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Astrological Forecast for June 2007

by Armand Diaz

The energy is running high in June, which begins just a day after the full moon, when our collective energy is at its monthly peak. The sun is in active Gemini, and Venus and Mars will both spend most of the month in the spirited fire signs of Leo and Aries. Add in some major planetary aspects and a station of Uranus, and we’re looking at an active month!

Early in the month, we get a series of aspects involving fiery Mars, expansive Jupiter, and rebellious Uranus, along with the sun. The time between the full moon (May 31st) and the 11th looks like an excellent time to move projects and plans up to a new level. This is an opportunity to get out in the world and get things moving, whether you’re focused on romance, business or anything else. New ideas will be in the air, and this is the time to get them off the drawing board and into the world.

After the 11th, things take a soft turn for about a week, as the sun and Mars make soft aspects to Neptune. These energetic planets are most likely to fire up dreams and imagination when they contact the hazy energy of Neptune, although another possibility is getting energetic about something that isn’t really too practical. We’ll be coming up to the new moon (on the 14th) at this time anyway, so the best bet is to go within and do some meditation and contemplation, recovering a little from the exertions of the early part of the month.

Another reason to take it easy after the 11th is the impending station of Mercury to go retrograde, on the 15th. The planet of commerce and communication will shift into reverse and back up in the sky until July 9th. I’m tying to get out of the habit of sounding alarmist about Mercury retrograde, but do keep in mind that it’s a bad time to sign contracts and make business agreements, buy electronics or cars, or begin internet and writing projects. It is a good time to get in touch with your right brain, enjoying music, art and nature.

The collective energy is turned up to "high" again soon enough. On June 19th, the sun will be opposite to Pluto. The sun in Gemini wants to explore and play, while Pluto in Sagittarius wants to dig up the roots of our belief systems. What seems like an innocent word game might wind up causing great offense. Keep an eye on the news to see how little "slips of the tongue" snowball into something much greater (especially likely with Mercury retrograde).

On the same day, the two "benefic" planets, Venus and Jupiter, make a soft trine to each other. Venus is in romantic Leo, while Jupiter is at home in Sagittarius, both fire signs. If you can get around the sun-Pluto aspect unscathed, this Venus-Jupiter aspect should further social interaction on all levels. It’s a nice, soft, easy, helpful energy, perhaps best expressed on this particular day in gestures rather than words.

The 21st through the 23rd is especially busy. On the 21st, Mars will make a trine to Pluto. This is a "get what you want" aspect, when the powers that be should look favorably on you individual efforts. It’s also the day before the first quarter moon, another indicator that it’s a good time for action. Then on the 23rd, Uranus stations go retrograde until late November. When this planet stations, we all get a dose of its rebellious, innovative energy. The urge for freedom from all kinds of constraints is strong, which is fine unless you’re really wed to the status quo, in which case the more explosive side of the planet can emerge as anger and frustration.

In the midst of all this, at 2:06 p.m. Eastern time on the 21st, the sun moves into Cancer, marking the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. The light has been growing since back in December, and now reaches its peak. The sun is at his highest point in the sky, and the days are at their longest. It may seem odd, especially since it’s just the beginning of summer, but this means that the sun now begins to move downwards, and the days begin to get shorter. Don’t get too blue about it, though - it’s hard to notice before mid-August. The great cosmic lesson here is that just as things reach their peak, they begin to reverse themselves and change into their opposites.

Saturn, cosmic time lord, and Neptune, cosmic dreamer, make their final opposition in a series on June 25th. This series of oppositions began back in August, and while we’re looking at a slow moving configuration, this last exact hit might have some obvious manifestations, especially since it’s close to the Uranus station on the 23rd and the full moon on the 30th. The meaning of this aspect is the dissolving of structures, and the bringing down to earth of our dreams. On a collective level, this aspect tends to bring down those in authority, especially when the power structures are crusted-over with outmoded ideas and beliefs. This opposition, for instance, is the culmination of a cycle which began in 1988-89, which saw the downfall of the Soviet Union and the Eastern Block. More creatively, this aspect allows for us to bring more ephemeral cosmic energy down to earth - witness the growth of spirituality and energy healing since the late 1980s.

The last aspect of June is an opposition of Venus to Neptune, blending our creativity and our sense of beauty. It’s great for relationships, as long as you sail along on the current of the moment and don’t worry too much about what it all "means," but maybe the best use of this planetary pairing is the opportunity to lose yourself in a beautiful painting or some wonderful music. After a busy June, a little rest might not be a bad idea...

Armand M. Diaz, M.A., C.A., is certified as a Consulting Astrologer by the National Council for Geocosmic Research. His approach to astrology readings is to create a supportive context for self-exploration, to help clients make decisions which are in harmony with their greatest potential. He studied divination and oracles for more than twenty years, working primarily with the I Ching in addition to astrology. He has published articles on the astrology of politics & social phenomena in Geocosmic Journal , The Astrological Journal, and The Mountain Astrologer. 917-216-1541 or armand@bluemoonastrology.info

Armand Diaz

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