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Slowing Down to Here

by Ariel & Shya Kane

This moment is uniquely finite and yet infinite. What we mean by that is that it is complete exactly as it is and yet this moment leads into the next moment of now. Most of us are so busy chasing an idea of what a better model of ourselves is supposed to be, or an idea of where we should be by now in our lives, that we never slow down enough to get current to the present moment of our life. We are driven to get things over with, finished, completed. There is a discomfort in "being in process" and most of us are avoiding the discomfort of the process of our lives.

What it takes to have a magical life is to BE there in what is happening in your life in this, the current moment of now. Our minds are like machines and their nature or habit of operation is in overdrive, rushing for some future attainment. What it takes to get into the current moment is an intentional slowing down. (Not to be confused with laziness or complacency.) It is an intentional putting the brakes on so that you are actually in real time with what is happening in your experience in this moment of now.

As an example, we were taking a lesson in casting a Spey fly rod. This casting method requires several specific movements that are designed to support this 13 foot rod in casting a line over a long distance. The more force you use to produce the cast, the more difficult the cast becomes. What it takes to produce the perfect cast is watching how your line is moved by the motion of the rod. If you are trying to make the cast, you stop watching the line. But if you are there, a simultaneous adjustment takes place in your body that allows the line to move with effortlessness and grace as it arcs off into the distance.

The challenge is that most people misidentify themselves with their thoughts. They think they ARE their thoughts. Your thoughts are so speedy and far faster than life is showing up in this moment. These thoughts bounce around and the thoughts are a part of a survival mechanism that is constantly sorting by what is necessary for survival.

As you go about your day today why not play a game? Why not treat that internal conversation as a radio station rather than you? If you notice that you are thinking that something in the future is going to be more important than right now then it is an indicator that you are listening to the radio station as if what you hear coming through the radio is you.

What if what you are listening to, contemplating or worrying about, is nothing more than a preprogrammed mp3 player on shuffle? Your thoughts are randomly playing what has been downloaded from the past. These thoughts are scripted by your cultural inheritance and limited experience that has been deeply colored by the culture in which you were raised (or your resistance to that socialization process).

When you notice that you are speeding through your life, your day, your moment to get on to what you think is more important than what is right in front of you right now, take a breath. Intentionally bring yourself into your body, into what is happening in front of you right now. Your eyes and your body will be your barometer as to whether or not you are thinking or being. If you are staring off into middle space – you are thinking. If your eyes are actually registering what is in front of you – you are here...maybe...if you are fortunate. This is a process. You will get better as you engage in self observation without self reproach and you start to gain a mastery of objectivity that allows you to escape the mechanical nature of your mind. Being here has its perks.

Since 1987, internationally acclaimed authors, seminar leaders, and business consultants Ariel and Shya Kane have acted as guides, leading people through the swamp of the mind into the clarity and brilliance of the moment. To find out more about the Kanes, their NYC seminars and their Transformational Community or to sign up to join their email newsletter, The Excellence Club: Having It All, visit their website at: www.TransformationMade Easy.com.

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