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New Children, Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow

by Cinnamon Crow Dixon

With the arrival of the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow kids, adolescences as most remember it is a thing of the past. The children of today are complete opposites of the past generations. They are thought to be disrespectful, rebellious and out of control when in fact they are behaving exactly the way they should in accordance to their specific purposes and missions. These children arrived and continue to arrive at this time in our history for a higher purpose. They are here to accelerate the evolution of our planet by shaking up and tearing down the old systems and thought patterns and replacing them with new and higher ways. They clearly see the flaws in the old ways and question why these outdated systems are still in place. They are here specifically to change the world as we know it!

The Indigo children are very vocal and question everything. They arrived to update the world’s technology and light the path for the Crystal and Rainbows. Most of the Indigo children are the Generation X that society still tries to understand. Generation X was thought to have no ethical and moral ideals and no motivation. This is not true. They came to rebel against the ethics, morals and ambitions of the previous generations. They are the inventors of the internet and cellular phone technology among other things. The Indigos will eventually tear down the education, economic and social systems in America, and world wide replacing them with new and higher ways.

The Crystal kids bring the message of peace, love, forgiveness and oneness. They look at you with such old, soulful eyes it is as if they are looking into you rather than at you. They are the most serious children you will ever meet. They can spot a lie immediately and tend to be distrustful of strangers. Once a Crystal child trusts you, she is the most loving, affectionate person on the planet. They are empaths and telepathic. They tend to be late talkers will often need speech therapy. They are more comfortable with animals than people, and tend to be vegetarian. They are the pioneers of telepathy that will one day be the sole means of communication.

The newest children to arrive are the Rainbow children. There is not a lot of information on them as most are under the age of five at this time. It was originally thought that this current life was their first incarnation because they have no past karma to overcome. New speculations are that the Rainbows are Ascended Masters reincarnated which nullifies the first incarnation theory. I believe that the Rainbows have simply transcended karma and realize that karma has no place in the new world order.

Instant manifestation is the message and mission of the Rainbow kids as they clearly remember life on the Otherside. They do not understand the processes of life and expect everything to appear the instant they think of it. They are here to bring back the magic of the past, as magic will one day be the new science and will teach us how to achieve all of our desires.

Due to these new children, psychic awareness and spirituality are on the rise. All of these children are extremely psychic making the old world religions hard to swallow as the old ways do not line up with what they have seen, heard, felt and know to be true in their spirits. With love and encouragement, these children can reach their full psychic potential and accomplish the impossible. Without our help, many lose their way.

The rise of gangs, violence, suicide and drug use among youths shows that some of the children of today have lost hope. They feel stuck in a world they do not comprehend with gifts that are considered wrong, foolish or fabricated. They do not understand why they feel threatened and suffocated when all they are doing is following what has been placed in their souls before birth. Society has criticized and restrained them, instead of gladly handing over the reins to a new and higher generation. The result of trying to conform them into molds of the past is rebellion in the form of drugs and violence instead of how they were meant to rebel through the avenue of change.

It is our duty as a society to help and encourage these evolutionary children. We have for the most part failed them but it is not too late. If you are a family member or friend to one of these higher children, it is your responsibility to listen, encourage and teach while being open minded to what the child may teach you. Encourage the Indigo to question, the Crystal to love and Rainbow to manifest. Learn the lessons of these children. Question the world’s systems and your own personal way of doing things. Love and forgive unconditionally. Follow you dreams. Above all, provide a loving, nurturing place for these children. Provide tools for their psychic development and spiritual growth. Help them remember their purpose even if you do not understand it.

Cinnamon Crow Dixon is a psychic-medium/Reiki Master Teacher in Houston, TX, and author of Teen Oracle: Easy Answers to Life’s Dramas, the first oracle deck designed for teens, to be released from Ozark Mountain Publishing January 2011. Contact at cinnamoncrowdixon@yahoo.com.

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