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Excerpt from "Who Am I? Why Am I Here?"

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles



Humanity is in the midst of the greatest shift of consciousness we have ever experienced. This is causing an awakening to take place within the hearts and minds of men, women, and children all over the world. People are beginning to remember that they have a purpose and a reason for being on Earth at this particular time. They may not remember the specifics of their Earthly missions, but they are intensely motivated to find the answer to the questions that have piqued Humanity’s curiosity from time immemorial. Those questions are Who am I?” and Why am I here?”

During our personal quests for understanding, we have all heard the words Ask and you shall receiveand Knock and the door will be opened.” These statements are not just religious rhetoric; they denote a profound Truth. Whenever we sincerely ask for Divine Guidance, God and the Company of Heaven always respond. The response may come in unexpected ways, and sometimes we may not recognize the answer to our inquiry, but we always receive an answer.

Because of the awakening that is now taking place on Earth, there are literally millions of people sending forth the heartfelt plea for answers to the questions, Who am I?” and Why am I here?” In response to Humanity’s sincere heart-calls, the floodgates of Heaven have opened. The Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth have been given permission to come through the veil to meet us halfway. God has granted a Cosmic Dispensation that allows the Company of Heaven unprecedented Divine Intervention into the lives of everyone on this planet. All we have to do is ask for their assistance It is difficult for us to fathom with our finite minds the magnitude of what this gift of Divine Grace truly means, but during this Cosmic Moment, Humanity is receiving more assistance from On High than ever before.

So who are these Beings of Light from the Realms of Illumined Truth? Who are these messengers of God who are willing to selflessly assist you and me and the rest of Humanity? They are our sisters and brothers. They are Sons and Daughters of God, just like you and me, but they are far more advanced in their evolutionary process.

These Children of God completed their lessons long ago in the 3rd-Dimensional schools of learning. They accomplished that facet of their Divine Plan either in this world or in another system of worlds where they learned to become cocreators with God. Upon graduation, they Ascended the Spiral of Evolution into the next dimension of their evolutionary process. They are now assisting all of us to do the same. These Beings of Light are the equivalent of college professors compared to you and me, who are the equivalent of kindergarten students.

These Beings abide in the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Illumined Truth and beyond. These are the multidimensional Realms of Light where the answers that Humanity is seeking are clearly present and easily obtained. These dimensions are what Humanity has always referred to as the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Heavenly Realms transcend the humanly created psychic-astral plane, which is a sea of negativity that surrounds this planet. The psychic-astral plane is an accumulation of Humanity’s distorted thoughtforms, destructive behavior patterns, and erroneous belief systems. The Heavenly Realms cannot be contaminated or defiled by these human miscreations.

Within the Heavenly Realms, the Beings of Light serve as selfless messengers of our omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent God—the Cosmic I AM—All That Is. They function from the highest levels of Integrity and Truth. They know that we are One and that all Life is interconnected, interdependent and interrelated. These Beings will assist us only in ways that are in alignment with our Divine Plans and the highest good for all concerned. They never interfere with our free will, and they intervene in our lives only if they are invited to do so.

Our Beloved Sisters and Brothers from the Realms of Truth are reminding us that there is a reason why Humanity is going through the unprecedented shift of consciousness we are now experiencing. The Earth and all Life evolving on this planet are in the midst of a unique experiment that has never been attempted in any system of worlds. The goal of this experiment is to awaken Humanity quickly, so that we will reverse the adverse effects of our fall from Grace in time to Ascend the Spiral of Evolution into the 5th Dimension with the rest of our Solar System. Never has a planet that has fallen this far into the frequencies of duality and separation been given the opportunity to Ascend through two dimensional shifts, from the 3rd to the 5th Dimension, in such a short period of time.

The Beings of Light have revealed that the reason for this unparalleled Ascension is that Humanity got into this mess out of the greatest act of Divine Love and Compassion ever demonstrated by the Sons and Daughters of God. Because of this fact, no one was willing to give up on us without giving us one final opportunity to change the direction in which we were headed.

The details of this facet of Earth and Humanity’s Divine Plans have been clearly described by the Company of Heaven. A condensed version of those details is contained within the pages of this book. This information may seem new to some of you, but it is not. Each and every person embodied on Earth at this time has been preparing for untold lifetimes to assist in this unique experiment. The Beings of Light are merely reminding us of what we have forgotten. We each have a unique thread of experience to weave into the Tapestry of Life on this planet, and no one else possesses the exact same thread. Every thread is vital and critical to the whole and to the fulfillment of this monumental unfolding Divine Plan.

Our God Selves have guided us through the exact learning experiences we needed to accomplish whatever it is we have volunteered to do in this lifetime. We are all in our right and perfect place, and our beliefs are sacred and important to our missions. The information being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light is not intended to dispute our present belief systems or to tell us that what we have accepted as Truth is wrong. The intent of these celestial sharings is to help us see the bigger picture and to give us greater clarity and understanding about the events occurring in our individual lives and on the planet. The goal is to help us put things into perspective and to empower us with knowledge, wisdom, encouragement, trust, and support during these wondrous but often challenging times.

God and the Company of Heaven do not want us ever to accept something as Truth just because someone told us it is true. They want us to take all information into the Flame of Illumined Truth pulsating in the deepest recesses of our hearts. Then we must ask our God Presence, the Divinity within our hearts, to reveal to us the Truth of the information and how it specifically applies to our individual Divine Plans.

The information being given to Humanity by the Company of Heaven during this auspicious moment is life transforming. Contained within these sacred Truths are the viable solutions to all of the maladies existing in both our individual and our collective lives. The Divine Intent of this book is not only to share this priceless information with you but also to inspire you to go within to the Divinity of your own Heart Flame where you will directly access this sacred knowledge for yourself. It is far better for each of us to receive this information through our own God Presence. That way, we will not have these Truths interpreted for us through anyone else’s perception.

Your God Presence has drawn this book into your sphere of awareness, because it is time for you to remember who you are and why you are on Earth at this time. As you peruse these pages, feel the Presence of God within you taking full dominion of your life. A new level of clarity and understanding is awakening within your heart and mind. From this moment forth, you will see with new eyes, and hear with new ears.”

And so it is.



Patricia is cofounder of the nonprofit educational organization New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose, which sponsors her work and the Annual World Congress On Illumination. She hosts a weekly On-line radio show on www.bbsradio.com . The show is titled Awaken Your Divine Potential. Patricia is the author of eleven books and has produced CDs and DVDs that reinforce her work. She presents free seminars throughout the
United States of America, and free webinars on her website that are available throughout the world. Patricia also distributes a free online monthly newsletter.

Patricia has given talks and workshops in nineteen foreign countries. Through her website Patricia freely shares information from the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth, and networks with Lightworkers around the world who are committed to sustainable world peace, planetary transformation and reestablishing Reverence for ALL Life.

Her newly released book is titled, "Who Am I? Why Am I Here?"

To purchase click here, http://www.eraofpeace.org/store/

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