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Excerpt from "Finding Your Other Half"

by Declan Kerr

1 Introduction

Welcome to finding your other half. You may wish to come out and play if you are

  • Longing for something else
  • Looking for more to life
  • Feeling like something’s missing
  • Waiting for the one
  • Watching from the sidelines

How the game unfolds is to start by finding yourself. This may present a challenge if you have spent time and energy identifying yourself with things that are external – things like your clothes and appearance or the roles you perform. So there is a warm-up section to see how it feels to show up in your life before you get really stuck in to the game.

Having found yourself there’s a second game which is about finding someone else. Once you have found yourself then finding romance with a significant other is easy-peasy because having found yourself it’s a lot easier to tell what is you and what is someone else.

And then there’s a third half, played in extra time, which is about finding everybody else. More follows.

If you’re reading this and you have limited time you may wish to try out the shorter game which is in appendix one towards the end of the book. The shorter game also provides a good introduction to the style of the game.

If you’re drawn to the game the chances are that you’ll have tried looking for more to life in a variety of places and you’re still looking for the something, the missing piece or significant event or person that brings to you the sense of being complete.

Where and how you’ve been looking could be important too because it could be that in wanting to find something else you’ve also been looking for someone else i.e. someone who looks ‘better’ than you, who dresses differently, who is interesting in ways you don’t feel that you are.

So be warned, the game works when you work with what you have. You bring all of your stuff with you. The things you like, the things you judge yourself for, as well as the amazing potential that you dream about. All of this serves you.

Because finding your other half is a game it means there can be rules and directions about how to play. All play is voluntary although the game follows a sequence: to play the games of the second and third halves it is recommended you find the first half first.

To put a little more detail to this: the first half to be found is the other half of ourselves. This other half resides in places we do not see like our sense of beauty, our sense of peace, our soul if you believe you have one, our sense of purpose and the answers to questions like ‘what am I doing here?’

If you want to know what this other half feels like then close your eyes and see in front of you two channels, or maybe a road or highway going in one direction with two lanes. In the left hand lane put all of your thoughts. Leave the right-hand lane free. When you are ready leave the left-hand lane or channel in which you are thinking and simply ‘drop into’ the right hand lane and experience this other half of you. In this lane you can ask to know more of yourself. Try it and see how it feels. This other half of you, the one you may be experiencing in the right hand lane, this half is referred to as your spiritual self - and in finding this half of yourself you find awareness of being complete.

The game of the second half is finding someone else. The focus is primarily about relationship and intimate relationship. It could be the discovery of a soul-mate or the tickle of a twin flame and finding this ‘other half’ does not necessarily help you to find completeness but more to help you know and experience yourself as complete. This is why the game of half’s is played by finding yourself first. To experience what the game of the second half is like try this: close your eyes and feel yourself as a ball of light. When you are ready bring in a ball of light which is compatible to your own and feel what this light is like in close proximity to you. Experiment with this light, see how it feels to merge these two balls of light into one whilst knowing that both are separate. This is something of the feel of the game of the second half.

The game of the third half is in finding everyone else. This game is optional and how you proceed in this game depends to a large part on your soul’s purpose. The game of the third half also refers to the attainment of ‘oneness’ in the sense that you can know and experience yourself as being at one with everybody else and with everything else.

In terms of spiritual development ‘oneness’ can also indicate a point of development where a person might choose to ascend: i.e. having understood that life exists to bring us to the point where we have experienced ourselves the soul might ascend to continue the journey of spirit leaving the body behind. However, in the game of the third half players may choose to bring their awareness back into the world to help define and live a new consciousness on earth. This might be described as bringing about a new way of being.

You can experience something of the game of the third half by closing your eyes and seeing yourself as a ball of light, and when you are ready, bring in everybody and everything else as light. Keep some distance between yourself as a ball of light and this oneness of light, and, being mindful that you are a separate being, immerse or merge with everyone else, and then return to yourself as a separate ball of light.

Ultimately the game of finding your other half is about being yourself, complete, and then experiencing yourself. How lovely, and why not?

Declan Kerr is a writer and a healer. He has a particular interest in how we allow and accept all that we are into our lives, which for Declan means a coming together of all of our physical and all of our spiritual aspects in one place and in one lifetime. Further details about Declan are on the web at www.aaahpublications.com and www.moretoyou.co.uk .

Finding Your Other Half is published by O Books price $13.95 and can be obtained from your favourite bookstore or on-line retailer. If you enjoy it please let others know

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