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A Message from The Bees

by Cie Simurro, a.k.a. Thunderbird Starwoman

I’ve been eating raw honey with my toast and ghee in the mornings. Even before my conscious mind knew I was going to write this, I became drawn to the gifts of honey and propolis that soothe throats, protect from infection and tooth decay, moisturize, and give sweetness. Now when I eat raw honey, I savor it, wondering if I will have any next year.

It’s been said if we lose the bees, in 4 years we won’t have food. In case you haven’t heard, bee numbers are in decline in astonishing numbers worldwide. Why? Hypotheses from pesticides to cell phones have popped up. The way science is approaching this feels like the research to find disease cures - looking for the one solution. Anything besides healing the metaphysical cause of the disease or shifting our attitudes and emotions. Anything besides cleaning up our environment, chemicals, diets, and genetically modified food. The more we use products and processes that put us out of balance, the more of them we need. Instead of going for that silver bee bullet, let’s clean up the picture holistically. At least that’s what the bees tell me….

It was difficult to publish the following transmission. It’s unequivocal and stern. Over time however, I realized the tone is equal to Earth’s situation. Even if estimates of bee decline are exaggerated, in science, even small percentages presage cataclysmic change. Add to that, the onslaught of unnatural influences the bees cry out about, and one has to ask how Nature will recover from all we do to Her. Rather than isolating one reason, the simple fact is that we have done a lot to separate the bee from its hive. Besides air pollution, virulent pesticides, less undeveloped and more single crop environments, the bees mention something "new and insidious" - perhaps referring to a suspected contrail program occurring in the troposphere where trails from airplanes crisscross the sky every few days emitting barium, polymers, & aluminum into our atmosphere, water and food, to try to shield us from the sun; it is alleged that the ozone hole is much bigger than we think, and global warming much worse. The vapors look like wispy clouds that merge. What a diversion it would be to blame other things, so no one investigates the contrails! Bees use the sun as a kind of radar to find their way back to the hive. Bees do everything by the sun – fly, work, make food, keep warm. The sun is life. Shielding the sun alone might cause Colony Collapse Disorder.

The Bees Speak

"Every convenience has its price. We in the natural world pay that price while you have your convenience. On this one day you have set aside (it was Earth Day) to honor what you should be working with, praising, appreciating, and yes, loving each day, will you finally come to see that all that is needed has already been created? Instead of making poor, life-inhibiting, synthetic versions of everything for greed, why have you not enhanced what is good for all?

We are frustrated, stymied. You have disconnected from our Mother before knowing how absolutely perfectly everything was designed to work interdependently. You are ignorant and dangerous because of your lack of humility. To salve your aching spirit, you buy, have, and one-up, material goods. Children, have you not yet discovered this does not make you happy, only avaricious? When you have no food, will you want the latest electronics? If all you owned were lost in a catastrophe, what would you need to live? Would you begin to be grateful for all you have taken for granted? The unseen world of energy and wave formations is real. Few of you realize how sophisticated and subtle our navigation is. You have barely discovered the uses of our honey. Our immune systems cannot adapt to ever more horrible things perpetrated upon the planet. We no longer feel joy rushing out into the sparkling drops of sunlight, so important for our work, and we are all about work that keeps this planetary garden in food and beauty. Have you no remembrance of the joys of the woods, your gardens, or the sun at the ocean? If you would have us come back, you must immediately stop your war on the natural world, make amends and use only sensitive, clean methods of co-habiting. If you believe in this, see it happening. Humans always think they have more time. Time has run out!

You ask what has happened to us bees. Telephone networks, yes - in conjunction with the glut of other electromagnetic fields. There is something insidious, not yet revealed, only a few in government know about, contributing to our death. Also more virulent pesticides and manufacturing by-products. Many plants are strange and repulse us. They are grown from what some of you call, "Franken-seeds! (Frankenstein reference). Not from ill will do we say these harsh words, but from desire to save you. Begin anew!"

After this troubling transmission, I sat down on lichen-covered river rocks to sing and pray for the bees. A bee came, landing on my leg, then on my finger. I asked for clarification on the message. The bee flew onto my notebook to the word Earth and secreted honey-colored wax on it. Long live Sweet Earth!

A few days later I received another transmission. I saw a bee at the beginning and at the end. They stated they went away "because life was no longer viable." I asked why. "It became so unnatural and difficult that we chose another pathway to freedom and joy. Unlike humans, we are not so afraid of transition. There are many layers to existence. Sometimes this means a different form. Those who loved us long ago knew this." (Reference to ancient bee-loving Mayans).

"Some of us will remain. Many have left." I asked, what if conditions became more hospitable? The answer just about says it all. "Would you then see us as partners in cooperative productivity, or still force nature to do your bidding? That is the key to the continuation of life on the planet."

Cie does individual healing sessions for people and animals and trains people in Shamanic practice, Joyous Empowerment, and Earth Stewardship. For healing or training call Cie at 413-625-0385 or email cie@crocker.com. To get Cie's Book of Totem articles send $20 + $2 s/h along with your name, address and email address to P.O. Box 295, Shelburne Falls, MA 01370

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