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Living Richly

by Ariel & Shya Kane

Most of us desire wealth. Most of us want "more". The idea that we need to have more, get more, be more becomes like white noise playing in the background, like rain drumming on the roof, largely unnoticed overtime. But have you stopped to really consider true wealth?

Yes, we have all heard that "without your health you have nothing" or "being healthy is true wealth" but even when you are in tip–top shape your life can be meaningless and empty if you are lost in an upset.

There are keys to living richly and killers to feeling wealthy in yourself. Let’s look at them both. If you are aware of both sides of the coin then you have a better chance of investing wisely... pun intended.

First the Killers. If you can identify what kills your experience of living richly then it will be easier to come back to center when you fall off track.

Let’s talk about the double D’s, the double P’s and the big fat U.

Decisions: When you decide what to do or what not to do in a moment of contraction, a decision is born. Then you slowly but surely diminish yourself over time. It is as if you say, "I obviously blew it in this moment. I don’t like how I feel. I can’t trust myself to do the ‘right’ thing in the future, so I better make a rule." Then the rule runs your life, not you and suddenly you have just given away a little piece of you. You are in fact just a little smaller and, counter to popular belief, less empowered.

Disappointment: Often the precursor to a decision, this happens when life doesn’t go the way we would prefer. We drop out of a transformational way of being – one where we observe and notice what is, rather than judge what we see, and sink into a feeling of being disappointed with ourselves or with someone else. Don’t forget the 2nd Principle of Instantaneous Transforma-tion: You can only be exactly as you are in any given moment and things could only have turned out the way they did.

Lack of Perspective: You can get gloomy and feel in survival mode when you lose perspective. You think that your "problems" are in fact "problems" and yours alone. Then you back up and disengage from your life and from the people who love you to try to work on it alone. In this state your problems loom large and all else fades into the background.

Perpetrations: We define a perpetration as anything you do (or don’t do) that you consider damaging to the aliveness of another or yourself. Hmmmm – gossiping, lying, cheating, breaking your word – with yourself or another – are just a few examples of perpetrations, but it gives you the general gist. Also, when you commit a perpetration with someone, you then have to get rid of them because they are an upsetting reminder of your broken word or unkind deed. Somewhere we all have the idea that we are good people so if we have a perpetration with someone, then our minds want to justify it or make it their fault. So, if you want to live richly – rather than punish yourself for how you have done it, have to discard friends and set yourself up for revolving upsets – it is a good idea to do what you say you will and not say that you will do things that you don’t actually intend to do.

Upsets: When you are upset it doesn’t matter if you have the perfect job, boss, spouse, home, child, bank account, education or health, you are lost in a thought loop of complaint and we all know what that is like.

OK enough. You focus on the "killers" long enough and you are likely to feel blue or poor in yourself, depleted of well–being.

What is the Key to Living Richly? It is very, very simple: Being Here. Perhaps you call it being in the moment, being engaged in your life, in the groove, in the zone, plugged in, on your game, etc. What it takes is being a "YES" to what your life has to offer. And it takes awareness, that nonjudgmental seeing of things. Don’t forget, awareness is not something you do: it is a lifestyle. FYI – Being Kind to yourself might be another way of saying awareness. When you see that you have done something that doesn’t fit your standards, don’t beat on yourself. Just notice that you did it and this is enough to instantaneously bring you back to Being Here.

OK – are you a little stuck now? Are you looking for what to DO to live richly? The answer is...nothing. There is nothing to do. It is about Being Here and being you and that is not something you can do. That is something that already is. Enjoy!

Since 1987, internationally acclaimed authors, seminar leaders, and business consultants Ariel & Shya Kane have acted as guides, leading people through the swamp of the mind into the clarity and brilliance of the moment. To find out more about the Kanes, their evening and weekend groups in Manhattan and their Transformational Community or to sign up to receive their article of the month, visit their website at: www.TransformationMadeEasy.com.

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