chase me. I am right here with you. Take me in. Feel the trust of that image, that reality.” That is as important a message for me today as it was forty years ago.

In the next column we will continue and most likely (but not for certain) close this exploration of revelation dreams. I wish to look more closely at their (often) prophetic nature, their guidance, interface with the emotional self, and their profound depth. I am also encouraging those who read this column to post any dreams of this nature in the comments section. I believe it will benefit everyone if we see several examples and perhaps variety of this kind of dream and how powerfully they can alter your life. One person has graciously done that at the end of the last column.

Ken Kaplan is a dream specialist, intuitive counselor, and presenter on spiritual topics. If you wish to inquire about his services, or especially if you desire to work with him on a dream you have had, he can be contacted at kenstories@comcast.net. Ken works most effectively by phone, charges a nominal fee, and emails that just describe dreams seeking answers with no depth of interaction or willingness to engage verbally generally are not considered. If you wish to explore a dream for healing that could appear in this column, Ken will work with you for the reduced rate of $20 no matter how long the session.

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