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Astrological Forecast for July 2007

by Mark Dodich

Playtime needs to increase in July, even though your logical mind will disagree. The contradiction comes through emotional conflicts associated with shifting values within your own being.

How you think about your worldly needs vs. your personal nurturing needs continues as communications planet Mercury is retrograde in emotional Cancer until the 9th. Is your heart really engaged in all of the activities you are doing? Be honest with yourself now; however, clear cut decisions regarding who and what belongs in your life will come by September.

Your values are also shifting by month’s end. It begins on Sunday the 1st when relationship planet Venus aligns with commitment planet Saturn. This signals the opening of your process to re-examine relationships, as well as beliefs and behaviors surrounding your current relationship environment.

. Venus is slowing down to turn retrograde from July 27 to September 8th. Saturn requires you to look at the cold, hard reality of your life. Sunday’s serious tone portends future reflections on how you need to change all types of relationships, including behavior surrounding lack of relationships.

On a more lighthearted note, the moon is in “give me a thrill” Aquarius leading up to the July 4th holiday. If you must work on the 2nd and 3rd, concentrate on projects that engage your higher ideals in a joyful way.

The moon moves into dreamy Pisces for the Fourth, indicating a good time to space out. Avoid excessive intoxicating stimulants and pay close attention if you are igniting fireworks.

The weekend supports physical activity, so exercise or take a hike. Friday the 6th is emotionally sensitive. Be kind with your words. Saturday is playful.

Mercury ends its retrograde period for the evening rush hour on Monday the 9th. Allow extra time in traffic and don’t take the world too seriously during the days surrounding the 9th. Integration of head and heart merges during the next two weeks.

The rest of the week leading up to the New Moon on Saturday the 14th is gently flowing and uneventful. A sacred Sabian Symbol for the Cancer New Moon is “a young woman awaiting a sailboat.” A suggested esoteric meaning for the next four weeks is that you would benefit by investing time in holding a higher vision for your life. It is time to see beyond all of your mundane tasks to explore the spiritual purpose and meaning of your life, rather than just trying to get another item completed on your never-ending list.

Just after Saturday’s new moon, love & money Venus enters Virgo to help you purify your consciousness. A cleansing fast would be good for your kidneys now. Assess your monetary needs and practice clear communications with your partner now.

The week of the 15th just zips along. Work hard during the week so you can take advantage of social and romantic energies on Friday and Saturday. Skip out on work early on Friday the 20th when impatient Mars teams up with wild-and-crazy Uranus. Go somewhere new and weird.

The Sun enters heart-warming Leo late on Sunday the 22nd. Help someone you care about in a selfless way during the next four weeks, then help yourself in a playful self-nurturing way- and it’s ok to help yourself first!

Tuesday afternoon the 24th holds an energetic bump when aggressive Mars challenges “whatever, dude” Neptune. Part of you wants to take the world by storm, and the rest wants to meditate on your Divine naval. On the practical level, drive defensively today.

Friday the 27th begins the Venus retrograde cycle mentioned above. It’s time to get focused on manifesting your desires in the world. Release people, possessions, outdated beliefs, and old emotional wounds during the next six weeks. By autumn, you will be fresh and ready for new relationship opportunities.

The Full Moon in Aquarius is exact on Sunday the 29th. It is time to reconnect with old friends, expand activities to make new friends, and to generally be willing to explore new possibilities in the weeks ahead.

July ends on an “I want to take a nap” planetary aspect. Go easy on the 31st. August includes a total eclipse of the moon, bursting illusions to help you open to a higher vision. Check back for details.

Mark Dodich has been a professional astrologer and intuitive consultant since 1980. He is a Certified Astrological Professional (CAP) with an international practice based in the Pacific NW. He specializes in Relocation Astrology and Seven Ray Soul Purpose Astrology. Mark is leading a sacred tour to Egypt in 2008 to tap into the energies as Pluto enters Capricorn through 2024. Check out his web site for free .pdf prosperity guide at www.astromark.us. Or call for his free ASTROMARK newsletter at 503-252-1558.

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