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We Live In A Magical World

by Walks With Thunder

As we walk though life we filter out so much of it. It is theorized that our eyes take in 80,000 pieces of information and sift that down to 20,000 useable pieces of information. I suppose it’s like the sense of smell, if a fragrance is there long enough we don’t notice it anymore. We are used to not seeing the magical and wonderful in our lives that we don’t actually notice when it’s right in front of us. When we do notice we just explain it away.

Last year I was in Llynya’s in Freeland, Washington. While sitting down in a wicker rocker I noticed a golden flash of light. I was calm, just resting, and I saw it flash again. This time I saw the source, a potted plant. In all, it flashed at me seven times. I called out to Llynya and said “Did you know you have faeries here?” She replied, “Yes, we know,” and went back to work as though nothing extraordinary or magical had happened.

Even when we are used to the magical it can become ordinary. I still see the wonder and awe of the beautiful events and happenings that occur. Faeries and I are old friends; I have been seeing them since I was two years old. There are some that say because my vision is so poor my spiritual sight is so good. That is possible, though I prefer to think that we all can see these wonderful magical happenings.

Spirits blend in with our environment and we just don’t notice them. “Haven’t seen any” you say, do you have electronic equipment with LED’s? I have seen some Nature spirits at my house blending in with the LED’s on my DVD player. It looks like a bright green LED, just misplaced a bit, on my bed or on the dresser. They come in many colors, red, and blue are just a few.

My students have homework to open up this sort of vision that allows us to see the energy that surrounds us. I have to warn you, if you don’t want to change the way you see your mundane life and are happy with that, do not read further.

How to see energy:

Start out with a candle-lit room, though a dimly lit room works well also. Take a white piece of paper and hold your hand on it. Then look about 1/8th of an inch out from your hand, at the edge of your fingers. Do you see a bright glow around the fingers? When you do, that is the beginning of opening your eyes to energy. We are all made up of energy - you know, the little bits that make up everything.

Go to a window or go outside. Look for a building with trees in front of it. Make sure you can see the sky above them both. Now soft focus your eyes and just stare, unblinking, for a minute. What you are looking for is what I call The Dance. Energy is out there dancing; it looks like a golden glitter that sparkles and moves in graceful random patterns. You will see this energy above the trees. Barbara Ann Brennan talks about this in her book, Hands of Light (Chapter 7). Do this every day for a few minutes and your vision will begin to change. Don’t be surprised if you see more colors around people after doing this exercise.

Every now and then you just have to do more than stop and smell the roses, you have to stop and look around you. Take the time to wonder at the beauty of our world and the many miracles in it.

Walks With Thunder is from a family of shamans. His grandfather was a Medicine Man for the Caddo Nation as was his before him.
He has been able to see grandfather spirits since age two and has learns the way of the non-traditional shaman during dreamtime and from his spirit guides.

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