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Excerpt from "Ancient Wisdom"

by Elizabeth Rainbow Dancer

Blessed Virgin Mother Mary
The room began to smell like roses, then a dozen, then more. Everywhere I turned I could smell roses. The calmest voice came into my right ear. It was deeper than I had imagined. My intuition knew who it was. Somehow in my dreams I always thought her voice was higher pitched than this. Not so. This voice was deeper, still feminine, yet soothing to the ears. The sound was something I wanted more of. The feeling was so comforting as if I had longed for home for years and finally got there.

The orb began to spin, sort of like heat waves as they rise from a hot tar paved road, as it entered the room. Once it began to materialize my heart began to pound. My brow began to sweat and my breathing intensified. As my heart pounded in my chest; I wondered what lie ahead. Little by little I could hear this voice as if she was sitting right here on my shoulder; yet I still felt her presence with a tingle up my spine. On some level I knew who it was, yet I was scared nun the less. This was my first encounter with full manifestation of the Spirit World. I couldn’t help but think ‘Why does she come to me?’

The orb spun slower and began to take solid form. Still hearing the voice, I was guided to “breathe, remember to breathe my child; I will not harm you. We come with joy in our hearts to guide you for such project of the greatest magnitude. I am the Blessed Mother Mary” she said.

And here she was, the Blessed Virgin Mother Mary; standing right here in my office. My very first thought was “oh no, you must have made a mistake; you want my sister-in-law Annette, she’s the Saint in the family. I still swear”. Her verbal reply was, “oh yes, I’ve been meaning to talk with you about that… It’s got to stop!” Oh My, Oh My, Oh My! I said that in my head, and she heard it! It took 2 hours for my breathing to get back to normal and for me to know I was not hallucinating or having a stroke.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She grinned as I scanned every inch of her. As a child I wanted details that I never got. I wasn’t going to let this opportunity to pass me by without analyzing her. She appeared to be 27 years old. Her skin was perfect, soft like a baby’s. She was no taller than me, but she had a slender frame about 5’3”. Her hair was much darker than I imagined, it was light ash brown with slight wave to it. Her ears were tiny with perfect lobes. Her eyes were hazel like my mother’s because when she turned in the light, at times they were blue, and other times were brown or green. I thought ‘why is she always portrayed with blue eyes?’ Again she answered aloud, “My eye color is all colors the eye can be; enhanced by the environment” Ah yes! I remember when my mom wore blue, her eyes looked blue. She appeared to me this day wearing a white scarf (it was much thicker than a veil that a bride would but not as thick as her dress or shawl) it draped over her head much like the one that appears in pictures at church. Her dress was light blue, with a white sash tied in the front. The material was made of something I’d never seen here on earth before. It had a soft feeling sort of like fine Egyptian linen that had been washed so many times it had a beautiful transparent sheen. I felt this as she brushed past me; I wanted to touch it and she again heard my thought. “Of course my child”, she stated as soon as the thought entered my mind; she held out her arm. She was barefoot and her toes were symmetrical… you know what I’m talking about here, where the big toe is largest, and they range in size from large to tiny… not like some human feet where the big one is the second toe. She seemed to glide when she moved, almost as if she was hovering one inch over the floor. In my amazement I could not tell if she was standing on the floor or not. She was here for real. It was so clear; I was looking at Mother Mary.

At that point I just wanted to obey. She began with “remember those days when you were in Business School? Like a video screen in my eyes I could see myself typing, writing short-hand and taking dictation… I answered, “Yes”. She replied “Type exactly what you hear. Begin now…”

Since that day; I can’t begin to tell you how many times she moved me out of my comfort zone. I mean, my husband has been raised strict French Catholic. He has a prominent job in society and sports a suit & tie more often than not. Where we come from, people usually end up in the “nut house” when they hear voices. Can you imagine me telling him, ‘honey, I’m talking with Mother Mary’; Gulp! I didn’t think it would go over so well. Mother Mary continued: “This information must get out there and one day your very own son will search for this wisdom. It will be here for him. Write with Love in your heart for your Son. All of humanity will reap the benefits of this mothers’ love for her child.”

But wait! I had so many questions. I wanted to know about all those who’ve passed away, my father, my mother and all of my relatives. I wanted to talk with her about so many things. I wanted to know about UFO’s and other Planets. The colonies on mars they’re talking about and everything that has been hidden from society. I wanted truth in so many things! She promised me I would have all that information and more when the time was right. She repeated “For now, just type what you hear”. Each day I would type, and each evening, I would be rewarded with more information for the many questions I had. I was shown many things in detail and my thirst for wisdom was satisfied day after day.

When I finally relaxed into the realization of the situation; I then wanted to obey. Mother Mary began with “remember those days, so long ago, when you were in Business School? Like a video screen in my eyes I saw me typing, writing short-hand and taking dictation… I answered, “Yes”. She replied “Type exactly what you hear. Begin now…” This book is the result of those typed sessions with Mother Mary sitting right here by my side.

Author Bio:

In 1978, with a degree in Business Administration, Elizabeth began a career at Narragansett Electric Co. Providence, RI. After five years of welding education she transferred to the Power Plant as the first woman Certified Welder in New England Electric System. Elizabeth always strived for knowledge and pursued post education studies in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering; this advanced her into one of the top paying Engineering jobs in 2000. After working for the same company for 28 years; having serious back injuries for the third time prevented her from returning to the Electric Company. Since 2006, Ancient Healing traditions are what keep her walking/moving and functioning in this Divinely Guided beautiful life.

Elizabeth, the founder of Ancient Wisdom, LLC, is a gifted Visionary, Teacher, Author, Doctor of Divinity, Shaman of the Andean Traditions; a graduate of the American Hypnosis Training Academy, a Registered Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Master Healer of the Shamballa 13D Multi-Dimensional healing, training Healers and teachers from beginner to Master Teacher.

Ancient Wisdom, LLC - the Healers place for complete wellness - Holistic Sessions, Ceremony & Certification Classes www.ancientwiz.com

Website: www.ancientwiz.com Email: shamanism@cox.net

Purchase information at Balboa Press:

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Business Opportunity
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