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A Search

by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

It was dark and Turtle was looking about his burrow muttering to himself. “Where have I put it? If I don’t find it, what will become of me? Surely I am ruined!”

Then Turtle thought to himself, “Get a hold on your emotions. If you’re going to be successful, you must search in an organized pattern.” So Turtle devised a plan and then put it into action. First he felt around on the ceiling. Then he groped around on the floor; all without success.

After a time Turtle began to grow sad. He was afraid it was gone forever and he would never find it. Suddenly an idea occurred to him. “Perhaps I am going about this in the wrong way? What I need is a candle to help me see in the dark.”

So Turtle set about the task of finding a candle and matches. This took a good part of the evening; eventually he was successful. After Turtle lit the candle and could see more clearly, he figured out his next step.

“What I will do is search the left, then, the right side of my burrow. And after some hours of searching the left, without success, it was time to search the right side. But the candle was burning low and Turtle was tired. So Turtle sat down on the right side of the burrow, and closed his eyes.

As the candle burned out, Turtle fell asleep. When he awoke, it was morning and lo and behold! He found himself resting beside his small bag of gold. It was undisturbed in the hole he had dug to protect it. Turtle had forgotten it was waiting for him all the time.

The Lesson

While trying to solve a problem, often different factors and approaches must come together. In this story, Turtle quickly realizes that a random search isn’t helping him much; so he adds a piece of technology to brighten the darkness. Next he devises a rationale plan and puts it to work; unfortunately before he can complete the plan,

he grows tired and falls asleep. As the situation develops, and as luck or fate would have it, simultaneously another part of Turtle’s brain is functioning; and on a subconscious level, Turtle intuitively falls asleep right next to his gold.

Similarly, if a spiritual quest is to be successful, the right elements must combine. It must be the right time, in the right place, and with the right people. Also, at work must be Baraka or Divine Light to brighten the seeker’s inner darkness and help them find the gold. This is represented by our candle which helped lead Turtle to the spot.

Three Sisters

By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

Once there was a dandelion that had 3 beautiful, yellow children. These sisters used to play in the wind together and were known across the meadow for their sweet fragrance and striking color. One morning as the 3 sisters opened to the sun, the appearance of one of the flowers was changed. Its blossom, although fuller, was now comprised of tiny, white seedlings.

The 2 other sisters were frightened by their sister’s new appearance and questioned, ‘what has happened to you? Are you alright?’

Gently the third sister replied, ‘do not be frightened. I know I look different, but inside I am still the same. Remember mother said this was a natural process. Also there is a voice inside me which is whispering, ‘you have been waiting for this all your life.’

As the days passed, the 2 sisters grew embarrassed by their sister’s changed appearance and rarely spoke to her. This made the third sister very sad, but her inner voice told her not to give-up. Eventually she would know the meaning of her altered state.

One windy afternoon as the 3 sisters swayed on the building breeze, the small, white seedlings detached and lifted up into to the wind. And as the seedlings sailed across the meadow, searching for a place to land and their new home, the flower rejoiced.

The next morning, there were only 2 sisters left to open to the sun and both had turned white.

The Lesson

Change is the Divine chord of the universe; daily like the dandelions we grow closer to our journey upon the wind. Remember, surrendering to the breeze is natural as breathing; and it is only our fear that blinds us to the excitement of a new life across the meadow.


Contact Dr. Stewart Bitkoff at: goldpath@ptd.net.

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